Factional Warfare Combat Zones

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Factional Warfare Combat Zones

There is one new region being introduced in Factional Warfare Black Rise.

What are combat zones and where are they located? Combat zones are the main battlefields introduced with Factional Warfare. They are located in low security systems (0.4 and below) of the following Constellations/Regions:

Amarr Space

  • Devoid Region:
    • Semou and Jayai Constellations
  • The Bleak Lands Region:
    • Sasen, Tandoiras and Vaarma Constellations

Caldari Space

  • The Citadel Region:
    • Ieyama and Isoma Constellations
  • Black Rise Region:
    • Inolari, Ishaga, Kurala and Okakuola Constellations

Gallente Space

  • Essence Region:
    • Jeon and Vieres Constellations
  • Verge Vendor Region:
    • Obray and Woenckee Constellations
  • Placid Region:
    • Amevync, Pegeler, Serthoulde, Viriette and Fislipesnes Constellations

Minmatar Space

  • Heimatar Region:
    • Hed and Huvilma Constellations
  • Metropolis Region:
    • Essin, Tiat, Eugidi, Angils and Aldodan Constellations

Factional Warfare dungeons will spawn in these systems and those can be fought over for occupancy of each system. Factional Warfare missions will also bring players into these systems a lot as the agents working for the faction militia always require players to get through hostile territory to complete their missions.

Factional Warfare dungeons can only be found through scanning the system and are listed as "cosmic anomalies" on the scanning menu. A multispectral probe can be very useful in locating a dungeon but the ship's on-board scanner can also scan them out due to their low sensor strength. Once the site has been warped into, it shows up on the system overview and can be warped into by anyone in that system.

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