Factional Warfare Agent Missions

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What are factional warfare agent missions?

Factional warfare agent missions are special missions available to pilots enlisted for factional warfare for a faction and their allies.

They differ from normal agent mission on several points.

  • Pilots will always be required to fly into enemy controlled space to achieve the objectives of the mission.
  • Warping to the mission location will broadcast the pilot’s location in space. This allows any pilot in that system to quickly locate and warp to the pilot’s area. This allows members of militias hostile to the pilot to defend their faction and allies.
  • These missions are never courier, mining or other acquisition type missions. It will always have a military objective.
  • A pilot will not get issued a storyline mission after doing a number of factional warfare missions as you get when doing normal missions.
  • Factional warfare missions are only available to pilots enlisted to factional warfare from their own militia corporation or the militia corporation from their allied faction.
  • Factional warfare missions do otherwise function as normal missions. Pilots will receive standings increase, loyalty points and ISK for completing them.
Example: A character belongs to a player run corporation that has enlisted with the Amarr Empire. The character will be able to receive missions from agents working for the 24th Imperial Crusade (Amarr Empire militia corporation) and from agents working for the State Protectorate (Caldari militia corporation). He will, however, only be awarded with ranks for missions run for his own faction and not the State Protectorate. A neutral character not enlisted with anyone will not be able to get any missions from any militia at all regardless of his standings.

Faction Warfare missions have ship restrictions based on the level of the agent.

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