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FPS Guide

This guide is to help you increase your FPS output as much as possible using ingame settings, the increase depends on your computer's graphic, memory and CPU power. Your results will vary from others even if you have the same hardware.


  • Defragment your harddrives regularly, especially if you are moving/installing/uninstalling programs and files on regular basis.
    • Defragmenting will help with loading times and does decrease stuttering since fragmented files can be spread all over your harddrive and thus increase seek time.

Tweakguides.com have made very detailed tweak guides for both ATI and Nvidia graphic cards which may benefit you

Please note: that we can not assist in any way with those tweaks nor can we take any responsibility for problems that may appear after using them.
  • For best performance, run EVE in Fullscreen mode, this might increase your FPS quite a bit.
    • If you use the Vista Aero theme, change it to the classic theme since it seems the Aero theme does steal a few FPS from players in some situations. This does not apply to all cases though.

Drivers and DirectX

Do make sure that your graphic card drivers are up to date.

If you use Windows XP make sure that you have the latest updates for DirectX installed

Hint: It's recommended to download the Full Installer of DirectX since it'll both update files as well as replace corrupt files


Press ESC when ingame or the Settings button at the log in prompt

Under General Settings tab

  • Untick the following
  • Generate Character picture when clicked
  • Show tutorials
  • Show Welcome pages
  • Show Damage Notifications ( this will disable and remove all other damage notification options )
    • You can have this option ticked but untick Show missed-, Show Inflicted-, Show Incurrent Hit Notifications and tick Simple damage Notifications
  • Show Targeting Crosshair

Display & Graphics tab

  • Under Common graphic settings untick the following:
    • Turret Effects
    • Effects
    • Missile Effects
    • Camera Shake
    • Ship explotions
    • Drone models
    • Sun is Occluded by Ships
    • Load Station Environment
  • Under Display setup:
    • Color Depth = 24-bit color ( not with 8-bit stencil )
    • Tick "Advanced Settings"
    • And have Interval One or Default selected under Present Interval.
Please note: Interval Immediate makes your graphic card render maximum framerate, even if your monitor can't display it. This is not recommended on low performance hardware
  • Under Graphic Content settings untick the following:
    • Shadows Enabled
    • Resource Cache Enabled
    • HDR Enabled

It's also recommended that you play around with these settings to see which one suits you best. The optimized settings have 3 profiles that can help.

Optimized settings

Optimise settings for Memory

is for computers with low system or video memory and helps with running multiple clients

Optimise settings for Performance

is recommended for computers which are at or around the minimum specifications

Optimise settings for Quality

is for high end computers

ATI specific issues

  • We have noticed that the Catalyst A.I. has been known to cause problems with EVE in many cases, we thus suggest players disable the Catalyst AI in the Catalyst Control Center
  • Disabling Anti Aliasing may also help under some circumstances

Overview settings

Here's an extensive list of how you can configure your overview

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