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ISD Sessions

Exploring the Universe 5th February, 2012

The following is the log for the Exploring the Universe seminar hosted by ISD Dualgate and ISD IonCharge

  • Log has been edited for errors and relevant content only

ISD Dualgate > Alright, will be starting in just a minute here. Remember, if you want to ask questions, you need to be in the channel:Seminar Q&A

ISD Dualgate > Alright everybody, it is now a bit past 1500, time to get started

ISD Dualgate > First off, this channel is where the seminar will be run from. If you have not done so, please join the channelSeminar Q&AThis is where all questions can be asked

ISD IonCharge > ISD Dualgate will be delivering the seminar and I'll be fielding questions in the Q&A channel

ISD Dualgate > In there, you will find ISD IonCharge who will answer questions you may have. Should there be one that many could use the answers, he will relay them here and I will answer for everybody

ISD Dualgate > But on to the show, exploration!

ISD Dualgate > Personally, this is my favorite part of eve, it combines the fun of solo or small fleet pve with the tension and excitement of high end combat

ISD Dualgate > But what is it, and what can be done? Well that is what we will be talking about today

ISD Dualgate > For most people, exploration will start as a tutorial with a bit of probing. This is the tool that will get most people even knowing about the exploration system

ISD Dualgate > Even before probing though, exploration in itself can be interesting in just finding the sites and stories that make up the eve universe

ISD Dualgate > For the person just starting out in eve, these landmarks are an excellent first way to get into eve exploration, they do not require any special scanning equipment to find, and depending on your skill, no special ships either  ISD IonCharge > For those of you who've joined late, you will not be able to speak in this channel. To ask questions and discuss the seminar, please join: Seminar Q&A

ISD Dualgate > Most people probably see them when flying around, the beacons in space if your overview is set to show them. What these sites have can range from just being visuals, such as the ship graveyard in Sarum prime

ISD Dualgate > To the orbital combat with the navies such as the caldari in orbit with their titan at caldari prime in the luminaire system

ISD Dualgate > These anomalies are one way to learn the mechanics of the system, and are the origins of eve exploration. This is because some of them lead to a bit more than just generic combat systems

ISD Dualgate > Eventually you might fly into a landmark that has an agent in it

ISD Dualgate > These agents are called COSMOS agents and offer a unique and often challenging series of missions

ISD Dualgate > The first thing to note about these is that being missions, once you talk to them and get the mission, you have one week to accept and like missions, if you fail to complete in timer, the mission is failed

ISD Dualgate > but they only offer these mission one time, Because of this, anybody interested in them, I recommend this wiki link http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/COSMOS

ISD Dualgate > this will allow players interested to know what they might need skill wize to do it. Since if the mission is failed, they will not offer again

ISD Dualgate > The advantage to these mission agents is they will often yield unique rewards, great standings gain with the faction and unique and challening combat

ISD Dualgate > The sites themselves will sometimes be given to you as a waypoint, need to be scanned down or another beacon  ISD Dualgate > Again, I see it asked, the best way to plan for these agents is by this link http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/COSMOS

ISD Dualgate > just to prevent the accidental closing out of the missions because it isn't capable of being done for your skills yet

ISD Dualgate > Like I said, this is just another type of beacon that one might find in space, and I see IonCharge is talking the DED report, perfect for the next topic, DED combat and ratings!

ISD Dualgate > So in the Seminar Q&A channel, IonCharge mentioned DED reports in the star map

ISD Dualgate > If you are in the star map, you can see ded agent site report, and another ded, the DED deadspace report

ISD Dualgate > These DED deadspaces are static exploration locations for new players to get an introduction into exploration complex sites.

ISD Dualgate > They are higher challenge combat with a twist from most missions, they he acceleration gates have a ship size limit

ISD Dualgate > DED 1 rating only will fit frigates

                         DED 2 up to destroyers
                         DED 3 Cruisers
                         DED 4 Battlecruisers
                         DED 5 Battleships and above

ISD Dualgate > This makes them ideal for those people who want to do challenging pve combat with just a few people, but there is more

ISD Dualgate > Please note that these only apply to DED rated missions, COSMOS missions and sites will often have their own ship restrictions

ISD Dualgate > The more I mentioned is that these sites will often yield faction reward loot

ISD Dualgate > Vindsha in the Q&A channel asked a very excellent question, can they be done soloed or in a group?

ISD Dualgate > That comes down to your player skill. For new players, the ship restriction makes them better in a group to start. The sites themselves get more difficult as you move in.

ISD Dualgate > so while you might be able to do the first areas easily by yourself, further in, you might need advanced ships/skills/equipment or a team

ISD Dualgate > but the deeper you go, the better the rewards

ISD Dualgate > unlike missions, the reward is not a set bounty or payout, but in what you might find

ISD Dualgate > which will get to in a bit!

ISD Dualgate > So far for exploration, we have not even discussed the probing system, not needed it to this point. What have discussed is just the introduction, now to the real exploration!  ISD Dualgate > As I said, the DED deadspace reports that are static in space are introductions to give people a taste of the sites, when you probe, the rewards and challenge are better

ISD Dualgate > if you have done some of the cosmos, and tried the DED, time to go probing. Probing in itself can be a seminar, and quite a long lecture. If you haven't done so, I highly recommend the tutorial and this link:

ISD Dualgate > http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Apocrypha_probing

ISD Dualgate > in the link you will also find a link to a youtube video

ISD Dualgate > for those of you that have done probing, one tip not well covered is how to manipulate all the probes at once

ISD Dualgate > If you hold shift, while resizing or moving probes, they will all move together

ISD Dualgate > and holding alt. Well you see those green lines when probing that connect the probes?

ISD Dualgate > if you hold alt while moving, they will scale to and away along those lines!

ISD Dualgate > making it easy to close the probes around the site

ISD Dualgate > Those tips will make scanning alot faster with probes and faster into the combat

ISD Dualgate > When scanning, there are a few different things you can find First are anomalies, these can be found at 100% just by doing a general system scan in the scanner window

ISD Dualgate > the scanner can be found as the radar sweep icon to the left of your hp  ISD Dualgate > Anomalies are a generic combat location. For many people, this is mostly to get tough and higher bounty combat  ISD Dualgate > the name itself is a hint to the combat difficulty.

ISD Dualgate > The name will consist of three parts for anomalies, from burrows (easiest) to sanctums which are very difficult

ISD Dualgate > these sites also have a chance of spawning what are called officers

ISD Dualgate > These officers or overseers are challenging and difficult NPCs that have a chance to drop the high value and faction items

ISD Dualgate > they also can often be found in the DED sites.

ISD Dualgate > There is also a rare chance that it might escalate. Escalations or expeditions as they are listed in journals will be discussed in a bit.

ISD Dualgate > Oh, on the three parts, I mentioned the burrows/sanctums, that is difficulty

ISD Dualgate > there is also the npc faction type, such as angel or guristas, and often a sub descriptor like Forsaken Burrow, or Hidden

ISD IonCharge > Egil asks of the difficulty of sanctums, e.g. would a battleship suffice?

ISD Dualgate > For the very difficult ones, you will need an advanced and well fit combat ship, a battleship is doable, but the most difficult ones often get done with capital ships actually in 0.0

ISD Dualgate > Which might be a good time to bring up that bit about difficulty

ISD Dualgate > The difficulty and reward of any site is often related to where in security they are located.

ISD Dualgate > sites found in 1.0 tend to be easiest and rewards the smallest

ISD Dualgate > as you move to 0.0 and the negative security ratings, they get more challenging, but the rewards better. Which is important when looking for the top of the exploration career

ISD Dualgate > and that is your cosmic signatures.

ISD Dualgate > This is where the money and team play can really come into effect for those who truely want the exploration experience

ISD Dualgate > Using the probe system, you will find sites that have no beacons, no icons on the map. You must scan them out, but the rewards that can be found make it worth it!

ISD Dualgate > There are 5 types of signals that can be found:


ISD Dualgate > Oh, and Radar, sorry

ISD Dualgate > The ladar sites are typically only found in low and null security space. They are a form of industry exploration site.

ISD Dualgate > In known space, this what the star map shows, you would find gas clouds that are used in booster production

ISD Dualgate > in a way, they are a form of mining, but use the gas collector modules.

ISD Dualgate > For those of you who don't know boosters, they can be found in the same section as implants in the markets, they are temporary attribute bonuses, that can have some chance of side effect

ISD Dualgate > they can be found in high security, but typically those are low in value  ISD IonCharge > For anyone who's just recently joined this channel, make sure to also join:Seminar Q&Ato ask any questions or discuss the seminar in progress, as you cannot speak in here.

ISD Dualgate > The one thing to note is that while it is industry, it also can have npcs in the site, so a backup gunship or ally is recommended

ISD Dualgate > Gravimetric is the other industry exploration site, and can be good for the corporation who does their own industry

ISD Dualgate > Gravimetrics are like asteroid belts, for mining, but you can find ores typically not located in that region of space, or even that security rating

ISD Dualgate > it is not uncommon for the high security gravimetrics in the 0.7-0.5 security systems to contain low security ore.

ISD Dualgate > But this isn't industry, this is an exploration tutorial, will not go into too much depth on it.

ISD Dualgate > The Radar/Magnetometric and Unknowns are where the real fun of exploration comes into play

ISD Dualgate > Radar sites are where the codebreaker modules are used.

ISD Dualgate > In these sites, you will find npcs to fight, and data hacking points in the form of canisters

ISD Dualgate > To do these sights, you need to clear out the npcs guarding them, and then use the codebreakers to gain access to the canisters. During these sites, new npcs can spawn without warning and will need to be dealth with

ISD IonCharge > Maltetrae asks what a suitable ship for such types of sites would be.

ISD Dualgate > The rewards on these sites are for the researchers of the game. They consist of decryptors, data cores and Data interfaces

ISD Dualgate > Well, the types of ship really depend on where and what you will be doing, In the case of exploration, the same rules apply for most sites, and will discuss that near the end of the seminar to cover them all

ISD Dualgate > in the terms of Data interfaces, you actually will find the bpcs for them, and the components to make them

ISD Dualgate > While these might not seem like much, depending on where you are and what you find, this can be worth many millions of isk

ISD Dualgate > some of these components might be worth 20 million isk or more, but I don't want to spoil all the surprizes

ISD Dualgate > Next comes The Gravimetric sites. These sites are often ruins of old outposts or battles gone past.

ISD Dualgate > Similar to radar sites, they often are guarded by the npcs remaining after a battle, or rogue drones scavening the site.

ISD Dualgate > The rewards for these are salvage and blueprints for the manufacture of rigs.

ISD IonCharge > Dual meant Magnetometric there ^

ISD Dualgate > Oh quite right

ISD Dualgate > I actually uncorrected myself there, sorry

ISD Dualgate > Now for those of you who have done rig shopping, you might have seen the tech 2 rigs. Well, you can find the blueprints and materials for these rigs in the Magnetometric sites!

ISD Dualgate > Again, a site might not yield much isk, but another site can be hundreds of millions!

ISD Dualgate > Lastly are the unknown signatures while exploring...

ISD Dualgate > Remember when I mentioned that the DED sites that show on map are just an introduction? Well when scanning, you can find the real good ones.

ISD Dualgate > These sites follow the same difficulty and ship size rules, but like before, the combat is much more difficult, and more engaging than those of just missions

ISD Dualgate > for those of you who like the combat, is quite a rush

ISD Dualgate > no only are they more difficult, but the sites often have narrative and description windows that explain what is happening, complex paths and unique npc enemies.

ISD Dualgate > There are npcs that you will not find any place else

ISD Dualgate > and the rewards is the really good faction items if you are lucky

ISD Dualgate > These are the hundred million isk modules and more you might see on the market

ISD Dualgate > But even more, when you complete one of these sites, they might escalate or expedition as well, similar to anomalies

ISD Dualgate > These escalations are short timer combats that if you follow can chain to even better rewards

ISD Dualgate > The catch is the timer starts as soon as you get the message about an escalation.

ISD Dualgate > Fenrix in Question and answer asked the difference between escalation and expeditions

ISD Dualgate > they are actually the same thing. In your journal they will appear in the expedition tab. In eve, many players refer to them as escalations since they escalate the site you were at.

ISD Dualgate > am sorry for any confusion

ISD Dualgate > These sites only have 24 hours on the timer. Each site can escalate up to 5 times, with the timer renewing each time

ISD Dualgate > if you have a fifth escalation, well you can bet you are going to have a happy wallet if....

ISD Dualgate > you are up to the challenge, them npcs wont give up their loot easily

ISD Dualgate > and some of those npcs are nasty. I don't want to spoil the surprize, but for an example, recommend googling a rogue drone hive mother....

ISD Dualgate > and on the topic of drones, the final part of escalation

ISD Dualgate > Wormholes

ISD Dualgate > these are the most common unknown type and can lead to a few places

ISD Dualgate > if you show info on a wormhole, it will say about where it will lead to. It will say leads to high security/low security/ null security

ISD Dualgate > these will keep you in known space

ISD Dualgate > The others are lead to unknown/dangerous and deadly space

ISD Dualgate > these wormholes lead to wormhole space

ISD Dualgate > the unknown/dangerous/deadly refer to the challenge rating of the site, and more difficult as you move

ISD Dualgate > wormhole space is more for the larger exploration groups. In there you will find advanced sleeper AI, and the sites mentioned earlier when exploring

ISD Dualgate > the difference is that it is like null security and local will only show people who talk

ISD Dualgate > the sites themselves are how you find mining belts or for production of T3 cruisers

ISD Dualgate > In them, you can set up your poses. And some have spacial anomalies that will modify your ship attributes

ISD Dualgate > all things in the systems except for moons and planets must be scanned

ISD Dualgate > the wormholes themselves are unstable however

ISD Dualgate > when you show info, it will mention about mass and how long it will last.

ISD Dualgate > should they be destabilized too much by ship mass or too much time pass, they can close, so when going into wormholes, be sure to have scanners and bookmark the wormholes so you can get back out

ISD Dualgate > In these systems, you can set up poses as well, but wormhole systems themselves are again a long topic

ISD Dualgate > Lastly, ships

ISD Dualgate > Unlike mission running, where bigger is better, in exploration, smaller and faster is the way to go

ISD Dualgate > this is because the real fun and challenge is in low and null security

ISD Dualgate > the most effective exploration when small team or solo is done with the covert and recon ships in low security, or tier three in null security

ISD Dualgate > these ships for the later gameplay allow players to slip past pirates in search of treasure

ISD Dualgate > When solo exploring, a player will often fit their ship for a specific type of site they are looking for

ISD Dualgate > this is because the focus on stealth can reduce fitting or the salvagers/codebreakers/analysers will take up combat slots as well

ISD Dualgate > when as a team, often one person will be in a scan ship fitted with these, while others will be in the combat roles

ISD Dualgate > outside of that, just need to get out and explore!

ISD IonCharge > Fenix asks for a clarification on the mass and duration description of wormholes in their info window.

ISD Dualgate > As you can see, exploration has alot more depth than the tutorials introduce you too

ISD Dualgate > Answer to that question, it will give it as a phrase

ISD Dualgate > so you cannot know exactly, example, it might say "this wormhole is beginning to decay, it might not last more than a day"

ISD Dualgate > you know it will be several hours, but exactly is unknown

ISD Dualgate > similar with mass, it might say "this wormhole has not been significantly disrupted"

ISD Dualgate > now the one thing about wormhole mass, is some have a maximum mass limit

ISD Dualgate > so a battleship might not fit through

ISD Dualgate > or a few battlecruisers might collapse it. This exact value will not be listed

ISD Dualgate > Hopefully this got alot of you interested in exploration, I thank IonCharge for his excellent help in the Q&A, will now go to the floor for questions!

ISD IonCharge > Thanks go to Dualgate for conducting this seminar too.

ISD IonCharge > A full transcript will be available at http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/ISD_Seminars shortly.

ISD Dualgate > It was my pleasure. As stated before, the challenge and reward hunting of exploration is one of my favorite things to do as a player in eve!

ISD IonCharge > If you want to stay updated with upcoming seminars, they are always tweeted at http://twitter.com/ISD_STAR/ in advance, though sometimes at fairly short warning.

ISD IonCharge > We also have a forum thread at https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=17608 where you can leave feedback

ISD Dualgate > The rush of flying a T3 covert ship in 0.0 that another alliance is in control of looking for those high value items is excellent

ISD Dualgate > Thank you all, and goodnight! Will remain in Q&A to answer questions

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