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The endless boundaries of space remain a mystery to the races of man. Despite the collective efforts of all to chart and document entire systems, cosmic signatures, and the like, known space is still only a small portion of the cosmic fabric.

Deadspace, once too dangerous to even venture near, is now the wild frontier for the bravest of the brave. Lack of resources, logistical challenges, and even political struggles prevent DED from formally laying a claim to newly explored space to expand the reach of the Empires. Therefore, the black expanses of unknown space are wide open to courageous entrepreneurs looking to strike it rich. One may choose to venture through fickle wormholes to battle vicious alien sleepers, or simply go a bit beyond their doorstep within their home system to seek adventure and fortune. Thus, the career of the explorer has been born.



Exploration is the art of scanning a solar system for Deadspace signatures that do not normally appear on a ship's scanners or overview. These Deadspace zones are designed to reward players for the additional work required to reveal them. Rewards will vary based on the type of site located. Note that once a complex has been explored, the specific signature no longer shows up in future scan results in that system.

Scanning is vital to exploration and one must use probes to scan down cosmic signatures. One should consult the Probing article for step-by-step instructions on scanning.

Cosmic Anomalies are also related to exploration, but they do not require any special skills, tools, or complex techniques in order to explore them further.


Exploration sites can be broken down into the following types:

Cosmic Anomaly

Cosmic Anomalies are simple encounters in open space with various waves of NPC pirate ships, rogue drones or sleeper drones that players can kill - or they can contain rarer ore types or special loot. These sites sometimes contains a faction spawn or have a tiny chance of triggering an escalation into DED complexes.

Data Sites

Radar sites are also known as hacking Data Sites, which require the player to utilize the Codebreaker Data Analyzer module to hack the sealed cans found in those sites.

A tutorial video is available here

Relic Sites

Archeology Relic sites are picked up as magnetometric signatures by the probes. They require the player to utilize the Relic Analyzer module to hack the sealed cans found in those sites.

A tutorial video is available here

Gas Sites

These sites are rare in New Eden and contain gas cloud or fullerites that can by harvested by gas harvesting modules. Booster-related items are said to be found in Gas sites as well. Rarely there can be a pirate base inside the gas cloud with hackers containers.


Unknown sites are either combat-oriented sites or wormholes. These combat sites do not require special skills or equipment to acquire the goods; however, the pirates found in these sites are much stronger and the players will have to use a properly fitted combat ships or sometimes a fleet to finish them.

DED complex

DED complexes are sites rated by DED usually consisting of several deadspace areas connected by acceleration gates. Those sites vary in difficulty and the harder ones contains very nasty structures that can do massive damage to player ships. A commander or structure can be found in the last room that may drop deadspace items and faction loots upon destruction. Those sites are not known to have any escalations.

Unrated complex

Not all combat sites have been rated by DED, some are Unrated Complexes. The destruction of certain ships or structures may trigger an expedition, which guides the player through several places to further investigate the incident. Commanders can sometimes be seen in those sites and killed for faction loots.


Depending on the site scanned down, there are several skills required in order to gain access to the rewards stashed there.

  • Hacking — Hacking I allows use of Codebreaker I for opening sealed cans found in radar sites. Hacking V allows use of a Codebreaker II which increase the chance of success in hacking the can. Hackers are a special breed of explorers with their own set of skills and equipment.
  • Salvaging — Salvaging I allows use of a Salvager I for opening cans in magnetometric sites. Salvaging V allows use of a Salvager II. Salvagers are a special breed of explorers with their own particular skills and equipment.
  • Archaeology — Archaeology I allows use of Analyzer I for opening otherwise-unopenable cans in magnetometric sites. Archaeology V allows use of a Analyzer II. Archaeologists are a special breed of explorers with skills and equipment specific to handling archaeological sites.

The Explorer at Work

The experienced explorer scans down sites with ease in just a few minutes. Step-by-step instructions on how to use scanner probes provides even the greenest of explorers with easy to follow lessons so you'll soon be discovering new and exciting cosmic signatures with the best of them.

Once you have the basics of scanning down, if you think you have what it takes to be a cut above the rest, check out the specialized exploration careers. You may just find yourself among the illustrious (and often notorious) company of fellow Hackers, Salvagers, and Archaeologists.


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