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As of the release of the Dominion expansion, there are seven different Epic mission arcs. The first Epic mission arc is a Level 1 arc offered by the Sisters of EVE, and is intended for less experienced players of EVE Online. The next four Epic mission arcs are offered by Level 4 agents for the four main empires. The sixth and seventh Epic mission arcs are Level 3 for the pirate factions, Guristas and Angels respectively.


Epic Mission Arcs

Epic mission arcs are composed of a series of branching missions. Unlike a standard mission series, epic mission arcs present the player with one or more choices along the way. The player has to choose one of two or more missions at certain points within the mission line. There are several paths through each mission arc, with each branch presenting the player with different missions and rewards.

Hint: You are urged to pay close attention to the characters and unfolding story line of the epic mission arcs as they provide a number of clues, some subtle, some forthright, which are important in understanding the overall EVE storyline.


Epic mission arcs are broken up into chapters. Every few missions, your agent will present you with a choice of two or more missions to accept, which will start a new chapter.

Chapters vary in size, but are usually around three to five missions long. The final mission in a chapter will usually present the player with substantial rewards. At the end of a chapter you are presented with another choice of missions, and so forth until the mission arc has been completed.

Warning: Failing a mission will take you back to the first mission in the chapter, or end the arc.

Requirements and Rewards

Only the starting Agents look at standings for access to the Epic mission arcs. They will accept standings modified by Social skills for access. Completing the Epic mission arcs will give the player both Corporation and Faction Standing increase as well as some interesting and unique rewards.

These are just some of the rewards available from the Level 4 Epic mission arcs.

Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor
Hyasyoda Mobile Laboratory
Imperial Navy Modified 'Noble' Implant
RSS Core Scanner Probe


The Level 1 Sisters of Eve Epic mission arc (The Blood-Stained Stars) is available to everyone regardless of standings. Completing this arc requires travel in all Empire high security systems. Personal Security Status above -2.00 and all Empire Faction standings above -5.00 is required to travel safely and not be attacked by Empire Navy NPC's.

The Level 3 and Level 4 Epic mission arcs require a specific amount of positive standing with the starting Agents Corporation or Faction for access. The Level 3 Pirate Epic Arcs require +3.00 standing and the Level 4 Empire Epic Arcs require +5.00 standing for access. If using Corporation standing for access, the Faction must be above -2.00 standing.

Please note: If involved with Factional Warfare, players are advised to leave the Militia before starting the Epic mission arcs.


All Epic mission arcs can be completed every 3 months for a large Faction standing increase with little to no derived standings towards the other Factions. The level 1 SoE Arc allows the player to choose 1 of the 4 main Factions for completion.

Please note: ISK payments, Corporation and Faction standing increase will vary due to the level of Social skills trained.

These are the base amounts of Faction standing gained for completing the various Epic Arcs.

Level 1 SoE Epic Arc = +7.00%
The Blood-Stained Stars
Level 3 Pirate Epic Arcs = +30.00%
Angel Song
Smash and Grab
Level 4 Empire Epic Arcs = +10.00%
Right to Rule
Warning: Selecting the pathway Retraction (1 of 2 ending paths) to complete the Minmatar Epic mission arc Wildfire will only give +5.00% base Faction standing increase.
Please note: Faction standing increase may not be given if a mission is turned in as a fleet. Faction standing is not supposed to be shared and petitioning it will result in only the pilot receiving the Faction standing increase. Fleet members will only gain Corporation and Agent standing increase.

Epic Arc Starting Agents

The Level 1 Epic mission arc (The Blood-Stained Stars) has the starting Agent located inside a station. To start this Epic mission arc, travel to the system where the Agent is located, dock in the appropriate station and talk to the Agent.

All of the other Epic mission arcs have the starting Agent located in space next to a Celestial Beacon that will show in the overview. To start these Epic mission arcs, travel to the system where the Agent is located, warp to the beacon and talk to the Agent.

The Blood-Stained Stars

Faction: Sisters of EVE
Corporation: Sisters of EVE
Agent: Sister Alitura
Agent Level: 1
Location: Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of Eve Bureau

Please note: This should be considered as a basic or introductory epic arc, as its level of difficulty is considerably lower than that of the major faction epic arcs listed in the following. You may have to brace yourself to the fact that the rewards are accordingly less valuable than their level 4 type counterparts.

Right to Rule

Faction: Amarr
Corporation: Ministry of Internal Order
Agent: Karde Romu
Agent Level: 4
Location: Kor-Azor Prime

"For over a century the mighty Amarr Empire has been at an uneasy peace with the enigmatic Sansha's Nation. But the Sansha are pushing further into Amarr space without warning or explanation. Ministry of Internal Order agent Kandus Sandar enlists you to be his primary investigator, to uncover plots and annihilate threats as only a capsuleer can."


Faction: Caldari
Corporation: Expert Distribution
Agent: Aursa Kunivuri
Agent Level: 4
Location: Josameto

"In the heartland of State space, inter-corporate tensions come to the fore as Nugoeihuvi makes a move for some quick ISK, and you must choose who to trust and who to betray. The moral ambiguity continues through to the end, as the player begins to unravel an even darker side to corporate self-interest and the ongoing conflict in Black Rise."


Faction: Gallente
Corporation: Impetus
Agent: Roineron Aviviere
Agent Level: 4
Location: Dodixie

"In the outer reaches of Gallente space, you are enlisted on a mission to escort a Federation Senator's son on his way to a holoreel shoot. En route, the boy is kidnapped by pirates. The chase is on, and you must enter the seedier parts of free-wheeling Gallente society in order to find him. Along the way, you'll encounter embedded Scope reporters, upstart Minmatar gangs, retired flesh merchants, and dubious Black Eagle chicanery as you search for the missing boy."


Faction: Minmatar
Corporation: Brutor tribe
Agent: Arsten Takalo
Agent Level: 4
Location: Frarn

"The Brutor tribe stands in to support an historical research effort being undertaken by the Republic University, a move bolstered by the presence of a powerful and capable capsuleer - that is, you. Repeatedly denied access to an important historical artifact, the academics are pitted in a constant struggle to uncover ancient truths, and it will be your mission to help them. The histories of conquered civilizations are seldom told in full by the victors, and many organizations will do their best to keep things that way."

Pirate Epic Arcs

There are currently two Pirate Faction Epic Arcs. These missions differ from the other Epic Arcs in that they take place primarily in 0.0 space and are designed to be completed in small, fast ships. Note that the starting agent may not be affiliated with the faction you'll be working for but the arc will take you to that faction's agents.

Smash and Grab

This is the Guristas Epic Arc. The starting agents are:

Agent = Arment Caute
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Federal Intelligence Office
Faction = Gallente Federation
Location = Orvolle system (Arment Caute's Lachesis in Orvolle)

Agent = Atma Aulato
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Ytiri
Faction = Caldari State
Location = Obe system

Agent = Yada Vinjivas
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Guristas
Faction = Guristas
Location = Taisy system

Angel Sound

This is the Angel Cartel Epic Arc. The starting agents are:

Agent = Aton Hordner
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Republic Security Services
Faction = Minmatar Republic
Location = Egbinger system

Agent = Arajna Ashia
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Amarr Navy
Faction = Amarr Empire
Location = Sendaya system

Agent = Ellar Stin
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Dominations
Faction = Angel Cartel
Location = Konora system
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