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A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Educational organizations in EVE Online are Alliances, Corporations or other entities which dedicate themselves to helping new players start their careers in EVE or help more experienced capsuleers to learn new skills.

This page is open for any such organization to add or remove themselves from this list. We ask that you add all organizations in alphabetical order, follow the current formatting on existing entries and follow the EVElopedia policies.


0.0 Axis Fleet & Stealth Syndicate

0.0 Axis Fleet

Training focus: New Players Have More Power Than You Think A Detailed Explanation why you don't have to take as long as you think to get to the Inner Circles of power.

Over 35,000 hits on our guide for brand new players

New Players Very First Steps

We will teach you industry in all its phases. PvP we teach all aspect of small gang and 1 on 1 tactics. No "blob" fleet fighting.

Neurotechnicon A Manual. How to destroy them from within. How to protect them from those who would destroy from within. How to play EVE "against" yourself. The Metagame of EVE.

The Technocrat A Manual. The Creation, Care, Expansion, Manipulation and Management of EVE Corporations and Alliances


Status: Active

About 0.0 Axis Fleet

  • Individual attention beginning with your New Member Orientation (Don't be shy. Grab an officer if you aren't getting yours.)
  • We specialize in training new players in all aspects of pvp and industrial games.
  • You aren't alone climbing that initial EVE learning curve.
  • Mining, refining, planetary interaction, research, manufacture, shipping, markets.
  • Small gang, guerilla strategies and tactics.
  • Get into Nullsec as soon as you are ready.
  • We've also got corps in both hi sec and null sec you can "graduate" to.
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn in a variety of environments: hisec, nullsec lowsec.
  • Training in leadership and management. You will learn by doing.

You must be able to participate in Voice Comms to participate in most of the learning and teaching. It just takes too long to type it all.

You can be a student and a teacher and an officer. Ringleader or cog in the machine. Lots of roles to explore. New friends to play and scheme with. Even some interesting enemies.

We have a TS3 Voice Comms, active members in US and EU timezones, and long standing contracts for all your ore, salvage, etc.

If you are interested in Corporation Security, Spy Stuff, look at Smiling Friends Social Club

Proud signatories of the Secret Evil Plan

Link to an excellent guide for brand new players by Praxis Astra

New Players Very First Steps

Email from our Training Director to the general membership:

FW: Welcome to Axis Fleet

From: Narthex T'Gollero

Sent: 2012.09.25 14:40

To: 0.0 Axis Fleet,

To all you folks who were recently accepted:

Welcome to Axis Fleet and welcome to New Eden. We have gone though a great deal of time trouble and expense simply to be able to send you this email. This is for two reasons. First, we love this game and consider it to be in a class by itself. Second, EVE is more difficult to learn than most other games.

As far as our training system goes, you now have three tasks.


Name: Central Access Server IP Address: Ask for current IP NO password

2. Read the corporate bulletins. On the left hand side of your screen you will see the five star corporation icon. Open it and you get to the corps bulletins. These are your traninig manuals.

3. Convo or talk with an officer or one of our associated trainers for 1 on 1 training. MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN OUR CORP.

(List follows. See current Email for current list.)

Signed, Current Training Director 0.0 Axis Fleet

Hardcore and casual players both welcome.

Additional information: In-game channel Vomitorium Emporium

101st Cliffdiving Regiment

File:Join 101stv2.jpg

Training focus: 0.0 environmental training: PvP mainly, with general knowledge in all aspects of the game.

Status: Active

Language Spoken: English

Time Zone/s: US and EU

Strap on your bungee cords because the Cliffdiving Regiment is recruiting any and all newbros wanting a fast track to null sec pvp and relaxed environment with a real-life-comes-first mentality, friendly status to one of the big bloc Null Sec alliances, and Good 'Ole Vets wanting to show you the ropes of the sandbox.

Join our public channel: 101st pub

What we have:

  • SRP Program
  • Relaxed environment
  • Wealth of knowledge
  • TS3
  • Several ways to earn iskies
  • Upward opportunities within the corporation

What we want:

  • Full API key
  • Working mic and TS3
  • Willingness to learn and fight

Mail Coreemo or Alytus in-game if you wish to find out more.

Academia Hispana de Pilotos (Spanish speaking only)

Academia Hispana de Pilotos

La Academia Hispana de Pilotos fue fundada el 5 de Julio del 2007, por Hamish Nuwen.

Su objetivo inicial era acoger dentro de ella a los novatos de habla castellana durante su período de trial, para impulsarlos, ayudarlos y apoyarlos. Para ello, se creó el canal Academia Hispana, donde confluían novatos y veteranos, y, gracias a él, podía ayudarse a los novatos independientemente de las corps originales de los colaboradores y profesores.

La Academia nació con una intención filantrópica y sin ánimo de lucro, financiándose a base de las generosas donaciones de miembros de la Comunidad Hispana, por medio de ítems, ISK o naves.

En sus orígenes, aún existían los tutoriales en castellano, y los personajes dependían de sus atributos y skills iniciales, por lo que la ayuda más útil era proporcionarles su primera fragata, su primer cobijo y sus primeras skills básicas. Con el paso del tiempo, esto se ha ido adaptando a las necesidades actuales, debido a que a día de hoy, el propio juego en sus tutoriales suple de skills y naves básicas y cada día más corporaciones hispanas tienen sus propias corps o programas de entrenamiento de novatos. Esto ha hecho que hoy por hoy, la existencia de la corp sea meramente nominal y administrativa, acogiendo a los alumnos más veteranos, a los administradores y profesores de la Academia (mediante sus alts), creación de jump clones, o incluso acoger durante unos pocos días a los novatos que no desean pagar taxes NPC en lo que eligen una corporación.

Es debido a esto que el corazón de la Academia reside en su canal público: Academia Hispana, donde los novatos reciben respuestas, asesoramiento y ayuda por parte de veteranos y semiveteranos de todas las corporaciones y bloques. En este proceso, se ofrece un set de implantes +1 a todo aquel novato o semi-novato que lo solicite, explicándoles, si no conocen los ítems, su utilidad y modo de uso. Asimismo, si los novatos tienen necesidad de ello, se les proporcionan naves, ítems o skills.

En el canal Academia Hispana, la regla es: "No hay pregunta tonta, sino tonto que no pregunta". La gente, voluntariamente, se dedica a contestar y asesorar en el canal. Si en algún momento, por horario, disponibilidad, etc., nadie contesta, entonces puedes dirigirte a los profesores señalados en la cabecera del canal mediante evemail, para notificar la necesidad de respuesta.

Además, se organizan periódicamente clases en el servidor de TeamSpeak 3 de la Comunidad Hispana, y a través de streams que se indican en las correspondientes convocatorias. Estas clases suelen grabarse si no son presenciales, por lo que, si no puedes asistir, busca en este subforo la grabación y podrás beneficiarte de ellas. Recordad que las clases están abiertas a todo el mundo, independientemente de su tiempo de juego, corporación...

Y también, cuatro veces al año, se convocan Torneos de Novatos, donde podéis participar, competir y aprender algunas nociones del PVP, con generosos premios. ¡Estad atentos a este subforo para saber cuándo se organizan!

Actualmente, la Academia Hispana está dirigida por Facesless.

Si deseas más información:

Agony Unleashed

Training focus: Purely PvP, with a comprehensive selection of courses.


Status: Active

About Agony Unleashed

Agony Unleashed is a nullsec PVP corp which has existed since 2006, specialising in small gang warfare. In addition to its achievements as a PVP corp, Agony is famous for its long-running side project known as the PVP University (PVP-U) which provides PVP training to the wider EVE public.

With years of experience and a solid reputation, Agony's PVP training has become incredibly popular - Agony alumni can be found almost everywhere in eve, and thousands of students have passed through their doors. Agony's introductory class PVP BASIC provides an excellent groundwork for any aspiring PVPer, with more advanced classes available for those looking to take the next step.

Unlike most other corps offering PVP training, students do not join Agony to receive training - all Agony classes are open to the public, and students simply need to sign up for a class via the Agony website (linked below).

Additional information:

Past media coverage/mentions:

The Angel Project

The Angel Project is an Eve Online charity. Created in 2012, it is devoted to assisting new and struggling players with purchasing the tools they need to survive and succeed in New Eden. In addition to providing monetary support, The Angel Project also helps players find and build relationships with veteran players with knowledge in various fields of game-play. Volunteers with backgrounds in PvP, PvE, Planetary Interaction, Research and Industry, Mining and Faction Warfare are available to answer questions and assist players.

Website: The Angel Project

Status: Active

Additional Information:

Community Spotlight

In-game channel "The Angel Project"

Black Sun Brethren

Black Sun Brethren

Training focus: We are a versatile corp, involved in minor PvP and general PvE including but not limited to Mining and Industry, Exploration, and Incursions. We have also branched into DUST 514 and are currently accepting applications from the battlefront.

Status: Active

We welcome new pilots who have the desire to learn from our veteran players and find their path in New Eden.

We offer opportunity to grow and thrive with us, not just as a Character, but as a Player. Our corporation is based on Loyalty and Honor and welcome all who feel that they can uphold these values. As most of our leadership is military, as well as many of our members, we offer structure and discipline in our operations and encourage other servicemembers and their families to join us.

We operate primarily in High Sec and in all time zones. All languages and nationalities welcome, although English is used primarily.

If interested, you can join BSB academy or apply to join directly.

Blood And Sand (Italian only)

File:98125105 256.png
Blood And Sand

Italian corporation, we recruite only italian PvP players.

Blood And Sand e' la corp italiana specializzata nel PvP Elite. I nostri corporati sono tra i migliori giocatori PvP italiani che potrete trovare su eve online. La nostra corporazione vive in 0.0 e low sec, la nostra missione e' quella di divertirci tutti insieme facendo fleet in giro per tutta Eve sparando qualunque cosa troviamo sulla nostra strada. All'interno della corp e' possibile per tutti i corporati partecipare alla "PvP School" con degli ottimi trainer che formeranno le nuove reclute nel PvP Elite. Alcune delle nostre imprese PvP Elite le potrete trovare nel nostro sito web.
Cosa Offriamo:

  • PvP (99%) e PvE (1%)
  • Live 0.0 con sovereignty
  • Outpost nostri in 0.0
  • Rimborso delle navi
  • Logistica corporativa da e verso lo 0.0

I requisiti:

  • Prendere parte alle fleet di corp
  • Obbligo di avere cuffia e microfono per accedere al TS di corp
  • Dare le proprie API
  • Divertirsi! Divertirsi e Divertirsi!
  • Minimo 15M di Skill Point

Per entrare Blood And Sand entra in contatto con noi in uno di questi modi:
- Entra nel canale di recruiting (V3NGE)
- Contattare uno dei nostri recruiters via eve mail: Thranodi, Gummi Worm, Lara Sharp
- Compila il modulo online sul nostro sito web
- Entra nel nostro Team Speak Server e contatta uno dei corporati (maggiori info le trovi nel nostro sito web

Ti Aspettiamo!

Canale chat reclutamento in game: V3NGE
Reclutatori: Thranodi - Gummi Worm - Lara Sharp

Burning Sun Empire

Status: Active

We are recruiting players of all skill levels. Were an industrial based corp that feels everyone should be ready to fight to protect the corp and has opportunities those looking at pvp/pve.

For new players we will help you find your way in new eden with free ships and skill books and to old players postions to lead, and to all players to opportunity to help shape a new corporation.

We prefer if you have a mic for comms, if you don't have one yet but plan on getting one just let us know.

Also a full api key is required in your application, if you need help with this just let us know.

Please contact Minsc Asroc or Straider crowarchy's in game for more info or just apply directly.

Brave Collective

Brave Wiki

File:Brave dojo v2.png

The Brave Collective is the Alliance at the heart of the H.E.R.O Coalition (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organisation), and the Core of the Brave Collective is BRAVE NEWBIES INCORPORATED.

We are a Newbro centred alliance, and have recently moved to Sovereign Nullspace. There we offer teaching, free ships, free skillbooks, teaching, mentoring, and chaotic fun. Our central tenet is to increase the Fun-Per-Hour of our members, and most often, that means increasing the New Player Experience.

Our Teaching organisation is the Brave Dojo, which is a volunteer group who operate the various programs designed around assisting the Newbie to survive the crushing learning-cliff that Eve is.

We are always recruiting. Join Brave Newbies, find your feet, and Diversify into any of the areas that Brave represents. From Wormholes to FW, from Incursions to Small Gang, from Industry to Mining, Brave has a Corp that fits your playstyle.

Join Us today.

We Are Brave

The Brotherhood Of New Eden

File:5DUJHUQNXH mainclonz5.jpg

"The Brotherhood Of New Eden"
Home Site

We are a new player Friendly Alliance that is based out of High sec. Full of both Serious and casual gamers alike. we are currently setting up Industry operation in Null Sec

We have a diverse group of guys many Active or Prior Enlisted Military. From the U.S. to the U.K
We Do not turn down pilots based on Skill points we have many diffrent Corps For your Needs and will fit you with the best match

We Have ts3
Future Ops:
We have our own POS in High Sec to make blueprints and ships. and Refiners in Null

Only requirement is you have fun and enjoy the game of EVE So Please come hangout and learn and enjoy this game with us!

Carthage Empires

Actual Text and Content Comming Soon.

Center for Advanced Espionage

Training focus: Espionage-related activities including, but not limited to: corp/alliance reconnaissance, POS infiltration, and other lucrative activities including contact management for the EVE Black Market (violating EVE ToS strictly forbidden! No RMTers allowed!)

Status: Active

Motto: Anyone can apply.... Anyone can be accepted.... Only the chosen few will be rejected!

The Center for Advanced Espionage is a dummy-corp used to publicly recruit players. Anyone who applies and is ever accepted to the corp has been publicly 'burned' as a spy or failure. This is intentional. Our espionage takes place outside of the game as well. We coordinate by various VoIP software and communicating outside of the game is essential to our spy network.

ALL officers are high-ranking members of the top null-sec alliances, independently ISK-wealthy traders, and/or life-gamers (those who play 70+ hours a week). We enjoy sabotage and secrecy, but we also have a vested interest in maintaining our corp/alliance/selves superiority. We manufacture territorial disputes as distractions and create monopolies to ensure our own power. Our evil is self-interest but not anarchy. 'A controlled populace leads to a wealthy elite.'

Security Checks: For officers of other corps/alliances wishing to prevent the application of our spies into your midst.... it's probably too late.... but our pledge is that any character sold on the Bazaar that has been in this corp will never EVER be readmitted or used by us again.... for obvious reasons. (That does not exclude the possibility of other spy organizations using the character.)

Minimum requirements include (but are not limited to):

  • 2 unlinked (unconnected via wallet/contract transactions) EVE accounts
  • At least 2 characters per account----each with at least two million skill points
  • Five million plus skill points is preferred for at least one character per account
  • Applicants must speak a minimum of one language other than English; two or more is preferred


  • Battle-testing takes place on the test server
  • Under treaty with Morpheus Intelligence, the systems Manarq and Renyn have been ceded; Cleyd remains a neutral recruitment system.
  • Trade hub scams by members are forbidden (excluding pre-existing agreements and operations, e.g. Eddie Lampert)

Cha Ching LtD (german speaking / deutschsprachig)

File:Cha Ching ltd.jpg

Die Aktiengesellschaft Cha Ching LtD hat seit der Gründung im Jahre 2009 eine sehr bewegte, wie auch erfolgreiche Geschichte. Dank des stets großen Engagements ihrer Aktionäre und Mitglieder hat sich Cha Ching LtD über die Jahre einen sehr respektablen Namen in den Bereichen Wirtschaft und Industrie erarbeitet, der ihr auch bei bewaffneten Konflikten und im Verteidigungsfall oftmals weit vorauseilt.

Mit der Gründung der Allianz Cha Ching PLC in 2011 bereitete man den Weg für eine langfristig erfolgreiche und gesicherte Zukunft. Seither ist die Geschichte der Allianz von Wachstum und Erfolg geprägt, was nicht zuletzt der hohen Einsatzbereitschaft ihrer Mitglieder zu verdanken ist. Mit dem Blick auf eine profitable Zukunft gerichtet ist die Allianz stets darauf bedacht neue Partner für sich zu gewinnen und die sich daraus ergebenden Synergien zu beiderseitigem Vorteil einzusetzen.

Cha Ching PLC sucht deutschsprachige Unternehmen aus New Eden, die…

... sich mit hohem Engagement in diese Allianz einbringen und die angestrebten Ziele erreichen wollen.
... ihre operativen Schwerpunkte auf die Bereiche NullSec und dem Kampf Spieler gegen Spieler ausgerichtet haben.
... in der Lage sind ihre Schwächen im bewaffneten Konflikt durch eine wirtschaftlich/industriell überzeugend erfolgreiche Komponente ausgleichen zu können.

Cha Ching PLC erwartet…

... Unternehmen mit klarem Konzept und gesunder Struktur. Sowohl personell als auch wirtschaftlich.
... die Aktivität und Bereitschaft, sowohl in Friedenszeiten, als auch im Krieg, vollen Einsatz zu zeigen.
... Bereitschaft, alle Kommunikationswege der Allianz zu nutzen und einzuhalten.
... einen erwachsenen Umgangston, sowie geistige Reife und charakterliche Kompetenz.
... bei Interesse am NullSec: Uneingeschränkte Einsatzbereitschaft im Bereich Kampf Spieler gegen Spieler.

Cha Ching PLC bietet…

... langjährige Erfahrung und fundiertes Wissen in den Bereichen Wirtschaft & Industrie, NullSec & PVP sowie Wormhole Exploration.
... mehrere NullSec-Systeme unter Hoheit unserer Allianz.
... professionelle logistische Unterstützung bei operativen Vorhaben.
... eine langjährige und stabile Unternehmens- und Allianzführung.
... hierarchisch optimierte Kommunikation durch TeamSpeak 3.
... eigene Allianz-Homepage.
... eine reife Allianzstruktur mit klaren Regeln.
... Information und Unterstützung neuer Unternehmen bei Umzug in das Hoheitsgebiet der Allianz.
... regelmäßige militärische Operationen im Bereich Kampf Spieler gegen Spieler.
... langfristig angelegte, zielorientierte Zusammenarbeit.

EVE Online ist, trotzdessen, dass es ein Hobby bleiben soll, eine recht anspruchsvolle und zeitintensive Freizeitgestaltung. Cha Ching PLC ist sehr zielorientiert aufgestellt, vergisst jedoch natürlich nie, dass es auch noch ein Leben neben EVE Online gibt.

Sie sind CEO eines Unternehmens aus New Eden oder beauftragte Person einer solchen und möchten gerne weitere Informationen? Dann nehmen Sie mit uns Kontakt auf.

Diplomaten/ Diplomats: Tox Beliar, Simon Dirondar

Öffentlicher Chat: Cha-Ching

Unsere Personalabteilung freut sich über Eure Bewerbungen unter: Bewerbung Cha Ching LtD

Der Copy Shop: Copy Shop

Delta Project

File:Delta Project.gif

Being an italian organization, the following lines will be in italian language, sorry :)

Cerchi una corp italiana in EvE Online?
Il Delta Project non è un'alleanza, ma una comunità di giocatori maturi che da diversi anni vive EVE Online come un gioco e non come un'ossessione. Le corporazioni sono dei contenitori, quel che a noi interessa sono i giocatori e l'armonia nel gioco.

Le nostre accademie, industriale e di PvP (Player vs Player), si propongono ai nuovi giocatori come un approccio indolore ed efficace alle complessità del mondo di EvE Online, ed al giocatore esperto con un ambiente di gioco deregolamentato e tax free. Situate entrambe in Impero e coordinata da player con anni di esperienza alle spalle nei vari settori che il gioco offre, è la porta di ingresso a corp verticalizzate su specifiche attività quali industria, mining, ricerca, missioni, pvp in 0.0.

Delta Academy (Italian only)

File:Delta Academy.png

E' l'accademia industriale del Delta Project.
Propone ai suoi corporati attività di gruppo facoltative quali:
 - Mining
 - Missioni
 - Lezioni teoriche e pratiche su tutte le attività del gioco
 - Addestramento operativo al PvP senza alcun ISK di spesa.

Inoltre dispone dei seguenti servizi:
 - Per i minatori: acquistiamo il tuo minerale grezzo al prezzo del raffinato. Tu pensa solo a minare, al trasporto, alla raffinazione e alla vendita pensiamo noi.
 - Per gli industriali in erba: sarai indirizzato a compiti di difficoltà crescente. Imparerai e avrai accesso alle librerie ed ai laboratori di corp per la tua ricerca e produzione.
 - Per i piloti di pve: forti sconti sull'acquisto di navi e fitting. Dalle missioni al PvE in wormole e nelle incursion Sansha.
 - Per i curiosi: lezioni di introduzione al PvP senza spesa alcuna.

Non è previsto il pagamento di alcuna tassa e si è liberi di localizzare le proprie attività dove si preferisce.

Gli unici obblighi sono:
 1. L'educazione e il rispetto nei confronti degli altri giocatori.
 2. Salutare al login/logout
 3. Il divieto di ingaggio PvP senza uno preciso ordine.
 4. Giocare in Delta Project con il tuo personaggio principale.

Per sottoscrivere una domanda di arruolamento, leggi le indicazioni seguenti.

Delta Fight Club (Italian only)

File:Delta Fight Club.png

E' l'accademia del Delta Project dedicata al PvP (giocatore contro giocatore) e che ne permette l'apprendimento nell'ambito del Factional Warfare(FW).
Aderisce alla Milizia Caldari, che garantisce a differenza delle altre, un facile accesso a Jita, il principale Hub commerciale di EVE.
Il Delta Fight Club fornisce gratuitamente fregate e fit in sostituzione delle navi perdute dai propri piloti.

Propone ai piloti attività obbligatorie:
 - flotte di pvp in impero e low sec

e facoltative:
 - missioni FW,
 - Addestramento operativo al PvP senza alcun ISK di spesa.

Gli unici obblighi sono:
 1. L'educazione e il rispetto nei confronti degli altri giocatori.
 2. Salutare al login/logout
 3. Coordinarsi con le attività pvp degli altri compagni di corp,
 4. La partecipazione alle attività obbligatorie,
 5. Giocare in Delta Project con il tuo personaggio principale,
 6. Essere loggati a Team Speak durante il gioco.

Delta Fight Club accetta sia giocatori senza esperienza, sia giocatori già esperti che dopo qualche giorno saranno indirizzati a corp più specifiche. Abbiamo un nostro server Teamspeak 3 (obbligatorio). Il divertimento è assicurato, siamo una grande famiglia in continua crescita.

Per arruolarsi in una della nostre accademie entra nella chat "Delta-Recruitment" e seguine le indicazioni.

Ti Aspettiamo!
Canale chat reclutamento in game: Delta-Recruitment
Public Relations: Kahdmazu - Lahila Astravnar;


- Grootste gaming community van de benelux.

Note:As the corporation is Dutch speaking only, the follow text will be in Dutch language, sorry.

Training focus: Nederlandstalige PVP corporatie.

Website: Clan website

Status: Actief Informatie over de corporatie/clan:

[Corporation Promo video: ]

CEO: Gekke Gerit Director: Staafsak

DoubleDutchClan is PvP georiënteerd.

Open voor alle mensen die aan de minimale eisen voldoen.

Minimale Eisen: ★ 16+ Jaar. ★ Het gebruik maken van Teamspeak 3 met een werkende headset. ★ Goed humeur. ★ Nederlands spreken. ★ Minimaal 10mil Skill points. ★ Gemotiveerd zijn om te PVPen (Je moet PvP georienteerd zijn/worden.) ★ In een team samen kunnen werken en helpen.

Wat we te bieden hebben:

★ Grote gezellige community. (Er worden meerdere games binnen de community gespeelt) ★ Actieve PVP trainingen! (The Basics tot Veteraan) ★ Nederlandse vriendelijke en behulpzame leden. ★ Van alle leeftijd groepen (Min 16+) (Gemiddeld 27j) ★ Ervaren EVE spelers. (Ook op PVP gebied) ★ O.O (dagelijks van klein tot groot size fleet ops in samenwerking met alliance's!) ★ PVE opties in O.O ★ Professionele website/teamspeak server met support. ★ Reinbursement vanuit Alliance. ★ Een relaxe sfeer, met portie dagelijks FUN en geen gezeik! ★ Begrip hebben voor REAL LIFE.

Ga naar onze website toe en maak een account/join topic voor EVE online. Zorg dat je ingame in contact komt met een van de recruiters! (Daarvoor ga naar onze public channel!)

meer DPS/LOGI/Cap Pilots gezocht.

Note: Er wordt altijd naar een full api key gevraagd.

Corp Contacts: Gekke Gerit, Staafsak, RAFC Corp Public channel: DoubleDutchClan Corp Website: Corp KB:

TAG: Nederlandse corp , Nederlandstalige corp , Dutch Corporation , Dutch corp , Nederlandstalige Corporation

Enlightened Academy

Enlightened Academy

Training focus: PvP

Website: Enlightened Academy

Status: Inactive

About Enlightened Academy:

Enlightened Academy is a training ground for pilots who are new to EVE, or pilots who have spent their careers carebearing and are now looking to do some PvP. This academy is a feeder corporation for Enlightened Industries, a corporation in Goonswarm Federation.

Upon joining you will be given a structured skill training plan which will see you get into several ships, which will allow you to join most of the fleets available to you upon moving to ENL-I. With this plan you'll know exactly what to train, to what level and more importantly you will know that upon completion you'll be a valued member of our community.

There will be a Wiki for you to use as a reference point which will detail all of the ships we fly, their fits and what skills you'll need to fly them efficiently. All of the guesswork will be taken out of it and you'll know exactly what you need to train.

Benefits of ENL-A:

  • Wiki - Our website magicians are currently working on our Wiki which will host a wealth of information for you to sink your teeth into.
  • Shared ingame channel - We have a channel ingame which we share between the academy and ENL-I itself, with dedicated and experience players from ENL-I joining purely to give help and advice to you new pilots.
  • Shared forum - We have an area specifically for the academy to post whatever they want, from requests for help to pictures of your cat. Members of ENL-I will be able to respond to your questions and help.
  • Shared communications - We have a Mumble server which will share with ENL-I. This means there will be experienced players (and some idiots) who can give you help and advice.
  • Dedicated staff members helping you from day 1.
  • Experienced Mentors on hand to answer any questions you have.
  • Low tax rate of 5% to help you get started.
  • Free PvP ships (which you can insure, and make money from upon destruction).
  • Free skillbook pack.
  • A sense of direction.

Additional Information:

  • Public Channel: ENL-A

Website: Enlightened Academy

EVE Flight School (Russian only)

Training focus: Russian cross-corporation PVP training project.

Website: EVE-RU forum thread

Status: Active

About EVE Flight School

EVE Flight School is a PVP educational body for beginners. The idea is simple: we gather at a time and place stated in the in-game channel and go into 0.0, learning to kill and survive. These courses might be of interest to PVP newbies only and will be of educational nature – I will try to explain what exactly do we do and why. Our goal is to teach each member to make correct decisions independently.

Additional information: In-game channel "EVE Flight School".

EVE University

EVE University

Training focus: All areas of gameplay in EVE Online. EVE University is the top training organization in EVE Online since its founding in 2004.

Website: EVE University

Status: Active

About EVE University

EVE University is a neutral, non-profit training corporation in EVE Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life in New Eden. Our neutrality (not getting involved in the conflict of others) allows our members to move on to whatever corporation they want to once they graduate - this of course does not mean we don't like to fight!

The corporation has no fees for its members, and pays for its wide range of programs by a small tax on missions and generous donations from its many benefactors.

Since its foundation in March 2004, EVE University has continued to uphold a strong reputation through a strong community, robust management, knowledgeable graduates and instructors, and quality students.

As of September 2011, E-UNI has seen over 10,000 players pass though its doors in the previous 2 years, many of who become successful pilots in their chosen area.

The heart of the corporation resides in teamwork through combat, events, classes and cooperative help in various corporation channels, forums and voice communications - with new players learning form each others mistakes, and experienced graduates providing their input, it forms what may be the most open and welcoming community in EVE.

On top of the support from current and previous members, E-UNI also provides all its members with:

... plus much more.

We also publicly provide to all pilots:

More information:

Firesworn Nation


Training focus: All areas of fair game play, including Combat, Exploration, Industry, Mining, Missions, etc. No pirating or griefing.


Status: Active

About Firesworn Nation

Firesworn Nation is an alliance of intertwined corporations with a very heavy focus on providing new pilots with a positive experience in Eve Online. The alliance is highly organized with experienced leadership and a myriad of programs and services designed to assist new pilots get a solid footing in New Eden from their very first day.


  • Firesworn Assassins is a security and warfare corporation that engages in PvP roams and is responsible for the oversight and operations of the alliance's strategic objectives.
  • Firesworn Incorporated serves as a starting point for most recruits. Members within this corporation go through a training platform, after which they are eligible to transfer to other corporations within the alliance.
  • Firesworn Enterprises is a mining corporation, presently focused on highsec ores while dabbling into w-space when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Firesworn Productions is solely focused on industrial operations -- the production and manufacturing of a variety of goods sold to the empire markets, trading partners, and members within the alliance.
  • Firesworn Security is a PvE corporation. Members primarily focus on security missions, exploration, and incursions. Many in this corporation are experience PvP pilots also and will switch to a combat role during wartime.
  • Firesworn Warfare is a factional warfare corporation for Caldari State.

Mission Statement:

Our founding mission was to offer an environment where new players of Eve Online could learn from experienced pilots in a safe and friendly environment. We are a uniquely helpful group of players that have a profound lack of ego among the members within our group. We are not carebears, however, and often find ourselves in the midst of war. We teach players to "play smart" so that war is not a hindrance to their enjoyment of Eve. We go to great lengths to educate and provide our members with the tools they need to be successful. By doing so, we feel that we make Eve more accessible to people who would otherwise abandon it before giving it the chance it deserves.

Our secondary mission is to spread a message that EvE is more than just a cold and dark universe. We focus on the players; the friendships and relationships we form here go beyond a disparate random group of players to something much more meaningful to us. We strive to show others that fair play and good fights make for a better sandbox. In essence, we're very much against the griefing community and consider them our primary foes. Through our actions, we hope to show that New Eden can mirror what the real world universe may actually look like if we were up there exploring the stars ourselves right now.


  • Active Community Website featuring forums, calendars, team sub-communities, comprehensive profiles, and a plethora of enhancements related to Eve. Using API information, the website is able to create character sheets, skill progressions, dynamic information about the programs pilots qualify for, and much more. Members have granular control over whom has the ability to see such information.
  • Ore Buyback Program in which ore from miners is purchased as mineral values.
  • Combat Training from basic to advanced classes, available to every member regardless of choice of profession.
  • Salvage and Loot Buyback Program.
  • Mentorship Programs in which pilots are paired with experienced team leaders in the career path they are interested in.
  • Ship Replacement Program that replaces the full cost of a loss instead of just the hull. Many SRPs in other corporations only replace the cost of the ship's hull which is generally only a fraction of a pilot's actual loss.

More Information:

Flying Dangerous

File:Figl Header.jpeg

About Flying Dangerous

We are a 0.0 PVP Alliance. If you are interested in PVP and want to get into 0.0 then this is where you want to be.

In game public channel FD 4 PVP. Go to this channel, in game, to join Flying Dangerous.

We are currently based in SOV null sec in the region of Catch.

We are looking for new and old players. There is no requirement that you have any PVP experience before joining. We are experts at teaching green PVPers to become bloodthirsty space sociopaths.

We can offer free T1 Destroyers for new members on our Destroyer Death March fleets. We have an easy to use, fast, dedicated Jump Freight service to null (our JF pilots move at cost of fuel so no gouging). We pride ourselves on our great (and drunk) Fleet Commanders. And you too can become a leader of men (and women) with our fleet command training program. We offer training for fleet specific roles, constant roams in null sec, dedicated KillBoard, forum, and teamspeak. In addition, we have a robust ship replacement program, access to Brave Newbie's extensive IT services, and consequently, PVP of all sizes. (From small gang "every second counts" PVP, to coalition level "800 people in system" PVP)

Our videos. Click here to see what we do.

FIGL's blog. Click here to learn more about us.



Training Focus: FW Low-Sec
Public Channel: iwhip

We are a new player-friendly Corp that is based out of Minmatar/Amarr faction warfare lowsec, fighting for the Amarr faction; we are the founding corp of the I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth Alliance.. Our comms are friendly and welcoming, and we provide many wonderful programs for new players, including free ships and new player-focused fleets. We are a low-pressure organization, intent on just having fun and blowing things up!

We are a diverse group, active in all timezones, but especially US and Australia/Europe.

Only requirement is you have fun and enjoy the game of EVE!

Additional information: The Fweddit recruiting megathread

Goonswarm Federation


Training focus:: 0.0

Website: [1]

Languages: Primarily English, but there is a sizable Russian and French contingent as well.

Goonswarm is the premier alliance for training new players in 0.0. Goonswarm has existed in various iterations since 2006, and has always followed a philosophy of recruiting new players from outside the game and training them to become valued members of an 0.0 alliance. Recruitment is always open to SomethingAwful members without a sponsor, though the alliance does occasionally allow existing players who are not members of somethingawful to join if they are able to obtain a sponsor and meet various criteria.

By flying with Goonswarm, you gain access to rich regions of 0.0 space, exciting PvP - both massive fleet battles, and you vs. the gatecamp/roaming fleet mentioned several times in intel channels you didn't read battles. You also gain access to Goonswarm's unparalleled ship reimbursement policy, which covers anything from frigates to titans (though naturally, new members are unlikely to be flying titans). Potential members of Goonswarm who have played before but never with goonswarm gain an unparalleled view of how EVE works in 0.0 and grow to understand the fierce tribalism and unique honor of Goon pilots.

As a member of Goonswarm your exploits may even be mentioned in international news coverage: [2].

Join Goonswarm today: learn how to survive and thrive in 0.0, even if you are a day-old newbie or a years-old player who has never ventured out of highsec. You will, of course, die a lot. It's part of learning 0.0. Goonswarm's vast newbie support system and ship reimbursement however will ensure this is a learning experience, and not a financial hardship. As mentioned before, however, recruitment is only open no questions asked to new pilots who are SomethingAwful members: existing pilots need to find a sponsor who will vouch for them.

Insurgent New Eden Tribe Academy (Italian only)

File:98086210 256.png

As an italian corporation, the following lines will be in italian language.

Insurgent New Eden Tribe, corp storica del panorama di Eve già dai primi mesi di vita di questo Universo, ha inaugurato a Dicembre 2011 l'Accademia Militare, di stanza in high sec per sua natura facilmente accessibile anche a player appena entrati nel gioco.

La nostra vocazione è prettamente militare, offriamo un ambiente rilassato, senza pretese, ma con tanta voglia di cercar rogne in low sec, wardec e quanto altro la CCP consenta. All'interno di questo ambiente cresciamo i piloti più giovani e li indirizziamo ad una vita ai limiti del security status.

Il nostro collegamento alla corp madre di stanza in 0.0 permette a chi vuole di joinare una delle corp italiane più durature di Eve, di entrare la dove gli eserciti dell'alleanza difendono e conquistano intere costellazioni.

Contatta ingame Lorenso per ulteriori spiegazioni.

Legion Of Patriots

File:Loplogo (1).png

Active Military / Law Enforcement personnel friendly

Follow the leader: Onyx Asablot

Low SP friendly - High SP Friendly

Average Age: 27-35

Recruitment: Currently Open - Contact Onyx Asablot for details

The Goals: Become a sustainable force (45-60 active pilots);Small Gang PVP

Training focus: PvP - CRAWL - "Frigate" WALK - "Battle Cruiser" RUN - "Black Ops"

Status: Open Recruitment- All TZs.

Member of Bloodline. in Catch

Alliance Promotional Video:

Kill Board:

If you are looking for a group to grow with, do not hesitate to contact us. We are laid back and play that way but have goals that we are working to reach. We live and operate in Syndicate Region. We are in Null Sec. Our specialty focus as a corp is and will be black ops. Got a bomber? You will fit right in. Currently our primary TZ is US.

We do have low scale Industrial Ops to support our own internal SRP and ship needs. We welcome all industry players as well.

We are a part of the Ishukone-Raata Alliance based in Syndicate Region. We are supported by a constant flow of Alliance small gang PVP activity and Ship Replacement Program (SRP). We also have corp level SRP programs as well and Corp and Alliance Jump Freighter Service.

We maintain our own Corp Level Team Speak and our own corp level forums.

Corp Forums:

Our initial goals are set in three phases CRAWL/WALK/RUN


CRAWL: Frigate Gangs (Recruit base membership while in High Sec)

WALK: Battle Cruiser Fleets (Recruiting and Operating High/Low/Null Sec/WH)

RUN: Black Ops Fleets capable of Hot Drops and all veteran operations originating from base of operations

We are currently conducting Phase: WALK

What we offer to lower SP members:

PVP Classes.

Weekly PvP frig fleets in low sec/ null sec for low SP members

Weekly PvE fleets to earn isk to support your new found PvP habit

Regular supply runs

What we offer to experienced and higher SP members:

Null Sec PVP

Regular Ratting keep the wallet full

Constant Supply Chains

Please note:

Our tax is currently at 10%

Active Military / Law Enforcement personnel friendly

What we require:

18 minimum age No Trial Accts. Working knowledge of the game Willingness to be active and participate in corp activities. Be active on comms (TS3/Mumble) Drama free Willingness to learn

What we don't want: Drama queens Bots Alts Griefers People who can't make jokes (space is quiet)

Do you want to know more? Please join our Recruiting channel: LOP Recruiting

"Applications should include the following information:" -Age, Sex, Location -A quick sentence or two about yourself and your goals / aspirations in EVE -Please Register with EveBoard so that your skills can be reviewed (linky ) -Full API -Blank apps will be rejected!!!CEO

Noir. Academy


Training focus: PvP - Mercenary training for those that want to get paid to PvP.

Website: Noir Academy

Status: Active

About Noir. Academy Noir. Academy was founded in September of 2009 as a response to many requests from younger, and inexperienced pilots to be taught the ways of Noir. and learn the basics of PVP.

Through determination and discipline we will teach you PVP and mercenary life from the smallest skirmish to the largest battles, learning how to destroy unsuspecting targets and evading the void yourselves. Designed specifically to train any willing pilot wishing to join the ranks of Noir. but who lacks sufficient PVP experience, the Noir. Academy offers to teach you the combined tactics, experiences and skills of the best instructors and pilots from Noir. The aim is to provide a seamless link from any experience level to valued member of our parent corp.

Noir. Academy Requirements

  • No griefing.
  • 5 mil skill point minimum
  • A passion and patience for learning
  • Willingness to PVP, to kill and be killed over a three month course.
  • Mature personality and professional demeanor
  • Ability to use voice coms
  • Real Life comes first. Simply be active when you are online. In game and on the forums.
  • Applications are accepted on the 1st and the 15th. This means you will need to have finished your interview by then.

To join us: Apply here

Occultum Associates

File:98120358 256.png

Status: Active

Who We Are: We offer lectures on every aspect of eve, access to a public chat with veteran players, and many small helpful tools to find the career you want to join and try. This is a NO OBLIGATION CORP so feel free to apply and get in, but leave later.

Quick Fun Facts:

  • Access to discounts on ships and items (restrictions apply).
  • Meet veterans from each and every career type of eve.
  • Various Lectures on Wormholes, PvP, Manufacturing, Mining, Black Ops, Exploration, + More.
  • NO TAX! ... Because you need the isk more than we do
  • Friendly with alliances that will let you persue your career further when you are ready (any career!)
  • Some chances to join in on friendly larger alliance fleets or activities
  • Also some group fleets, feel free to run small gang fleets with eachother


  • Willingness to Learn and work as a team
  • English speaking (does not have to be native)
  • Have microphone for teamspeak3

Contact For Information RachelArchAngel

Open University of Celestial Hardship

File:Ouch banner 1.jpg

Training focus: PvP and survival tactics in 0.0 space, exclusively.

Website: OUCH

Status: Active

About OUCH

OUCH is a nullsec survival and pvp training corp. If you haven’t had much luck in nullsec (0.0 space), then we can help you. Below is a synopsis of what we are all about.

Our motto is simple: Kill More, Die Less

  • OUCH focuses on teaching nullsec survival and basic combat training.
  • We have talented, relaxed and effective trainers that are focused on helping you learn.
  • We accept all races, of all skill levels (even if you’re just 1 day old).
  • Teamspeak is a requirement while you are online.
  • All permanent members are active PvPers and facilitate training lectures monthly.
  • All student members must graduate our program in 90 days. Graduates may apply for permanent membership.
  • OUCH purges inactive members regularly, to maintain a small active corporation.
  • Join the in-game channel OUCH-UNI for more details or just apply to join us. We’d love to help you learn nullsec survival and PVP.

Additional information: Recruitment blog; EVE Online forum recruitment post

Past media coverage/mentions: EON Article Part One
EON Article Part Two
Background on EON article Article
MMO Reporter Article
Kirith Kodachi on Helpful Corporations
Poetic Stanziel on Training Corporations
Toterra on Training Corporations

== Parental Control Academy (PCA) & Parental Control (PCX) == . : Greek Only : .

It is a Greek Corp so why this post is in English? It is said that you have to know your enemy as good as yourself and we are not here to hide!!

Status: Active


Focus: PvP with great success over the last years and some experienced pilots on Industry, Market & Mining.

Timezone: EU mainly in great Alliance active 24/7

Parental Control Academy is there to guide, instruct and teach young pilots the way of EVE. Here young capsuliers take their first steps into this massive world learning on how to survive the harsh environment of space. Space combat is the butter on our bread and all of us the battle proven pilots are here to pass the knowledge.

We offer:

  • TS3 Communications
  • PvP operations
  • ISK making knowledge
  • Training plans
  • Great attitude

We require:

  • Passion
  • Willingness to learn
  • Mature personality
  • Friendliness & positive thinking
  • Full API keys
  • (Optional) at least 2 EVE online accounts so you can follow 100% our plans.

Joining PCA is easy and there are not Skill Point limit. Graduating to PCX depends on many different factors and it is mainly judged by the CEO and/or the senior members of the corporation.

We are waiting for you. For more information don't hesitate to contact our members in-game.

Pax Emunio

Pax Emunio

Training focus: Learn 0.0 and SOV with us. Fleet Warfare. Null Sec Mining Ops. Null Sec Ratting

Website: Pax Gaming

Status: Active

Language Spoken: English

Time Zone/s: All

Alliance: Intrepid Crossing

We are a Null Sec/0.0 corporation that loves to help newer players to this environment figure it all out and get right into how it all works. If you are interested in adventure and a step up in difficulty from what High Sec / Empire Space and Low Sec Space is but don't want to go at it alone check us out. Pax Emunio is a division of Pax Gaming a Community that has been in gaming for 10 years and has been involved in or is involved in almost every major game out in that time. More info below

Who We Are: Pax Emunio Info

How to Apply: Step by Step on how to Apply

Our Public Channel: Pax Recruit


Pro Synergy (Dedicated Salvaging Corporation)

Training focus:

Introducing a way to earn a high income with minimal investment by alleviating some of the barriers that new and old players can encounter by providing salvaging and new business opportunities.

Our Goals:

  • Reducing lag by cleaning up space of floating wrecks.
  • Reforming much hated Ninjas into beloved salvagers.
  • Providing alternative ways of earning ISK as Salvagers, Mission Runners, Administrators and Directors.
  • Create a community where new and old players can meet and communicate.
  • Expand our area of coverage from high sec to null sec.

Minimum requirements:

  • A full EVE Online account, needed to be able to use the contract system.
  • Gmail address, separate from their personal accounts, to use our loot tracking system.

We offer:

  • TeamSpeak 3 Communications
  • Ship fitting advisement.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • The option to leave and join when it suits you.

In-game channel: Pro Synergy

Website: Pro Synergy

Project Halibut

Training focus: Cross-corporation project aimed at supporting and educating the new players in EVE Online.

Website: Project Halibut

Status: Active

About Project Halibut

Mission - To help new players survive those crucial first months in the game of Eve Online. By providing new players with Ship’s, supporting modules, ammunitions, the skill books to use it all and in some cases ISK, we can help ensure that players know there is help out there.

We have also managed to gather some of the most intelligent people in New Eden to help answer new player’s questions. We have Mission Runners, Null-Sec Pilots, Miners, and more, all just waiting for you to stop by and ask them for information.

Additional information: In-game channel "Project Halibut".

PWNED Factor

Training focus: Dedicated PVP School: Moto “We make Killers out of Carebears”

Website: The EVE Gateway

Status: Temporarily Closed For Revamp

Rangers of the One

We are a small corp with plans to grow quickly, our focus is on High-sec industry and PvE around Caldari space. We have a very experienced CEO who is online regular around GMT evenings and is always happy to help.

We also have a low tax rate!

We only accept those fluent in English and the law-abiding citizens of EvE

For all question, contact Rococho Ranger or apply in-game today.

Red Frog Freight

File:Red Frog Freight.png

Training focus: High-security freight hauling

Website: RF Recruitment

Status: Active

About: Established in 2008, our mission is to provide fast and affordable delivery of freight within the contiguous high security (0.5 - 1.0) regions of New Eden. We are a well known and reputable freight service that serves as an important backbone company of EVE. Our Red Frog Freight Applicant Guide provides all the information a pilot needs to be ready to submit an application to join.

As a Red Frog freight pilot, you will learn how to properly fly a freighter while simultaneously having access to an ever-growing pool of quality courier contracts. Pilots receive 100% of the rewards as set by our Trip Calculator. In addition, pilots are given guidance on how to prepare to fly jump freighters should they wish to eventually move on to Black Frog Logistics -- our low and nullsec logistics division.

Interested recruits are encouraged to contact us via our public in-game chat channel Profit.

Red Versus Blue (RvB)

File:RvB Banner.png

Training focus: PvP

Website: Red Versus Blue

Status: Active

About: R-V-B is a long standing P-V-P institution that began back in 2007. The premise of RvB is two corporations, Red Federation and Blue Republic, which are constantly at war with eachother. You choose a side, join up and are welcome to get into action immediately. RvB is responsible for about 10% of all PvP activity in EvE.

A significant portion of the fighting in RvB takes place in frigate and cruiser size hulls, however there are ample opportunities to kill and use every type of ship.

RvB combat can happen anywhere in EVE - excluding Jita - however 99% of all Red on Blue action happens in The Forge, particularly the systems of Josameto, Liekuri, Otela & Poinen. Feel free to base in any of these systems and you will be in the heart of our near instant pvp experience.

- So, Why join RvB? The most appealing aspect of RvB is the target-rich environment of other pilots looking to get fights.

RvB provides pilots the opportunity to for anything from 1v1s, small gangs, to large fleets, free-for-alls, monthly brawls(imagine 50+ pilots with free cruisers going at it).

RvB offers several excellent ship replacement programs to its pilots including cheap corporation contracts usually consisting of packs of Meta 0 fit frigs & destroyers, allowing you get right back into the action faster than a trip to Jita would allow.

In RvB you won't be forced to log on to defend sov or camp a gate, you're welcome to log on as little or often as you like.

RvB has an open door policy, anybody is welcome to join and you're welcome to leave and come back as soon as you desire.

The pilots in RvB range from 2003 to 2013, you will be able to fight with and against veteran pilots as well as those brand new to the universe. So regardless of skill or wealth, you will be able to find fights suitable to you.

RvB provides pilots with the opportunity to get hundreds of kills each month without the strings of the typical corp. However should you be willing to put in some time as an FC you can now earn Loyalty Points that you can trade for ship packs & faction ships, see here for more.

- New to PvP? Whether you've been shooting asteroids for 5 years or finally got tired of playing your orc warrior in WOW RvB is the best place to get your first taste of PvP.

RvB does not force you to attend long classes, wait a month to jump through the hoops of our recruitment process, or follow a strict set of rules.

Instead we offer new pilots to learn through the most effective way, experience.

There are plenty of veteran pilots who will give you all the 1v1s you want and at the same time provide you with all the fits, tips, pointers, and help that you will need to become a spaceship killing machine.

- Ready to join? All you have to do is send in an app to whatever corp needs pilots and you'll be accepted within 24 hours (but more than likely sooner) and you can get right into the fray!

However should you have roles in your current corp, drop those roles by right clicking yourself in a chat channel and clicking "prepare to quit corp", you will then need to wait 24 hours before RvB can accept your application.

If you have any questions head on over to the in-game channel "R-V-B" and talk to our members.

REFORD (Ukrainians only)


Training focus: Saving of morality. KEEP BEING HUMAN!.

Language: Ukrainian, Russian.

Website: The Sith Syndicate temporary site

Status: Active

Who are you at war with? For the sake of what? By what price? Save moral values. KEEP BEING HUMAN!

REFORD is roleplaying alliance that fights for justice, morality, malice, kindness and all other goodness against any kind of scum and bastards.

REFORD means REFuge of ORDer. We are glad to teach any ukrainian pilot in any sphere of activity, except pirating, ninjasalvaging, stealing and other unmoral deeds.



  • Saving of morality. Fighting against scum and bastards.

- PVE:

  • Mining
  • Ratting
  • Agentrunning
  • Complexes and anomalies running
  • Production
  • Incrusions running

- PVP:

  • Small-scale gangs
  • Large-scale gangs

It’s just a game, still, player’s acts are made by players, by theirs choose and decisions, call of soul and mood.



Revolutionary Front

Revolutionary Front

Training focus: Nullsec PvP, small gangs, space terrorism

Status: Active

Language Spoken: English. At least a basic level of spoken English will be necessary to participate.

Time Zone/s: Primarily US and EU, seeking adventurous souls to help us expand across all time zones.

Website: Revolutionary Forums

The Revolutionary Front is a small but growing PvP corporation based in NPC nullsec and focused on rapid growth, making our presence felt in the region though PvP fleet ops, and training new players in the dark art of internet spaceship terrorism. We are built upon the idea that the existing power structures and the status quo in New Eden has become irreparably corrupted, and is in need of a good purging. We reject the notion that nullsec is too difficult or dangerous a place for new players, and can offer a friendly environment to learn and grow as a player.

Our Public Channel: Revolution!

The Righteous Indignation AKA GUNKY

Our Goal:

Low sec space should be scary, you should have to be looking on your d-scan constantly. As of late, we feel it isn't as scary as it should be. Instead of complaining to ccp we are equipping new pilots with proper PvP skills to make low scary again. Watch your d-scan our pupils are going to be hunting you.

Warning more better PvP ing pilots may also effect the quality of null pilots positively

Additional information:

In-game channel "GUNKY", mainly UK timezone

Running With Dogs [GRRKA]


Training focus: 0.0

Status Active

Languages: English

Website: Running With Dogs

About GRRKA:

Running with Dogs [GRRKA] is a PvP corporation first and foremost. We have returned to our roots in null sec and have found a great home with our new alliance [NAGA] with HERO Coalition.

We have a culture where experienced players and rookies can have fun PvP-ing together. We have an extensive training program for players completely new to the game, teaching them how to fight and be victorious.

For our more experience, higher SP pilots, we offer the opportunity to fly with enthusiastic pilots in a friendly atmosphere and a constant presence on TS and in game for most of the Eve day. You'll get the opportunity to make ISK in our null sec home and develop your career if you want to turn your hand to FC'ing. We are also able to provide heavily discounted capital ships built within our Alliance.

Come and join the pack and we'll teach you to fly dangerously.

Scorpion Tail Mercenary Group [STMG]

Website: STMG

Basic Info

  • Based in High Sec Nasreri
  • Active every day
  • Very new Player friendly
  • Timezone GMT
  • Currently Accepting all Roles
  • Friendly environment with Real Life first attitude

STMG is an organisation of both new and experienced players enjoying all aspects of the game. We are currently based in High sec system Nasreri which is a perfect area for teaching new players the ropes

Our members currently consist solely of UK based players, but we welcome everyone
We have no skill points requirement and some of our members have joined while still in the tutorial.
Activity is important to us but we do not expect people to be on constantly, real life comes first

We have only two requirements that you can speak English and that you have fun in game.

Smiling Friends Social Club & Hearts And Minds Alliance


Please note: You do not apply to join the Smiling Friends Corporation. You will be joining a hidden network of agents coordinated by Praxis Astra and the Inner Circle. See the Five Steps To Join section below

Training focus: Spy Stuff as well as conventional EVE PvP and Industrial professions and careers. We welcome brand new players and those pretending to be brand new players. At Hearts & Minds alliance we don't just care what ship you fly, we care about you.


Status: Active

About Smiling Friends Social Club

  • New Players Have More Power Than You Think A Detailed Explanation why you don't have to take as long as you think to get to the Inner Circles of power.
  • Spy Stuff. And Corporation Security
  • We welcome new players and those pretending to be new players.
  • We train spies and the people who protect people against spies.
  • We also train you as a new player in your conventional EVE professions in pvp and industrial.
  • Join us or infiltrate us. It will be the same either way. How can we make this happen? Come and see!
  • The Executor Corp for the Hearts And Minds Alliance

Destruction or protection according to your prediliction, Information. Psychological Warfare. Thievery, Cons, Corporation Security, Playing parts. Truth. Deception. Welcome to the labrynth, the laboratory. Our Smiling Tar Baby. It has been prepared for you to play in and play with. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be glad you came.

We have members in US and EU timezones, a public TS3 server, and lots of other stuff we're not even going to go into here.

Some of our specialties

Hearts And Minds Training - Mental Martial Arts for agents and those who want to innocculate themselves from the games agents play.

Neurotechnicon - A Manual. Destroying EVE organizations. The Meta game of EVE. Playing EVE "against" yourself and "against" others. Infiltration. Psychological warfare. Protecting yourself and others against psych warfare.

The Technocrat - A Manual. The Creation, Care, Expansion, Manipulation and Management of EVE Corporations and Alliances.

Warp To Zero Autobiography of Praxis Astra

Link to an excellent guide for brand new players by Praxis Astra

New Players Very First Steps

Feel Free to Convo Praxis Astra our CEO

Five Steps To Join

1. Read the questions below. Cut and paste them into an EVE mail with answers. Email this to me, Praxis Astra.

EVE mail this to Praxis Astra when you are finished.

2. Put me on your watch list and convo or email me when you see me next. I'll look for you too.

3. After I look at your questions we'll talk in Voice Comms the Teamspeak 3 Server.

4. We find you a suitable Prove Yourself Mission.

5. You register for the web site and read the Neurotechnicon.

Additional information: In-game channel Vomitorium Emporium

Solarise Flares

File:1336223409 128 (1).png

Status: Active

We strive to be the #1 community in EVE ONLINE, if not one of the best!

A few things things about us and what we have and do.

  • Friendly community
  • New Player Friendly & Assistance
  • Teamspeak/Mumble/Jabber/Forums
  • PvP
  • PvP training and frequent roams
  • 0.0 Roams
  • Mining
  • Industry

  • Primary language English
  • We try to have as much access to all areas game as possible
  • Free Skillbook pack for new EVE players (a boat load of skill books just for you!)
  • Corporate SRP program (You lose a ship we pay for it!)
  • Free frig program, while your young or old, we have free frigates to help in any war effort.
  • Have a great and active community (even outside of eve)
  • Mature outstanding non-douchebaggery players
  • Solarise Flares should feel like Family
  • Do pvp, and have fun doing it
  • Trying to make everyone in the corp a successful EVE player





Steam Group


Srs Bzns Podcast

Training focus: Monthly (ish) podcast focusing on the induction of new players to Eve Online. So far the podcast has covered the first day in Eve, corporations, ship fitting, skills, implants, clones, what to do in Eve, the Overview and wormholes. Coming soon: How to make ISK.


Status: Active

Additional Information:

Test Alliance Please Ignore

Training focus: 0.0

Status: Active

Languages: English, but a large community of German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Spanish

Website: TEST Wiki

About TEST:

TEST Alliance, Eve's largest nullsec sov holding entity, attributes much of its success to its support and embracing of new players. From our inception as myopic newbros getting hotdropped by Goons, to our current war in Delve it is the new player that has formed the backbone of both our moral and practical operations.

New members are provided any one of a number of free, fitted ships for their use in fleets. Regular training fleets, Q&A's held on comms by senior FCs, and a judgment-free advice forum are all available to help players new to Eve get acclimated. Furthermore, the attitude found in TEST regarding new players is second to none in Eve; it is not uncommon for the week old character to be showered with isk from veteran members just for showing up to a fleet.

Being part of TEST means immediate access to both constant pvp on all scales-small gang, black ops and massive TIDI affairs are a daily occurrence- but also everything nullsec eve has to offer. Industry, mining, ratting, NPC missions, playing the markets are all activities that can be experienced as a member of TEST.

Joining TEST is matter of being an upstanding Reddit member for those interested in being a part of Dreddit. There are many other member corporations in TEST, each with their own spheres of interest and recruitment requirements, but each one of them would welcome a new player that is enthusiastic and committed to learning the ropes of Eve.

Thee Almitee Ones

Training focus: Helping players learn the ropes in Eve in all forms: PVP, PVE, Wormholes, Manufacturing, Research, Mining, Marketing etc.

Website: Thee Almitee Ones

Thee Almitee Ones is a Educational organization and a primarily manufacturing corp and we fully adhere and enforce the NRDS rules.

But functions as a multi-fauceted corp comprised of a mining, manufacturing, marketing and combat divisions.

Recruitment is now OPEN to all races and all skill levels. We are looking for more industrialists to maintain our industry core as well as combat pilots that can fly at least T2 frigs or better. If you're new to EVE, no worries, you're welcome to join too, as we have a lot of skilled players to assist in your development. All are welcome to join us.

For Information on our produce contact: Vastion Kreeof (EU) Tengu Reiuji (EU) Aura Alar (EU)'

Diplomatic contacts And Regarding Recruitment Contact: Vastion Kreeof (EU) Albedo Threnine (EU) Aura Alar (EU) Tengu Reiuji (EU) RailZilla (EU) Snuggles McGilicutti (US East) Phoenix Bones (US West)'

for more info or join the ingame channel" Corps/Alliance Recruitment

Corp allows members to freely move between if you are interested in joining or have any questions feel free to contact one of our recuiters listed.

Kreeof Logistics And Fleet Support.

Atlantia Kreeof

Kreeof Logistics And Fleet Support. are a pvp corp based out of the Amarr Empire and aim to provide fleet and logistical Support for our allys and protect both ourselves and our ally's in times of war.

What we provide. PVP. Roaming fleets. Support fleets.

Support for allied fleets in the form of support / logi ships in there fleets.

We enjoy helping newer pilots in learning the ropes with EVE. We provide support in many aspects to those who are willing to learn! We are new player friendly.

Will help with -Missions, -Info, -Ratting, -Mining, -Manufacturing, -PVE/PVP, -Wormholes, -Etc.

What We Want: ✜Full Account API Key ✜TS3 & Working Mic if have one

Join Channel Corps/Alliance Recruitment

Unseen Academy (Polish only)

Training focus: Basic training for new pilots. We provide courses that prepare for many areas of gameplay.

Website: Unseen Academy

Status: Active

Language restriction: Polish

Unseen Academy is independent, neutral, non-profit corporation aiming to prepare new players to survive beginning of their live in New Eden. Our corporation is only for Polish speaking players. We are supported by many corporations from Polish player community - most of our instructors are members of these corporations.

Additional information: In-game channel "CENTRALA NOOBS" (Polish only).

World Domination Inc

'Training focus:" Small scale PvP. General help. Brand new players and trials welcome.

Status: Active

Language Spoken: English

Time Zone/s: All

Alliance: None.

Growing corporation looking to aid new players to the game with a focus on training for PvP in small to medium fleets. Trials accounts are welcome to get a feel for the game. Contact croakroach in game or apply to the corp.

Paragons Of Virtue

Planning on joining an alliance or corp ?

Join Eve Channel PovPub Or POV DIPLO

Copy and paste to your browser:

POV offers free websites to member corps. Speak with Orabi Deninard.

TeamSpeak 3

Capsuleers of sound morals and intent have a home in Paragons Of Virtue

We are an NRDS [ Not Red Dont Shoot ]alliance residing in Providence and defending her borders. Mission Statement:

Paragons Of Virtue is a democratic alliance designed to lesson negative influence upon individual players. To be a safe haven for new corps and players to learn the game and not be seperated from their ISK, dignity or morality. Corporation members of POV pay no fees, dues or charges of any kind. This is a free alliance with an emphasis on having fun while playing EVE in a strong, tight-knit community. Because YOU pay for YOUR subscription, this alliance only requires its members to have a damn good time. 

We fully adhere and enforce the NRDS rules of Providence. Any corporation applying to join POV will be required to follow anti-piracy laws, as a representative of Providence and her culture.

Admiral: ragman1 Director: Orabi Deninard

Diplomats: Vastion Kreeof (UK) Aura Alar (UK) Keelmae Malevelon (US East) RailZilla (EU) Snuggles McGilicutti (US East) Phoenix Bones (US West)

Mine 'N' Refine

Mine ‘N’ Refine is a Corporation that is serving the massive Galaxy of EVE. We offer our services to other corporations who need our help. Specialising in Mining Ammo and Missile Building.

Whether you need ships, weapons or ammo constructed, or raw minerals to build with, we try to keep a vast amount in stock at all times. At Mine ‘N’ Refine our goal is to provide for and help build up corporations such as ourselves

Mining and Refining

Mine ‘N’ Refine has been specialising in eve industry for over a decade. We wouldn’t get very far without knowing our space rocks with a name like ours. Whether you are new to eve, or wanting to expand your manufacturing scope and knowledge we are here to help.

As a null-sec alliance living in Providence you’ll have access to the full range of minerals and ores complete with Rorqual boosts when available.

Weekly mining operations Feel free to join our weekly mining operations, we provide you with a free barge and the crystals needed

Blueprints Wanting to build that Tristan or looking to build your first carrier? We can run you off copies whenever you need

NullSec Planetary Interaction Living in Nullsec gives the most bountiful planetary interaction with low alliance taxes

Mining and Refining The full concorment of null sec ores can be found in our space complete with a fully upgraded refining station.

PvP and NRDS.

Industry not your thing, but lasers, missiles and explosions are? Then look no further.

Living in the null security space of Providence will provide you with more than enough hostile targets to shoot at without even having to roam away from home. Having several thousand allies within the region means there’s always a fleet up for some action. Far from the trade hubs? No problem. With such densitiy in Providence we have markets like no other null sec region

Mining and Refining

  • Research/manufacturing
  • New Player friendly, we always welcome new faces and have trained many people in the ever demanding world of EVE.
  • Established corporation for over 10 years

For Information on our produce contact: Kronos

All are welcome to join us. Regarding Recruitment Contact Kronos, GinFox, Tengu Reiuji, or Mack Maracas for more info or join the ingame channel MNR Recruit. or visit

Supplying and uniting with those who remove the pirate scum that infests us all!

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