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EVE Voice is an in-game real-time voice communication tool allowing channels and fleets to use voice chat in addition to the normal text chat without needing a third-party application. EVE Voice is enabled for all accounts by default.


Using EVE Voice

Speaking in Corp channel and listening in Alliance
Joining an audio channel
Switching the speaking channel
To join an EVE Voice channel, right click the chat channel tab and select "Join Audio." To leave a voice channel, right-click the chat channel tab you wish to leave and select "Leave Audio." Users may join multiple channels, up to 5 (Fleet, Wing, Squad, and 2 other channels), and hear the conversation in all of them simultaneously but may only speak in one channel at a time. EVE indicates listening-only channels by coloring the channel tab blue while the selected speaking channel is colored red. To switch which channel is the speaking channel, right-click on the chat channel tab in which you want to speak and select "Make Speaking Channel". Fleet channels have their own mechanics described below.

To speak in an EVE Voice channel, press the push-to-talk hot-key, speak, and then release the hot-key. Audio will not transmit while the push-to-talk key is not pressed. To change the push-to-talk hot-key, open up the game settings window, select the Audio tab, and select the hot-key you wish to use from the drop-down box.

Please note: The EVE Voice push-to-talk hot-key is global, meaning that if you are in another application while EVE is still running, pressing the hot-key will enable your microphone.

To disable EVE Voice, open up the game settings window, select the Audio tab, and uncheck the EVE Voice Enabled box. This can also be done manually as listed in the Disabling EVE Voice Wiki article

Please note: The volume slider labeled "Voice" in first column of the Audio settings tab controls the volume of Aura, your ship's on-board computer, not the volume level of EVE Voice


Channel operators and fleet/wing/squad commanders have moderation rights over their respective channels, including the ability to mute or kick players from their channels. To mute or kick a player, right-click the target player's portrait in the channel/fleet member list, select "Channel" and then either "Mute" or "Kick" from the menu options.

Fleet Integration

In contrast to normal player channels, the fleet text chat is not used to control voice communication. Instead, fleet EVE Voice control takes place using the fleet overview.

Joining Audio

By default, a fleet does not have voice enabled. To enable fleet voice communication, the fleet commander can select the 'Voice Enable Fleet' option. Doing so will automatically invite everyone currently in the fleet to join audio.

When EVE Voice is enabled for a fleet, members joining the fleet will be invited to join the open audio channels. To automatically accept these invitations, check the "Auto-join fleet voice channels" option on the Audio tab in the game settings window.

Voice priorities

Fleet commanders can control who has priority in the fleet channel by muting/locking the voice on the fleet channel. This can be done to allow only commanders to speak. Wing commanders have similar power for their wing channels, and squad leaders for their squads. Lower ranking commanders cannot mute a commander with higher rank. For example, a squad leader cannot mute the wing commander or fleet commander if they have joined his squad channel.

Channel switching

Squad members and squad leaders automatically join fleet, wing, and squad channels in their hierarchy and cannot change their channels. Fleet channels are automatically switched if the member moves to another squad or wing.

Wing commanders automatically join the fleet channel and the wing channel and can listen to one squad channel belonging to his wing at a time.

Fleet commanders automatically join the fleet channel and can listen to one wing or squad channel at a time.

Channel switching is done via the fleet overview. Fleet commanders can directly speak to individual wings/squads by clicking on the speaker next to the wing/squad in the fleet overview. Similarly, wing commanders can do the same but may only directly speak to his wing and squads belonging to his wing.

Issues with 3rd Party Software

The following 3rd party softwares are known to cause issues with EVE Voice

  • Tunebite
  • Audials One
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