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How the EVE mail system works

There is a lot going on in the EVE Universe and capsuleers may have a lot of non-instant communication (that is, other than chatting) to go through. The EVE Mail system aims to help sorting through all kinds of mail communication between players as well as the various notifications that are being sent out by agents, CONCORD, various structures and whatever else has anything requiring your attention.

EVE mail.png

The EVE Mail system is split into two parts. EVE Mail, which keeps track of all your communication with fellow pilots, as well as the Notifications, where you will find all messages sent to you by NPC entities.

To open the EVE Mail system, simply click on the according button in the Neocom:

EVE mail button.png

Within the EVE Mail tab you will find all communication you are engaged in with other players, starting from mails you have sent to others, to corporation or alliance wide mails. It offers the same functions as a basic E-Mail client. If you have unread mail in your inbox or notifications waiting for you, you will see an indicator on the amount in the upper left corner of your character portrait within the character selection.

Unread mail.png

You will also receive information regarding new mails and notifications popping up in the upper left corner of the game after successfully logging into the character.

Unread mail02.png

EVE Mail Controls

The buttons at the top of the mail window have the following functions:


Compose – lets you compose a new mail.

Reply – compose a reply to the sender of a selected mail:
Reply all

Reply all – compose a reply to the sender as well as all other recipients of the selected mail.

Forward – Forward the selected mail to another recipient.

Trash – moves the mail into the “Trash” folder.
Manage Labels

Manage Labels – lets you add or remove labels from the selected mail, as well as adding new or removing existing labels.

Communication Settings

There are a few options available that will allow you to tell the EVE Mail system if unknown players are allowed to send you mails, and when it will try to draw your attention to the fact of new and unread E-Mails. To open the settings, open the EVE Mail client and right click on the arrow in front of the window title, then select “Settings”. This will bring up the following settings window:

CSPA settings.png

If unknown players (i.e. those not in your address book) are sending you an EVE Mail, they will have to pay the CSPA charge before they can send the mail. This charge can be set by you to any value between 0 and 1.000.000 ISK in order to discourage unsolicited mails (CSPA stands for “CONCORD Spam Protection Act”). However, keep in mind that this fee is paid by the sender to CONCORD and you will not receive any of those fees, it merely acts as a spam protection.

Composing a new EVE Mail

Composing an EVE Mail is as straightforward as composing a new E-Mail. Clicking the “To”-Button will allow you to search for names to send the mail to, but you can enter the names directly as well.

Multiple recipients can be separated with a comma, and you can also specify mailing lists you have access to alongside other recipients. Then simply compose your mail, format the text as necessary, add a subject, and click on the send mail button to send it.

While composing the mail keep in mind that while mails can be quite long, there is a limit to them which you can find in the “Limitations” paragraph below.

New mail window.png


In order to create a new label, type the name into the “Label Name” field and click the “Create” button. A label can be deleted for good by right clicking the label in the list and selecting “Delete” from the context menu. To rename a label, select “Rename” from the context menu instead.


The labels “Inbox”, “Corp” and “Alliance” can not be deleted or renamed.

You can also assign and remove labels to a mail you have received or sent by simply right clicking on the mail and selecting the according labels from the context menu.

Sorting labels.png

Mailing Lists

If you repeatedly have several recipients that should all receive the same mail (e.g. a board of directors for your corporation or a newsletter), you can set up a mailing list and have everyone you need to inform subscribe to it.

Mailing List.jpg

To subscribe just add a mailing list and select join

Mailing List Create or Join.png

There are several options available in order to manage the mailing list and maintain order within it. The owner (creator) of the list as well as the assigned operators has access to the List Management with two tabs, “Members” and “Access”.

Mailing lists.png

In the “Members” tab as shown above, operators of the list will be able to manage the member roles as well as kick members from the list. This can be done by selecting one ore more members in the list, then selecting the action to be taken from the drop down menu and clicking on the “Apply” button to execute the selected action. The roles you can set are as follows:
• Member – is a member of the list and can send to the mailing list as well.
• Muted Member – can read the mails sent to the list, but can not send mails to the list at all.
• Operator – like a normal member, but can also access the list management.

Selecting “Kick” from the drop down will remove the selected members from the mailing list forcefully.

Within the “Access” tab you can set up the general access to the mailing list and manage the Allowed as well as Blocked characters. All characters or members of corporations or alliances on the allowed list will be able to join the mailing list even when it is set to private access, while those on the blocked list will not be able to subscribe to the list even when it is set to public access. Entries can be added to those lists by entering the name into the according field and clicking either the “Block” or “Allow” button. In case you specify an incomplete name, you will be prompted with a window containing search results fitting to what you have entered.

Mailing list management.png



Notifications are basically all kinds of EVE Mail you are receiving from NPCs. Be it an insurance payout after a ship destruction, an agent or a structure you own requiring your attention or the latest war declaration notification by CONCORD. You will find all this within the according folders in the Notifications-section of the EVE Mail System. All mails you have not yet read will also be available in the “Unread” folder.

Deleting Mails

If you delete a notification by right clicking the notification and selecting “Delete” from the context menu, it will be deleted completely and can not be restored. There will be no confirmation for the deletion of notifications, so take appropriate care when deleting notifications you might want to keep around.

However, mails from players are first moved into the “Trash”-Folder cannot be deleted right away. Mails in the “Trash”-folder can still be restored if necessary, but once a mail has been deleted from “Trash”, it is gone for good as well and can not be restored anymore.


For performance reasons there are limits regarding the mail length as well as the amount of mails and notifications you can have. They are as follows:

   •   An EVE Mail may be 8000 Characters long. Text formatting or decoration, such as color changes, consists of extra HTML characters and will reduce this limit further. You may not be able to use all characters for your text if you are coloring up the mail heavily, or do a lot of font size changes and similar formatting. (This is seen in character biographies as well.)
   •   You may have a maximum of 3000 EVE Mails from players at once. Once you reach that limit, you will have to delete some mails in order to see older mails. Mails within mailing lists and in the “Trash”-Folder are also counting towards this limit.
   •   You may have a maximum of 500 Notifications at once. As with the EVE Mails, you will have to delete Notifications to see older ones, once you have reached this limit.

All mails are also cached by the client. Should you experience any trouble while using the mail system, you can try to clear this mail cache by clicking on the according button within the “Reset Settings” tab of the game options. Doing so will force the client to download all mails from the server again, which can take a while depending on the amount of mails you have.

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