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The EVE Launcher was introduced with Crucible 1.5, deployed 13th of March. It is your one stop shop for installing, patching and repairing your client, all while informing you of the latest news, Patch Notes and Dev Blogs. It also links to you offers, social media and other EVE Online related material. When starting the game, the Launcher will start up and automatically update itself and the EVE Online client if there is patch available. Once the client is ready, you can start the game by clicking the Play button in the lower right corner, or press Enter on your keyboard. The Launcher will then take you to the login screen as normal.

Clicking the "screw driver and wrench" icon in the top right of the window will open a settings menu with various options.

Dev blogs

These are the dev blogs about the Launcher that have been published so far:

Features of the EVE Launcher

The EVE Launcher is primarily meant to be an easy way to update the client, but there is more to it than that, have a look at the settings menu for more features.

Updates your EVE Online client

  • The Launcher starts by evaluating all files in your current EVE Install by creating checksums and caching the results. It then compares the checksums your computer has calculated with a manifest hosted on our content delivery network (CDN) to find out if any of the files are out-of-date. When an out-of-date file or new file is found, it compiles a list of all the things it needs to download and then starts to download it. The delta, or difference, between the old and the new version is stored into a .patch file in the root directory EVE client. This file can be used to update other installs of the same kind (see the "Patches" section under Settings Menu).

Integrated browser

  • The embedded browser window displays news, Dev Blogs, Patch Notes, links to the different EVE websites, Account Management and links to social media. It should be a page for you, where you can find interesting things to read and learn about while patching the game.

Settings menu

The settings menu is packed with settings so that you can tailor the Launcher to work as you want it to.


  • Use this tab if you want to throttle download speed, or change the number of download threads. Perhaps you’re sharing a wireless connection with others or just have other things to download at the same time and you don’t want the update to download at full speed.


  • Only display the Launcher window when there is an update – If you want it to show up again you can run the “Force Launcher” shortcut to display the Launcher again.
  • Close the EVE Launcher after starting EVE Online – If you don’t want the window to hang around while you play EVE, you can tick this box.
    • This setting will prevent multiple clients from being run, unless the "Only display the Launcher window when there is an update" option is also enabled.


  • As detailed in this Dev Blog, the Launcher logs errors into a .log file and automatically reports those back to CCP. This is done so that we can more quickly detect and resolve issues that come up. Of course, you have the option to opt out of this by unticking the checkbox under settings in the Launcher. But why wouldn't you want to help out by improving the Launcher together with us?

EVE Client Settings

  • Clearing Cache – If you run into issues with the client, it can sometimes help to clear cache. Here is an easy button you can push to do just that.
  • Clearing Settings – If you run into issues with the client, it can sometimes help to clear settings. Here is an easy button you can push to do just that.
  • Starting EVE Online in safe mode – Safe mode turns down all graphics settings to the lowest possible and starts the client.
  • Run the Repair Tool – The Repair Tool resolves any problems you might have with your install. If the problem persists after a repair, you should contact Customer Support by filing a petition.


  • This is where you can import and export downloaded patches, so that you can transfer them between computers and installed clients. With this you can download the patch once, then use the export option to put the latest downloaded patch on a USB drive. And then on your other computer, you can click the import option and navigate to the USB drive and import the patch. This will only work if the two clients are patching from, and to, the same version.

Language support

The Launcher supports the same languages that the game client supports (English, Japanese, Russian, German). Some languages require OS language packs to be installed, and might show up wrong if they are not installed.


  • Q: Will I have to use the Launcher, or can I opt out?
  • A: Yes, you will have to use it. The previous patching mechanic is going away, and this will be the only supported way of updating your client in the future.
  • Q: What about Manual patches?
  • A: Manual patches will also go away, but for those of you who have multiple computers and only wish to download the data once from the internet, there is an option to Import/Export the downloaded data from machine to another.
  • Q: How will I manage multiple installs?
  • A: If you currently have multiple clients installed on the same machine, you can use the Import/Export feature under the Patches tab in the settings menu. This also works between machines but only if you are updating both of them from, and to, the same version. More information about handling multiple clients can be found here: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Multiple_clients
  • Q: Will the Launcher work with Junction points and Symlinks?
  • A: From the testing we have done, it works.
  • Q: Does the Launcher use peer-to-peer technology? And if so, will it use my bandwidth without telling me?
  • A: P2P is one of the features that might come in the future (hopefully the not too distant future), but still we're quite far away from it right now. When implementing it, we will make sure that the user has full visibility and control over what is done, and that nobody is sneaking away with your bandwidth without you knowing.
  • Q: This patching seems to take a really long time, why is that?
  • A: The patching mechanic works in such a way that it first calculates what it needs to download. This is quite CPU intensive and can be a bit slow on lower end hardware. However, the results of this operation is cached, so that next time it calculates what to download, it will be considerably quicker.
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