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Hint: This article refers to the CCP-developed website, EVE Gate. For information about the natural wormhole of the same name, click here.

EVE Gate is the web access to EVE and is fully a part of the game experience. It is not considered to be a separate entity, but rather a web access to the game itself.


Getting started

At the EVE Gate homepage, one can log into an account using the same username and password used for the game client. The login box is located in the top-right corner and looks like this:

There is a checkbox with the option to keep you logged in automatically.

Once logged in, you will be directed to a character selection page, similar to when logging into the client.

Click for a larger image.

Selecting a character is also very similar to the way the client works; you click on either of the two small portraits to select it as the active character. Either clicking on the active character or clicking any of the tabs at the top-left of the screen will select the character and go to the relevant category. All information to the right of the portraits is relevant to the active character. The buttons on the top-right will take you to the relevant pages on the [www.eveonline.com EVE Online website]. The search box allows you to search EVE Gate for any characters, corporations or alliances.

EVE Gate home

This is the home page for every character logged into EVE Gate. This page offers an overview of all current events that the player may need an update on.

Click for a larger image.
Please note: EVE Gate is monitored by CCP GMs and any issues should be raised through the petition system.


The main area of the screen is taken up by your personal or corporation messages. You can switch between the two through the menu on the far left. These operate in a similar fashion to your average Facebook Wall or Twitter broadcast. The main difference being that your corporate and personal chatter are separated and you can set permissions on your personal broadcasts.


These list any new notifications you need to be aware of. You will get a notification on contact, new EVE mails and calendar events. These notifications will only be displayed for any messages you have not yet looked into.

Upcoming Events

This is a list of upcoming events listed in your calendar. For more information about this, see the calendar article.

Privacy settings

Those concerned about the visibility of their data can set permissions for EVE Gate. For more information on this, see the privacy settings article.

Please note: All communication between players within EVE Gate is not considered public, but rather private communication.

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EVE Voice in EVE Gate

EVE Voice is accessible in EVE Gate without the need of having the client running in order to chat with alliance or corporation members. For more information on this, see the EVE Voice in EVE Gate.

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