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How do I shoot planets!?

Hold your horses, first let's look at the big picture and talk about the Dust Corporation Battles.

What are these corporation battles about?

The four Empires have all begun to construct installations on the surface of temperate planets within factional warfare space that allow them to affect the system control to a limited but noticeable degree. Holding districts containing these installations is of high importance to the factions, so they utilize mercenaries to attack and capture districts from the opposing faction. The NPC Faction Warfare militias issue attack and defence contracts that Dust directors/CEOs in player corporations can accept. If the attacking corporation wins the resulting battle the ownership of the district is flipped over to the attacking faction.

Why should I care/get involved?

The proportion of districts owned by each side in a FW system increases or decreases the number of Victory Points required to make that system vulnerable. Each fully controlled planet will shift the balance by 12.5%, and there can be up to four planets in a system which means a maximum shift of 50% VP. Having a well organized and successful Dust mercenary corp working for your faction can thus shift the balance quite substantially. Until we enable ISK transfer between EVE and Dust the only way you can directly assist your mercenaries is through orbital bombardment. And besides, who doesn’t like the idea of shooting infantry from space?

Does the DUST 514 mercenary's corporation have to enroll in FW to accept these contracts?

The DUST merc's corporation does NOT have to be enrolled in FW to accept these contracts. DUST CEOs/Directors can accept a contract from any faction at any time (even if the EVE side of their corp is enrolled in FW on the other side or if the corp has bad standings with that faction! A true mercenary fights for the highest bidder)

What about me?

In order to provide support in the form of orbital bombardment, the EVE capsuleer must be enrolled in FW. He will then be able to provide support for the team that's fighting on behalf of his faction (or allied faction) in corporation battles. If the EVE capsuleer is not a member of FW he will not be able to connect to the district or receive strike requests at all.

How do I find a battle to support?

Currently the only way to find battles is to actually jump between districts and check. When there's a battle at a district you can see small explosions on the surface around the district. Finding battles this way is not really practical, so if you want to perform orbital bombardment you're best off working along with the DUST players to organize a time and location, either through shared corporations or other custom communication channels.

Can I talk to the DUST 514 mercs? Do they show up in local?

DUST mercenaries share chat and voice with EVE now and they show up in local. However, they are stationed at their original NPC corporation HQ and they will stay in that system even when they join another corp or when they are fighting battles in other systems, so you won't see local spiking with DUST mercs when a battle is starting up in your system.

How do I find DUST 514 mercenaries then?

You can travel to one of the systems where a NPC Mercenary corporation is stationed and talk to them in local. They can be found in the following systems:

Ana, Marthia, Kothe, Soshin, Saikanen, Autama, Jolia, Adacyne, Halle, Egbonbet, Javrendei, Kasrasi, Mesokel, Etav, Gosalav, Charra, Sahdil, Paye, Iro, Mimen, Tidacha, Dihra, Mastakomon, Vouskiaho, Vahunomi, Purjola, Usi, Inoue, Oshaima, Vuorrassi, Atai, Croleur, Ney, Dodenvale, Estene, Uphene, Odixie, Torvi, Ommare, Klaevik, Eldjaerin, Geffur, Dantbeinn, Amo, Freatlidur, Sist, Rokofur, Offugen

These systems will correspond to the various DUST merc NPC corps that characters joined upon creation.

How do I get to a district?

To get there just open the context menu of the planet and find the district submenu, select a district and warp to it.


How do these District Satellites work?

The district satellite provides an uplink from the district to the ships in orbit above. You must stay within 10 Km of the satellite in order to connect to the battle at the district below.

Note that when there's a ship on grid with the satellite it will light up and be visible on the overview to everyone in the system, just like a cynosural field (the satellite will show up even if you're cloaked). When there are no ships left on grid with the satellite it will disappear from the overview again.

So, how do I shoot a planet?

Once you're in position you need to connect to the district to be able to receive strike requests. To connect just click on the district overlay on the surface of the planet. Note that connecting to the district is not possible while you're cloaked, being ECM jammed, or if you're in a ship that can't have any targets locked.


Once you’re connected to the district you just wait for a DUST mercenary to call in a strike. DUST mercs earn War Points while fighting in a battle, and they must accrue a certain amount of WPs before they can request strikes. Once a merc has enough WPs he can target a location on his map and make a strike request. At that point every EVE pilot who's allied with the relevant FW militia and connected to the district will get a new target locked that represents the strike request coordinates.


Now one of the EVE pilots can answer the request by activating one or more turrets loaded with the appropriate tactical ammo to deliver the strike.

Can DUST 514 mercs fire at my ship in orbit?

In the current iteration, DUST mercenaries have no way of returning fire at EVE players in orbit.

What happens if a lot of DUST 514 mercs request a strike at the same time?

Each new request will simply be added to your targeting UI as a new target.

Can I shoot at a district without a DUST 514 merc requesting a strike?

No, the merc on the ground must provide you with strike coordinates.

Which weapons and ammo can I use?

This iteration of Orbital Bombardment is focused on the Tactical Strike variant which is performed with specialized ammo for small turret based weapons. Each turret category has a specialized ammo type: - Hybrids: Tactical Hybrid S - Lasers: Tactical Laser S - Projectiles: Tactical EMP S

The hybrid strike delivers a nice spread of high-damage rounds that are effective against infantry and vehicles. Laser strikes have a more focused area and are good for taking out installations or heavy vehicles. The EMP strike does a massive amount of damage to shields in a large area, but it will not damage armor, so it's good against heavily shield tanked targets.

Where do I get the ammo?

Blueprints have been seeded on the market for a while now so you can either buy those and build it yourself, or you should be able to purchase some at your nearest trade hub.


Can I annihilate the DUST 514 mercs with my titan?

Sure - if you fancy fitting it with teeny-tiny guns. As before, this iteration focuses on the Tactical Strike variant of Orbital Bombardment, but we will be expanding the feature in the future.

What about missiles? Why can’t I fire ze missiles?

There’s a number of reasons for missiles being an inappropriate delivery mechanism of tactical orbit-to-ground munitions. For one missiles are easily countered by Planetary Defence Systems. On the other hand, the maximum velocity of a ballistic missile descending from orbit without tearing itself apart is relatively so low that it would take minutes for it to reach the ground. This could be solved by manufacturing missiles with a built-in micro-warp drive, but that would cause the manufacturing price of the missile to sky-rocket, and besides, utilizing a warp drive so close to a planet surface is at best an interesting experiment and at worst catastrophic.

Does the turret's damage multiplier effect the damage inflicted?

The only thing that affects the amount of damage done right now is the number of turrets used to perform the strike. The damage modifier, the meta/tech level of the turret, and even the type (blasters vs. railgun f.ex.) do not affect the amount of damage done.

Do I need to group my turrets?

You don't have to, but it's convenient. Once you activate the first turret you will have a couple of seconds to activate any additional turrets you want to use for the strike, so the choice between grouping and facerolling is up to you.

Can many ships strike the same target?

No, only one ship can react to each strike request.

Do I get kill reports for the players I kill?

Unfortunately you do not receive kill reports. The damage dealt by your strike will be displayed as a damage notification in your log and it includes the name of the DUST victim and the suit he's wearing (or the type and owner of a vehicle that you hit).

Do I get LP for shooting at DUST 514 mercs in FW space?

No, there are currently no LP rewards for participating in orbital bombardment.

What happens if no one answers the strike request?

If the EVE capsuleers deem the DUST merc to be unworthy of their support the request will eventually time out and no War Points will be spent by the merc, so he can try to request another strike (and pray that the spacefaring demi-gods above heed his call this time).

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