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ISD Athechu > o/ Spread the word, tell your friends!
CCP Nothin > Good morning!
CCP Nothin > Just a sec, we're waiting for our dear community manager to hop in
CCP Nothin > Starting in a moment, I'd expect
CCP Wolfman > Im in
CCP Cmdr Wang > hi

ISD Athechu > Hello everyone and welcome to our ISD Seminar on Dust514. As you can see we have some special guests here in the house today. I would like to welcome CCP Cmdr Wang, CCP Wolfman, and CCP Nothin.
CCP Cmdr Wang > Hello
CCP Nothin > Good day!
CCP Wolfman > HI there
CCP Nothin > And no, we're not bots althought it might seem like it
CCP Nothin > Honest
CCP Wolfman > clones not bots
ISD Athechu > As many of you are Dust514 will be a ground based planetary FPS (first-person shooter). But I won't speak more on it I will let those who are working on the project speak more about it.
CCP Nothin > Let's give short introductions, shall we?
CCP Wolfman > Hi, I’m the design producer on the DUST based out of Shanghai
CCP Nothin > I'm a game designer/local economist here in Shanghai. Kinda like Dr. EyjoG, but getting more fluent in Chinese than he is.
CCP Cmdr Wang > And I am CmdrWang, the community manager for DUST
ISD AeolusWind > Thank you CCP, for your introductions, players in Seminar Q&A we'll be taking questions posted in the channel and relaying them to devs, so keep them coming.
ISD AeolusWind > First question, and one I believe lots of players are interested in: Ryuki Kado > When will this game be released?
CCP Cmdr Wang > Beta will start IN April, and then we will slowly let more people in
CCP Nothin > Well, the beta is already up, but we'll be expanding it in April
ISD Athechu > Rhapsodyy asks: Will you be able to tell the differance between dust mercs and eve pilots if we are sharing chat channels, i.e a differant type of color tag?
CCP Wolfman > Yes you will, players are tagged differently
ISD AeolusWind > Multiple Players ask: How will DUST affect current EVE soverignity mechanics.
CCP Wolfman > The exact mechanics behind planetary conquest will be revealed at a later date once we’re totally satisfied with them.
CCP Wolfman > and of course how it impacts the wider universe
ISD Athechu > Kenpachi Viktor asks: will there be artillery or air strikes in the absence of orbital support?
CCP Nothin > I'd like that, but we've been having heated arguments with Wolfman about it. We'll see where we end up ;)
CCP Wolfman > well you can get some pretty significant aerial support from dropships
CCP Wolfman > Nothin just wants everything to be too powerful so he can win every game
CCP Nothin > I guess it all depends on the whole combat cycle and if 'mortar strike' mechanics end up fitting into it
ISD AeolusWind > Monkey D Dragon asks: is eve and dust on the same server and if so will they be able to handle the extra load without causing lagg?
CCP Nothin > We'll be on TQ, yes
CCP Wolfman > but the matches are run on battleservers
CCP Wolfman > so don't worry
CCP Nothin > TQ also scales well, since it's a modular system
CCP Nothin > So in short: I think we should be fine :)
ISD Athechu > Kiyl asks: Will EVE players have some sort of incentive for playing DUST?
CCP Cmdr Wang > You get to shoot me in the face! :P
CCP Wolfman > again and again
CCP Wolfman > its great
CCP Nothin > (he's not very good)
CCP Cmdr Wang > Thanks Wolfman, I really feel the love
CCP Wolfman > np
CCP Wolfman > well it depends on how involved you want to be in planetary conquest. Do you want to initiate it and mastermind it or do you also want to get your hands dirty on the surface of the planet.
ISD AeolusWind > Akelica asks: will there be a market between eve players and dust players? I.e. eve players manufacturing vehicles and dust players buying them?
CCP Nothin > To put it shortly, that's definitely a direction we'd want to eventually take it, but we're still discussing the exact details of this interaction and how much of it we want in the beginning.
CCP Nothin > There's a valid argument for starting out conservatively and then relaxing the constraints once we see how the interaction performs.
CCP Nothin > And to add to this:
CCP Nothin > ISK will flow. That is all.
CCP Wolfman > The thing to remember is that the game will grow over time as we see how it works and what the community want from it
ISD Athechu > Grideris asks How does the War Barge move from planet to planet? Is it controlled by an EVE Player or a DUST 514 player? Can it be attacked while moving? Also, MTACS and Fighters - yes or no?
CCP Nothin > What is an MTAC?
CCP Wolfman > oh that's going to get you hate
CCP Wolfman > Like I said, we’re not quite ready to reveal the specific mechanics surrounding planetary conquest. I can say that we already have new vehicles in the pipeline…
CCP Wolfman > Well... I might have seen a fighter somewhere... can't be sure
ISD AeolusWind > Rhapsodyy asks Will you be able to salvage the battlefield, for any reusable materials? Similar to salvage drones in the chronicles?
CCP Wolfman > There will will be a looting mechanic in the game, but Im going to continue to annoy you by saying that we'll be revealing more details on it further down the line.
CCP Wolfman > we need to be happy with how things work first or we just end up talking about things we end up changing
ISD AeolusWind > Ashra Tesh asks: The devblogs reveal dropships with cloaking devices. Will players be able to fit cloaks on their dropsuits as well, or is it simply for specialized vehicles?
CCP Wolfman > There is an infantry claoking module on the raodmap, I'm really looking forward to that one
CCP Wolfman > although I'll probably regret it
CCP Wolfman > when I keep getting stabbed to death by cloaked scouts
ISD Athechu > Kiyl asks: Will the DUST rules be as nonexistant as they are in EVE?
CCP Wolfman > The rules will depend on which security level you play in
CCP Wolfman > so you can expose yourself as much or as little as you like
CCP Wolfman > of course nothing is going to stop you getting shot
CCP Wolfman > especially if you're commander wang
CCP Nothin > He used to be Major Wang
CCP Nothin > I think he has gotten cockier since the promotion
CCP Cmdr Wang > :)
ISD AeolusWind > Crunchy Hamster (and others) asks: In combat will there be location based damage on soldiers and vehilcles or just one big hit or miss on target?
CCP Cmdr Wang > head shots will hurt more than body shots yes
ISD Athechu > Rhapsodyy asks: Will Dust be relevant in Wormholes, or only K-Space?
CCP Wolfman > I can quote what the creative director just said to me on that "we have cool stuff to say about wormholes, just not yet"
CCP Wolfman > why do I have to give all the "I'll tell you later" answers?
ISD AeolusWind > Redragon asks Will there be Killmails? If so will there be an API for it? (Or any API at all?)
CCP Nothin > We have a design for killmails, but we don't know when they're going in just yet
ISD Athechu > Ashra Tesh asks Roughly how long will it take to train into an MCC? Can players fly them off the bat, improving as they go or is it something they will need to train into before they can fly?
CCP Wolfman > You do need to train skills to use the MCC, you can't just fly them off the bat. You start with L plates on them. As for how long it takes, that's really hard to say until we've done more testing.
CCP Wolfman > we chnage and tune training times often based on what we see people doing in the game
CCP Wolfman > which reminds me that we need to fix it for one of the dropsuit types...
ISD AeolusWind > Ferria asks: Will planetary conditions affect Weather and will there be Day/night Cycles?
CCP Wolfman > The type of planet will impact the type of environment
CCP Wolfman > there will actually be a presentation at fanfest about this
CCP Wolfman > so I'll not piss on their fireworks here :-)
ISD Athechu > Kenpachi Viktor asks Will you get a beta key with a purchase of the HD FanFest live stream?
CCP Nothin > Good question, actually
CCP Wolfman > Not that I'm aware of.
CCP Nothin > We'll put this forward to marketing
ISD AeolusWind > Rhapsodyy asks Though know you wont tell us much (till fanfest), please tell us there is something in the works for the EvE-Dust link OTHER than just PI!?
CCP Wolfman > Yes but we can't talk about it :-)
CCP Wolfman > me being the killjoy again
ISD AeolusWind > I hear there's a question the devs are dying to answer about ammo, who wants to take that one? :)
CCP Cmdr Wang > So about different ammo types...
CCP Wolfman > Ammo isn't seperate from the weapon, different weapons do different types of damage. You do not have to buy ammo,
CCP Wolfman > however
CCP Wolfman > ammo is replenished when you die, but if you run out you and are alive you will need a nanohive to replenish it
CCP Wolfman > ok, nice typo
CCP Wolfman > nanohives replensih ammo and in some cases can also repair dropsuits
CCP Wolfman > they're deployable
CCP Cmdr Wang > And damage types?
CCP Wolfman > no the enemy cant use them
CCP Wolfman > but they can blow them up
ISD AeolusWind > Alright, That concludes the formal question and answer session. Before we wrap up is there anything you guys are dying to share? :)
CCP Wolfman > lots but there's that gun to our head!
ISD AeolusWind > Anyone else?
CCP Wolfman > and with fanfest just around the corner they'll be plenty more info soon enough
ISD AeolusWind > Well that concludes the formal question and answer session for our ISD Seminar on Dust514. I would like to thank CCP Cmdr Wang, CCP Wolfman, and CCP Nothin for attending. They'll be sticking around for a (brief) while in Seminar Q&A. Thanks everyone!
ISD AeolusWind > For more information on our Seminars, you can follow us at @ISD_STAR on twitter, or find us on the fourms!
ISD Athechu > Thanks for comming :) o/

ISD AeolusWind > Thanks for coming out everyone, be sure to catch our next seminar where we talk to the EVE GMs at 21:00 EVE time 14/03

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