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Dominion New Player Experience

The "New Player Experience" introduces you to the universe of EVE Online. From the basic controls of your ship to more detailed information, the tutorials and missions offered by the various agents will give you an overview of some of the possibilities in the game. They will also give you a kick start for whichever career you chose to follow.

It is highly recommended to have a look at all missions offered throughout the New Player Experience, as your character will receive a wide range of items and a good set of basic skills that you will most likely need at some point or another during your stay in New Eden, -along with a few ships to spare.

Crash Course


The crash course covers the basic controls of your ship and how to move about the EVE Universe in general. You will also learn how to attack ships and you'll get your feet wet with your first agent that will offer you some missions before the crash course is over. He will then point you to the career agents.

Career Agents

Each Empire gave five Agents the task to show new capsuleers some of the possibilities they would have within the EVE Universe. You will be told in the crash course how you can get to these agents, but should you have closed the crash course or decided not to take it, you can find them anytime if you click on the “Show Career Agents” button that is available in the Help section of the Neocom (or by pressing F12)


Clicking this button will open the Career Agent window that you are presented with at the end of the crash course. These career agents will offer their missions to any capsuleer that has not done them yet, even if they have been flying amongst the stars for quite a while.


The various paths that the career agents will show you are as follows (the actual agent names and locations may vary)



The business agent will focus his missions around the task of earning money through various means. He will explain the process of salvaging as well as shedding some light on analyzing old ruins, or on how to improve the value of ore (not necessarily mined by yourself) through the means of refining and production. He will also teach you the basics of the market, which you will then use for some of the missions offered from the agent.



This agent will show you the industrial side of the EVE Universe. His missions will show you in detail what has to be done to acquire minerals by mining, or from the market. Further on you will use those minerals to produce quite a few different items from the appropriate blueprints.



As the name suggests, this agent will send you out to fight. A lot. He will also teach you to improve your ship's combat performance through the use of specific skills and modules. You will also be introduced to modules that will do bad things to your enemies, other than damage, to help you in combat. As your ship may take damage as well if a fight does not go as planned, he will also go into details on how to repair your ship.

Advanced Military


Based off on the missions offered by the military agent, this agent will introduce you to the finer details of combat. We highly recommend to talk to your military agent first before talking to this one, as the missions will be rougher and harder than those of the Military agent. However, they will teach you how to assist others in order to overcome a threat, as well as showing you the effects of the various weapon damage types. Once finished, you will have all the basic knowledge required to dive head first into the ever raging war between the factions of EVE Online.



The universe is large, and all but empty. There are a lot of things that have been forgotten and are waiting to be found. This agent will tell you which ways you have available in order to scan down the signatures those forgotten sites tend to send out. Also he shows you how to make use of what is there once you have found such a site, and as with all agents, you will gain quite a few items and skills that will help you along the way.

Once you have finished these missions, you should have a clear idea about what career you wish to follow as you prosper in the world of EVE.

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