Defying Fate 6th of October

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ISD Athechu > Please Join Seminar Q&A if you wish to ask questions during the seminar.
ISD Athechu > If you wish to ask questions about anything I talk about during the Seminar please join "Seminar Q&A" to ask those questions
ISD Athechu > We will begin in just a minute again if you just joined us and wish to ask questions you can do so in Seminar Q&A channel
ISD Athechu > Welcome everyone and I would like to thank you for joining us today. I'm ISD Athechu and i will be talking today about Defying Fate: Finding your path.
ISD Athechu > There are many many different paths that you can take here in New Eden. Maybe you like to go mining, maybe you like to just shoot NPC's(PVE) maybe you want to rule the world with vasts amount of ISK through trade or maybe you are just one of those who
ISD Athechu > enjoy pew pewing and blowing things up. There are many different ways for you to figure out your path. I'm going to cover some of the basics in this seminar but these are by no means the ONLY options that you have.
ISD Athechu > The one great thing about New Eden is you can make up your own path and define your own fate.
ISD Athechu > Just a quick reminder if you wish to ask questions please do so in the Seminar Q&A Channel and I will answer those questions in here.
ISD Athechu > To begin I will start out with the carrer that has one of the lowest entry barriers. This is Industry. Industry is one of the few ways to rule New Eden through what is going on with the market.
ISD Athechu > 90-95% of the market is controlled by players. So what you mine, or produce will effect what is going on with the market and the prices that take place. The first step is to start to mine the ore that you need in order to produce ships, modules, ammo.
ISD Athechu > Brawyn78 asks if Industry includes PI: The answer is yes it does as PI materials are used to create things as well.
ISD Athechu > Ore is spread througout new eden. Some ore you can't find in specific space for example Jaspet you won't find in Hi-Sec. unlike Veldspar which is everywhere. Or you might kinf Kernite only in Minmatar/Amarr/Caldari Space but not Gallente space.
ISD Athechu > So lets say you wish to make some Ammo. First step would be to find the Blueprint original on contract or an unresearched original on the market.
ISD Athechu > Brawyn78 asks if there are going to be more BPO(Blueprint originals) to make more things from PI.
ISD Athechu > The answer to that is I'm not sure as that is something CCP would have to look into. It's a good idea and I would suggest taking it to the F&I Section of the fourms.
ISD Athechu > Once you find the BPO that you are looking for just look at the materials tab and it will tell you the requirements that you need(in terms of refined ore) to produce the item.
ISD Athechu > a BPO which has a dark blue background has unlimited amount of runs on it so you can use it as many times as you want. While a BPC(Copy) typically has a limited amount of runs on it and will disappear after you have used the last run.
ISD Athechu > Ships that are useful for Industry are things like the ORCA, or Hulk or even just a simple Retriever. If you can't fly those you can always look at a cruiser class ship. With the winter expansion comeing out there will be an ORE Frigate
ISD Athechu > which you can use too for mining
ISD Athechu > As i want to get to a few topics today I'm going to just give you think link if you care to read more about Mining/Industry
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu > So moving on to Player Vs Enviroment (PVE). There are many many different events that take place in New Eden.
ISD Athechu > One of the newest events that I encourage everyone to look for are the Live Events.
ISD Athechu > These are events that the CCP Devs are putting togeather and tells more about the EVE Lore.
ISD Athechu > Other ways to get involved in PVE is through Incursions, Missions, Epic Arcs, COSOMO's, DED Complexs
ISD Athechu > all of these are ways for you to challenge yourself and do missions with rewards.
ISD Athechu > Vannilator asks if there will be notifications of live events. The answer is Maybe some events are announced shortly before they happen some you will know about well in advance. Just watch the forums and keep an eye out.
ISD Athechu > Horza asks the difference between COSMOS missions and DED
ISD Athechu > A COSMOS constellation is a region of space with agents and complexes which give out unique missions with special rewards or resources and reveal the back story of New Eden.
ISD Athechu > These missions can only be completed ONCE
ISD Athechu > if you quit or forget the mission that's it.
ISD Athechu > DED Complexes are sites in space which are often hidden, requiring scanner probes to be located. Some of these sites are marked by a CONCORD warp beacon and can be found on the system overview.
ISD Athechu > DED complexs range from 1 to 10(hardest)
ISD Athechu > The items each of these drops is different. Some Storyline, officer, faction, deadspace etc...
ISD Athechu > Just remember the higher the rateing and lower the security status of the mission the more likely the higher the rewards you will get.
ISD Athechu > Now Missions is the common PVE method.
ISD Athechu > These range from level 1 to level 5 missions
ISD Athechu > Level 1 missions are always open to everyone. Level 2 missions require a 1.0 standing with the Corporation OR faction. Level 3 - 3.0, 4 - 5.0, 5 - 7.0.
ISD Athechu > It is also to note you cannot find Level 5 missions in hi-sec they are only found in low sec.
ISD Athechu > There are 4 different types of Agents available.
ISD Athechu > Security (combat), Distribution(Trade), Mining....well that's mining..... and Research Agents which produce data cores for research back to invention and industry and such.
ISD Athechu > There is one special mission called a Storyline mission which is given out after 16 regular missions that you finish.
ISD Athechu > Scheinheiliger > are there differences in the ways of standing increase in the kind of mission you do? is there a way to see the difference (connected to LP for example)?
ISD Athechu > Yes each agent has a Base of +20 to payout
ISD Athechu > from there skills and security system come into affect as well
ISD Athechu > a Level 1 agent will not pay out as well as a Level 2 agent
ISD Athechu > but A level 1 agent in a 0.5 system might payout better then a level 2 agent in a 0.8 system.
ISD Athechu > This affects both ISK Payout and LP payout.
ISD Athechu > As for standings, a Level 4 agent will increase your standing more quickly then a level 3 agent. but if it takes you 20-30 minutes to finish a level 4 and you can finish 2-3 level 3's in that time it could be possible to do better with the level 3's.
ISD Athechu > note though the hit on your standing will also fall harder too
ISD Athechu > is a good guide for starters.
ISD Athechu > Moveing on one thing i know everyone gets confused on is sccanning.
ISD Athechu > scanning*
ISD Athechu > Scanning is something that just takes pratice. There are several types of sites that you can find while scanning. Radar, magnetometric, ladar, Gravimetric and unknown's.
ISD Athechu > Radar are the Hacking sites where you will need to use a codebreaker to get what is in the sealed can. Magnetrometric you need to use an analyzer or a salvager. These sites can drop T2 rig blueprints and T1/T2 parts.
ISD Athechu > Ladar is where gas clouds are found. Combat boosters such as the Blue Pill can be created from gas clouds. Gravimetric sites are hidden astroidbelts where you can find some of the rare ore.
ISD Athechu > Unknowns are typically wormholes
ISD Athechu > Scheinheiliger > when a hidden belt is not mined out completely, it will not repawn as fast as he would if completely emptied?
ISD Athechu > The belt will respawn but it might just not respawn in the same area
ISD Athechu > it could respawn in another system, consallation, region, or it might respawn in the same reason. ISD Athechu > Every Downtime a normal astroidbelt will respawn where it's market.
ISD Athechu > For scanning you will want to train up Astrometrics, Astrometric Acquisition , Astrometric Pinpointing , Astrometric Rangefinding
ISD Athechu > In order for you to warp to a signature that you found it needs to be scanned down to 100% and then you will be able to right click and warp to the signature.
ISD Athechu > If you haven't seen the scanning video by CCP i would highly recommend it.
ISD Athechu > Official scanning video: (you will need to use an external browser)
ISD Athechu > Wunderwaffe Torpedo > What could i get from Radar sites? (from the hacking) is there a posibility for BP drop?
ISD Athechu > I'm not entirely sure to be honest as it does like most things depends on the secuirty status of the system but T2 production/decoaders and invention things as Kelon said do drop. But can't give specifics as I don't know
ISD Athechu > Brawyn78 > is there a way to get a T2 bpo?
ISD Athechu > T2 BPO's no longer exist in ways to get them.
ISD Athechu > The ones already in existance in New Eden are there but that's it.
ISD Athechu > Let me take amoment about Wormholes, They are dangerous, mostly not due to PVP but because if you get trapped. Your stuck there.
ISD Athechu > So when you find a wormhole (WH) you need to amek sure that you take probes with you.
ISD Athechu > Or have a buddy or alt have probes. Now key thing to do is bookmark the Enterence AND Exit.
ISD Athechu > Things you can find inside WH's are sleepers these are wormhole rats.
ISD Athechu > They aren't like normal rats that you see in K-Space(known space)
ISD Athechu > Their AI is much smarter and they are a lot more mean.
ISD Athechu > CCP FoxFour has announced in a Dev Blog that the K-Space Rats are getting a new AI but they won't be as mean as the Sleeper's
ISD Athechu > To read more on that please look here:
ISD Athechu > If you wish to know more about WHs take a look at this guide.
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu > Now on to PVP
ISD Athechu > PVP is the a blood pumping event. Now this could be solo PVP where you are going up against a group of many or it could be a massive fleet fight.
ISD Athechu > There are many ways to get into PVP. Can flipping(not in rookie systems), Faction warfare, roaming out into low/null sec space.
ISD Athechu > Maybe even just war decing another corporation
ISD Athechu > A lot of people end up going into PVP because the enjoy the excitment and have fun doing it.
ISD Athechu > That being said there are many groups out there who do PVP. From Null/low Sec Corporations/Alliances to War Decing Empire groups. Some people even just do it to grief.
ISD Athechu > There are Merc Groups out there that are there to do the bidding of another's. But you need to remember that each time you get into combat it's not the same.
ISD Athechu > Some people control their ships manually (double clicking) and some just use the buttons(approach/orbit etc..)
ISD Athechu > Knowing how to pilot your ship and what your ship can do could be the difference in life and death.
ISD Athechu > In the previous seminar Survival and Victory in Combat my friend ISD IonCharge talked about ways to survive in combat. I will try not to go over the same materials but you can find his information on the ISD Seminars site.
ISD Athechu > and ISD Dualgate talked about Optimising your equipment for your needs.
ISD Athechu > At this time I open it up for questions for the next few minutes
ISD Athechu > If you have a question about anything that was talked about please do so in the Seminar Q&A Channel.
ISD Athechu > Atlasraven > Why is ISD doing these seminars?
ISD Athechu > Our goal is to give a focused seminar about a specific topic. Rather then just us spitting out information in the Help Channels.
ISD Athechu > Jaahk Nulleth > Is there a specific requirement to getting to the Sisters missions?
ISD Athechu > Not that i'm aware of but it's usually the next thing people do after they finish the career missions.
ISD Athechu > It's a 50 mission storyline that talks gives you standing boosts and isk and i believe a ship...been awhile since I did it.
ISD Athechu > Kain Sarum > How can a player get more involved in the community? Like are there player HUBS? (like in other MMOs, major areas)
ISD Athechu > Well one way is to do what I'm doing and Volunteer to give back to the community, Another way is to be active on the forums, You can go to major trade hubs and chat in local. Make corporations and help new pilots out or try to rule the universe.
ISD Athechu > Jaahk Nulleth > Is the sister thread blocked to trial accts?
ISD Athechu > <- Trail account limitations can be found here
ISD Athechu > Nog-Juru Laurent > How often are the ISD seminars?
ISD Athechu > When we have time for them goal is to have two a month right now hopfully once a week. But we are working on it.
ISD Athechu > Samanops > So what about our fates?
ISD Athechu > That is entirely up to you ;)
ISD Athechu > Jerry Rin > What about your fate ISD?
ISD Athechu > That's entirely up to me :p
ISD Athechu > Well this is all the time I have available for this Seminar and i would like everyone that attended.
ISD Athechu > Here are a few more links
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu > A transcript of this will be on this website:
ISD Athechu > If you have any feedback please leave it in our thread on the forums.
ISD Athechu >
ISD Athechu > i would like to thank*
ISD Athechu > I will be sticking around the Q&A Channel for a bit if you have any additional questions
ISD Athechu > Fly safe o/

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