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Defying Fate is a seminar about getting started in EVE, experiencing the different career paths, and how they all tie together. This seminar was hosted on the 15th of June at 01:00 EVE Time by ISD Fenrem. The content of the seminar is posted below.

ISD Fenrem > Welcome to the Defying Fate seminar. My name is Fenrem and I will be your speaker for the day. For those of you just now joining us, I please ask that you also join the channel Seminar Q&A where you may ask any questions you may have.

 ISD Fenrem > Welcome to New Eden. By now you’ve  introduced your alter ego in the universe of EVE, having crafted their portrait  and breathed life and personality into them.
ISD Fenrem > Everyone has a story, be it a Minmatar slave, an Ammarian overlord, a Gallentean Civil Rights activist, or a Caldari CFO. During this seminar, we’ll bring you up to speed on the tools you’ll need to forge your own purpose and defy your own fate.
ISD Fenrem > So let's get started then. The best place to begin learning the ropes of EVE Online is through the New Player Experience.
ISD Fenrem > This is the tutorial at the very beginning of the game that shows you how the game is played. You were introduced to Aura during this tutorial. My seminar will assume that you've completed this tutorial and know how to dock, undock, etc.
ISD Fenrem > Every capsuleer in New Eden devotes their time and effort into different jobs and disciplines, be it miners, pirates, explorers, mission runners, etc.
ISD Fenrem > These capsuleers get introduced to those different careers in the 10-part Career Agents, which are part of the New Player Experience.
ISD Fenrem > The career agents are 10-part tutorial agents that help you learn the basic careers present within New Eden, giving you a good basis to expand and grow as well as offering you skills, ships, and ISK you can use in those career fields.
ISD Fenrem > The Career Agents are broken into 3 different schools, with each faction having their own sets of schools. There are 5 agents per school. Systems can be found in the wiki article
ISD Fenrem > The disciplines we will touch on today will be Combat, Exploration, Mining, Mission Running, and Transportation.
ISD Fenrem > Completing the 10-part tutorial agents offers benefits such as experience, skill books, ISK, ships, and important items to starting your journey in New Eden. We like to encourage everyone to go through the agents of their interests and possibly
ISD Fenrem > complete them all.
ISD Fenrem > These agents will give you a good foundation for beginning your life in EVE.
ISD Fenrem > So let's start taking a look at the next big step in EVE, and that's joining a corporation.
ISD Fenrem > Corporations are the building blocks of player communities in EVE Online. Corporations can range from amazing industrial engines to small pirate gangs. They can become the basis for entire empires in low and null sec regions.
ISD Fenrem > They can become the basis for entire empires in low and null sec regions. They are great platforms for individual pilots to learn, grow, and experience.
ISD Fenrem > Everyone starts in an NPC corporation or a corporation with no player-appointed leader or CEO. They differ from player corporations in how they work. Player corporations cannot declare war on NPC corporations.
ISD Fenrem > NPC corporation members cannot anchor Player-Owned Starbase structures. They cannot claim sovereignty nor can they join in any other player corporation’s active war declarations as an ally.
ISD Fenrem > They also charge a flat 11% tax rate for any transactions over 100,000 ISK.
ISD Fenrem > Choosing a corporation can be difficult. You need to decide what it is you want to do with your time in EVE and find a corporation that fits that need.
ISD Fenrem > Do you want to be a miner? Do you want to live in lowsec? Are you looking for sov warfare? Do you want to line your pocket with ISK? Do you want people to burn for the sake of the yarr?
ISD Fenrem > There are tons of resources for finding corporations to join. The first place to look is the Recruitment Channel. You can get there by clicking the speech bubble in the corner of any chat window and joining Recruitment under Corporations.
ISD Fenrem > There is also the board for recruitment on the EVE Online Community Forums located at
ISD Fenrem > Some care should be taken when researching a corporation. Normally it is wise to query a potential corporation using
ISD Fenrem > From here you can see the quality of the pilots and research their fits, tactics, etc, as well as view any comments about them. It is also wise to look them up on the EVE forums to see the quality and content of their posts.
ISD Fenrem > Armed with those two things, you will have a pretty good guide on whether or not a corporation and it's members line up with you and your ideals.
ISD Fenrem > ***I want to a moment and welcome everyone just joining our Seminar today. If you haven't done so already, join the channel Seminar Q&A where you can ask any questions. I also want to take 5 minutes and let ISD Tsuroyaan bring up some questions***
ISD Tsuroyaan > Belinda HwaFang > is the battleclinic website run by CCP? or if not should i trust it with my API key?
ISD Fenrem > No, it is not run by CCP. It is a third party website. Many many people use it, but ultimately it's up to you to decide who to trust with your API key. Just to use the site for research, you don't have to provide it, though.
ISD Fenrem > Very good question.
ISD Fenrem > We'll give another 2 minutes for those joining us to catch up and join the channel Seminar Q&A to ask any questions they may have.
ISD Fenrem > Alright then. Once again everyone, welcome to the Defying Fate seminar, for those just joining I'm ISD Fenrem and I'll be hosting the seminar for you today. Let's take a second to recap what we've covered so far.
ISD Fenrem > EVE is a place filled with story and background, from the factions in New Eden to the very pilots that drive this universe.
ISD Fenrem > Your story is what you make of it, and in this seminar we'll be covering some of the more common career choices and the tools you can use to make the most of them.
ISD Fenrem > The first place to start is with the Career Agents, which you cna read more about in
ISD Fenrem > You can also find to be an excellent resource.
ISD Fenrem > They'll offer you ships, skill books, ISK, and standings whenever you complete them, which will be invaluable to you in the future.
ISD Fenrem > Next in this recap is corporations. A corporation allows you to fly with like-minded individuals to help you learn, experience, and grow.
ISD Fenrem > You can find recruiting corporations through the EVE Online forums at or through the Recruitment channel by hitting the Speech bubble at the top right of any chat window.
ISD Fenrem > You can use the forums and which is a third party site to do research on a corporation before joining them, making sure they are the kind of group you feel you want to join.
ISD Fenrem > So, that all being said, let's move on the next topic in our seminar, and that's money. To do anything in EVE you’ll need ISK. ISK can come from a variety of places. To begin, one of the most commonly used and accepted means of doing so is missioning.
ISD Fenrem > For your reference, we also have a EVElopedia article about making ISK at
ISD Fenrem > You can find tons of information on any topic at or
ISD Fenrem > Running missions earns you ISK in a lot of ways, as there's many different parts to a mission besides just running the mission objectives.
ISD Fenrem > The first and most obvious form of income from missions are the mission rewards, or the payout that you receive from your agent when you complete the mission objectives
ISD Fenrem > To maximize the amount that you receive, you can run multiple missions at once, and you can increase the actual payout that you receive through skills.
ISD Fenrem > Negotiation increases your pay by 5% per skill level, while your *Connections skills such as Security Connections, Mining Connections, and Distribution Connections increase your Loyalty Points payout per mission.
ISD Fenrem > Using LP, you can buy items on the LP store where your agent is located for much cheaper than you could on the Market in most cases, saving you ISK.
ISD Fenrem > These items can then be used or resold on the market for ISK, improving your profits.
ISD Fenrem > Another way of making profit during a mission is through loot and salvage, which is where you obtain a good majority of your ISK from running missions in most cases.
ISD Fenrem > Loot is anything that the enemy pilots, commonly known as rats, drop when they explode in space, and can be found in their wrecks. You can take their loot by flying up to these wrecks and opening them, either through the right click menu or the overview
ISD Fenrem > Before I talk about salvaging, let me pose a rhetorical question for you. Are you a miner who's once thought to himself, "Why can't I use my mining lasers to literally, like, MINE those buggers to death?!"
ISD Fenrem > Well, in a sense, you can! But only after they're dead. Salvaging is the art of gathering material from something you've killed that you can use to build new things, sell on the market, etc.
ISD Fenrem > To use a Salvager all you need is Salvaging trained to level 1, and from there you can start salvaging those wrecks and turning them into pure profit.
ISD Fenrem > There's a lot more to missions than just what I presented here. We'll be going more in depth with missions in a later seminar. For supplemental reading, you can check out
ISD Fenrem > Also have a gander at for more on salvaging
ISD Fenrem > Lastly if you're more curious about Loyalty Points, have a gander at
ISD Fenrem > You can find tons of information on any topic at or
ISD Fenrem > *** For anyone just now joining us, welcome to the Defying Fate seminar. Please join the channel 'Seminar Q&A' to post any questions you may have.
ISD Fenrem > *** I want to go ahead and take 5 minutes to open up any questions you may have in Q&A, as well as give you guys some time to stretch, have a cigarette, grab a sandwich, etc.
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > how do i look for good fits for ships. plus i am looking for a corp. im mostly a mininr. and looking for deep space mining
ISD Fenrem > Good question, BROKEN FAITH-1 -- A lot of people look for fits using the third-party site BattleClinic, specifically the loadout browser, which can be found at
ISD Fenrem > As I said earlier in the seminar, finding a corporation ca nbe a chore.
ISD Fenrem > There are tons of resources for finding corporations to join. The first place to look is the Recruitment Channel. You can get there by clicking the speech bubble in the corner of any chat window and joining Recruitment under Corporations.
ISD Fenrem > There is also the board for recruitment on the EVE Online Community Forums located at
ISD Fenrem > That is an excellent question, BROKEN FAITH-1 :)
ISD Tsuroyaan > Ari Balt > Is it true that the cargo capacity of Mining Barges will be expanded to similar dimensions of a jettisoned can? Can you articulate on the reasoning behind this change?
ISD Fenrem > That's an excellent question, Ari Balt -- I understand a devblog was posted recently explaining this, and to be frank I haven't read it in it's entirety yet. What I have understood is this:
ISD Fenrem > With the itteration on the frigates in the last update, they want to go ahead and start working on the mining ships
ISD Fenrem > They'll be releasing a new Mining Frigate built by ORE, and tweeking the mining barges currently in existence
ISD Tsuroyaan > Belinda HwaFang > I'm specifically looking for a corp that specializes in bounty hunting / pirate hunging, but it seems that these are rare. DO you have any advice beyond searching forums?
ISD Fenrem > With the Hulk/Covetor specifically, they'll be adding an Ore Hold, much like on an Orca but smaller, and identical in size to the Cargo Hold.
ISD Fenrem > Other than that, I haven't read the whole thing yet. I apologize for my lack of an answer on that one.
ISD Fenrem > Belinda HwaFang, good question.
ISD Fenrem > While it's true that they are rarer than most other forms of corps, sometimes it takes a little more to find one than just the recruitment channel and forums.
ISD Fenrem > A word of advice there would be to go searching around in lowsec areas, looking for corps and possibly engaging them, then pulling them into conversations to work your way in.
ISD Fenrem > A lot of pirate corps operate on that level, accepting members with grit and determination, not thorugh the normal recruiting methods.
ISD Fenrem > I'm sure there are many other methods of finding them as well, such as asking in the Help channels, and generally hunting for bounty targets and running into people.
ISD Fenrem > Good question, Belinda HwaFang
ISD Tsuroyaan > Biff Stenier-Tian > What would be the best reccomendation for making the most isk in the least amount of time for a new player ?
ISD Fenrem > There's a ton of ways to do that, Biff Stenier-Tian, most of which I haven't covered in the seminar yet but will be getting to shortly. A combination of mission running, some industry activites such as Planetary Interaction, etc, will...
ISD Fenrem > ...greatly fill out your wallets in no time as you go along.
ISD Fenrem > The best thing I can tell you is to get your Negotiation skill up, work on your connection skill for the type of missions you want to fly, and get your Social skill leveled up so you can unlock the different levels of missions faster.
ISD Fenrem > A lot more specific information about Missions will be covered in a later seminar. Good question Biff Stenier-Tian
ISD Fenrem > Also check out for a good overview.
ISD Fenrem > We'll give it another minute for any more questions to come in and we'll move on to our next topic.
ISD Fenrem > Alright then, for those just joining us, welcome to the Defying Fate seminar! I'm ISD Fenrem and I'll be hosting this seminar for you today. If you haven't done so already, please join 'Seminar Q&A' where you can ask any questions you may have.
ISD Fenrem > Just as a recap, in EVE Online you and your character have a story. Whether you're a former Minmatar Slave, a seasoned Caldari CFO, an Amarrian Overlord, or a Gallente Social Activist, you and your history drive New Eden.
ISD Fenrem > Today we're here to point you in the right direction to get you started with whatever career or careers you choose to undertake, and showing you the tools at your disposal to help you defy your own fate.
ISD Fenrem > Career agents in New Eden help introduce to you the basics of the most popular careers. From there, joining a corporation of like minded individuals will help you hone your skills with like minded people.
ISD Fenrem > A good place to start making ISK is by running agent missions, using the loot from your foes and the salvage from their ships to supplement the ISK payouts from your agent and earn you more money as you go.
ISD Fenrem > This brings us to our next topic, and one of the more popular topics in the seminar, and that's Combat.
ISD Fenrem > In order to loot wrecks and salvage floating husks of metal, you need to, well, blow them up first.
ISD Fenrem > So what are the tools you need to go along with your ship to help you do this radical task? Let's take a minute and look at the two main components that go with any mission running ship: Guns and Tank
ISD Fenrem > There are many different types of guns at your disposal, and what race of ships you fly will determine which weapon system is better suited for you.
ISD Fenrem > Let's start with the religious leaders, the Amarr. Amarrian ships such as the Punisher and Abaddon have a preference towards Energy Weapons, or Lasers, such as the Gatling Pulse Laser I or the Mega Beam Laser I
ISD Fenrem > These weapons use Crystals as ammunition, such as Gamma S. These crystals load instantly, unlike other missiles or projectiles that can take up to 10 seconds to load.
ISD Fenrem > Gallente pilots will likely want to look at Hybrid weapons such as Light Ion Blaster I or 425mm Railgun I -- They respectively use Hybrid ammunition.
ISD Fenrem > Both of the above mentioned weapon systems use a small bit of capacitor to operate, and if you run out of capacitor, they stop firing.
ISD Fenrem > We'll go more into detail on the different weapon systems and how they more specifically work in a future seminar.
ISD Fenrem > Besides just giving damage, you also tend to have to take damage, and this is called Tanking.
ISD Fenrem > There's a couple different ways of tanking, through the use of Shields, Armor, and for those brave souls out there, Hull tanking.
ISD Fenrem > There are even further two more means of tanking, both Active and Passive tanking.
ISD Fenrem > Tanking is such an art and a science, with so many different options, advantages, and disadvantages, that it'd take me another three hours to cover in such broad detail. Take a look at for more information...
ISD Fenrem > ...or attend the more focused future seminar dealing with more specific advanced combat.
ISD Fenrem > To round out this part of the discussion, we need to take a quick look at three more things: Logistics piloting, Tackling, and Electronic Warfare
ISD Fenrem > Where most pilots give damage, thus having some people take damage, Logistics pilots repair damage.
ISD Fenrem > They use advanced modules such as Small Remote Armor Repair System I to repair armor damage, or the accompanying shield and hull modules to do the same to those parts of the ship.
ISD Fenrem > Tacklers use speed and agility to stop the opponents from moving, using Stasis Webifiers and Warp Disruptors to immobilize them so others can pummel them to death and beyond.
ISD Fenrem > Lastly, the Electronic Warfare pilots keep the enemy from ever even locking onto you by jamming their locking or disrupting their guns ability to track you.
ISD Fenrem > For more information on these subjects, take a look at -- --
ISD Fenrem > *** For those of you just now joining us, welcome to Defying Fate. Please join 'Seminar Q&A' to post any questions you may have.
ISD Fenrem > *** Let's take 5-10 minutes to ask any questions you may have, have a sandwich, grab a drink, or stretch your legs.
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > how can i know what kinda of ammo to use in my guns.....theres so many
ISD Fenrem > BROKEN FAITH-1, that is a great question to ask. Weapon system generally go by this meme: Projectile Turrets use Projectile Ammo, Missile and Rocket Launchers use Missiles and Rockets, Hybrid Weapons use Hybrid Ammo, and Laser Weapons use Frequency Crys
ISD Fenrem > *crystals
ISD Fenrem > You can always hit Show Info on the weapon in question to see what kind of ammo it specifically uses and what size ammo.
ISD Fenrem > Good question, BROKEN FAITH-1
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > what's the best way to tell if a ship is a shield tanker or a arrmor tanker??BROKEN FAITH-1 > what about the slots...some have more med and some have more low's
ISD Fenrem > Another good question.
ISD Fenrem > Generally, a ship with more Medium slots than low slots will make a good Shield tanker.
ISD Fenrem > Ships with more Lows than Mediums make better Armor/Hull tankers.
ISD Fenrem > As you learn the slot layouts of ships by researching them or flying them, you'll start to learn which ships are what tank, and throughout the fight you'll confirm those findings.
ISD Fenrem > Further, you can determine what damage type to use given different situations through
ISD Fenrem > Another good question, BROKEN FAITH-1
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > are there drones i can use to dissrupt targeting..????
ISD Fenrem > Why yes! There are! Drones such as Acolyte TD-300 and Valkyrie TP-600 have various specialized effects, from webbing the enemy, disrupting their warp drives, or dampening their sensors.
ISD Fenrem > What else do we have, ISD Tsuroyaan
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > ammo do different dammage. how do i know wnat to use for the ships i'm fighting.??
ISD Fenrem > Check out and for more info on those two topics. Generally every ship out there in PvP will omni-tank, or have even levels of resists.
ISD Fenrem > That being said, knowing the ship will help you know the resistance holes it may have.
ISD Fenrem > This is a slightly more advanced topic and will be covered in more detail in a later seminar.
ISD Fenrem > ISD Tsuroyaan What else do you have?
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > does the hobgoblin SD-300 also do dammage ??
ISD Fenrem > Negative, it's strictly an Electronic Warfare drone
ISD Fenrem > Anything else?
ISD Tsuroyaan > All done for now ISD Fenrem, move on :)
ISD Fenrem > Thank you, ISD Tsuroyaan :) That being said, I'm going to give us another 2 minutes of recess to use the water closet and get ourselves some more drinks of some nature or another.
ISD Tsuroyaan > /emote passes the beers out
ISD Fenrem > For those of you just now joining us, welcome to Defying Fate, a seminar about forging your own path in New Eden. My name is ISD Fenrem, a member of ISD Support, Training, and Resources, otherwise known as STAR.
ISD Fenrem > Our goal in EVE Online is to help educate new players on the different mediums of entertainment and action in EVE Online. We also provide moderation support in the game's help channels to ensure positive conductive environments for our new players.
ISD Fenrem > To recap on todays seminar so far, New Eden is a vast universe of player-driven story. That story is part of who you and your character are.
ISD Fenrem > The different career paths, different choices you make, and how you go about making those choices defines who you are.
ISD Fenrem > The Career Agents in New Eden are there to show you the basics of any given career, while other agents have very specialized jobs for you to do, and they're willing to pay.
ISD Fenrem > To do those jobs, you'll need a few basic things: A ship, some weapons, and a means to defend yourself.
ISD Fenrem > This brings us to our next topic: How did those ships and fittings for those ships come to be?
ISD Fenrem > Well, they didn't just automagically appear out of nowhere, I can tell you that :) They came from those hard working individuals we call Industrialists.
ISD Fenrem > Industry can come in many many forms, from mining ore out of astroids, using that ore and refining it into minerals, using those minerals to build ships and fittings, and then using salvage to build rigs to modify your ships.
ISD Fenrem > Mining is the backbone of industry in EVE Online. Without ore and, thusly, minerals, there'd be nothing to build with! Generally speaking, anyway.
ISD Fenrem > Most any ship can be a mining ship, some being better suited to the job than others. Instead of fitting guns, a ship can fit what's known as a Miner
ISD Fenrem > These fittings use specialized lasers and tractor beam technology to extract ore out of various astroids in New Eden, which can be found in Astroid Belts. You can go to these belts by Right Clicking in space and selecting a belt to go to.
ISD Fenrem > To see these astroids, you sometimes need to adjust your overview. Refer to for more info on how to adjust the overview.
ISD Fenrem > Some ships are better suited to mining. Examples for the four racial mining frigates are: Tormentor, Bantam, Navitas, and Burst.
ISD Fenrem > From here you can graduate to the bigger mining ships, known as Barges
ISD Fenrem > You may have heard of them before, the Retriever, Covetor, and Hulk are the more popular models.
ISD Fenrem > These use what's called Strip Miners to extract huge amounts of ore from an astroid at one time.
ISD Fenrem > will have plenty more information about the Mining Profession
ISD Fenrem > Once you've graduated from that, Mining is such a dynamic profession that it has a second guide:
ISD Fenrem > So if you want to be truely serious about mining, building things, and selling them, you have to move them, don't you?
ISD Fenrem > Granted the Amarrians can have their Minmatar slaves do it for them, but what about the Caldari or Gallente? Who do they have?
ISD Fenrem > That's where our next topic is aimed towards: Transportation.
ISD Fenrem > There are specialized ships in EVE build just for hauling. These ships can include the Iteron, the Mammoth, etc.
ISD Fenrem > These ships have specialized cargo holds that can hold more than the average ship.
ISD Fenrem > They are generally slower, and so you must tank them well in case you get attacked by anyone. Refer to that tanking guide from earlier in the seminar.
ISD Fenrem > There are ways to further increase your cargo capacity in a hauling ship using Expanded Cargohold Is and Medium Cargohold Optimization I rigs.
ISD Fenrem > These will improve your cargo capacity at the expense of speed and agility.
ISD Fenrem > *** For those of us just joining the seminar, welcome to Defying Fate. We're going to take a second to open up to questions as we move into the last section of our seminar. Please join the 'Seminar Q&A' channel to ask any questions you have.
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > skill books and implants...can they be made. i've never seen a bp for any of them?
ISD Fenrem > BROKEN FAITH-1 Unfortunately while most things in EVE are built, those are not. Those are seeded in New Eden by NPCs at fixed prices. Good question!
ISD Tsuroyaan > Starshine Sassen > i keep hearing about sleepers... what is that?
ISD Fenrem > Starshine Sassen The Sleepers race is one of the four known ancient races which are Sleepers, Takmahl, Talocan and Yan Jung.
ISD Fenrem > The Sleepers are, as the other ancient races, descendants of humans and populated New Eden thousands of years ago before they vanished. These days the only remains of them in New Eden are ruins and strange artifacts.
ISD Fenrem > Sleepers can be found now-a-days in Wormholes, and are the most difficult rats you will ever encounter, bordering fighting a real human in PvP.
ISD Fenrem > Defeating them and looting/salvaging them is one of the most sought-after professions in EVE.
ISD Fenrem > They're loot and salvage is used to produce T3 ships like the Tengu.
ISD Fenrem > Good question, Starshine Sassen!
ISD Fenrem > Anything else, ISD Tsuroyaan?
ISD Tsuroyaan > That seems to be all for this section ISD Fenrem...
ISD Fenrem > Right on.
ISD Fenrem > For these last 15 minutes, I'm going to go ahead and blitz through the last part of this seminar. The entire seminar will be posted on the EVE Online EVElopedia for future reference, as well as be referenced in the forums.
ISD Fenrem > So we've covered a lot of things you can do in New Eden! We've covered where to start, we've covered mission running, we've talked about mining, manufacturing through the EVElopedia links, and transporting your goods around New Eden.
ISD Fenrem > We've discussed the different weapon systems, and different styles of tanking.
ISD Fenrem > So what do you do with all this knowledge?
ISD Fenrem > That, my fellow capsuleer, is entirely up to you.
ISD Fenrem > Now, if, like me, you want a slightly less ominous answer...
ISD Fenrem > Let's talk about the different ways you can apply all these professions together.
ISD Fenrem > One of the most common things people have started doing since the launch of Inferno is Factional Warfare:
ISD Fenrem > In Factional Warfare, also known as FW, you join one of the four major militias and go to war with the other milia and their ally.
ISD Fenrem > For example, the Gallente are at war with the Caldari, who are allied up with the Amarr. The Gallente are allies with the Minmatar, and they fight together against either the Caldari or the Amarr.
ISD Fenrem > Faction warfare gives you a much more controlled introduction into PvP through the use of the Complexes, which limit the size of any ship entering.
ISD Fenrem > Rewards for running and completing Complexes can be Loyalty Points, which we discussed earlier, or standings with the militia, allowing you to put up your own Player Owned Starbase in your factions high security space, which you ordinarily would not...
ISD Fenrem > able to do.
ISD Fenrem > Faction Warfare is a great thing to get involved with if you like casual PvP and Non-PvP content.
ISD Fenrem > Next, if you're into more hardcore gameplay, is Sovereignty Warfare --
ISD Fenrem > Joining a Null Security corporation and taking sovereignty somewhere will unlock major fiscal benefits, as well as the rights to your very own system if you succeed.
ISD Fenrem > Taking a system has consequences, though, as you will also have to defend it.
ISD Fenrem > Incursions are a very popular gameplay feature --
ISD Fenrem > In Incursions you fight off the hordes of Sansha that are trying to invade New Eden. There is a lot of profit to be had in joining with an Incursion corporation.
ISD Fenrem > Finally, and the last content we'll be talking about in tonight's seminar, is the Wormhole Space --
ISD Fenrem > Wormholes, also known as W-Space, are vast voids of space, accessible only by entering a wormhole.
ISD Fenrem > They contain the riches astroid belts from within gravimetric signatures, the most abundant planetary resources through Planetary Interaction, and the ever so infamous Sleepers
ISD Fenrem > In w-space, there is no Local channel. The only way to know what is around you is through your Directional Scanner.
ISD Fenrem > *** As you learn and grow in New Eden, you're going to experience the most immersive, most emergent experiences you'll find in any game. In EVE Online, the game isn't made by a writer, it's made by you, the people who drive it's story.
ISD Fenrem > One day is never like the next, one mission is never the same as the last, and one pilot can make a difference amongst millions.
ISD Fenrem > What you've seen in tonight's seminar is only a sliver of what you'll find in New Eden. I want to encourage you to undock and start looking around! Explore! Mine! Fight! Love!
ISD Fenrem > Don't forget, if you have any questions after this seminar, you can use the Forums, Help channels, and a plethora of other resources like the EVElopedia to help you along your way.
ISD Fenrem > I'd like to open the floor now for ISD Tsuroyaan to bring up your last questions as we close the seminar.
ISD Tsuroyaan > BROKEN FAITH-1 > how can one do mining in a wormhole and get out , it sounds like it's smothing for a groupe of ships. some for mining and some for protection
ISD Fenrem > BROKEN FAITH-1, generally speaking there's two ways to mine in a wormhole. You can errect a Player Owned Starbase and live in the wormhole for a few weeks, gathering resources, and then leave all at one time, or you can ninja mine.
ISD Fenrem > Ninja mining is taking a few cheap ships into a wormhole, mining as much as you can, and hauling it all out swiftly before anyone notices you.
ISD Fenrem > In both cases, you almost always have to have a few ships for protection, as Sleepers can spawn anywhere and harass you.
ISD Fenrem > Not to mention other players.
ISD Fenrem > Good question, BROKEN FAITH-1
ISD Tsuroyaan > Captain Jean Picard > How am I supposed to maintain a PI colony in W-Space if I can't get back to it after the wormhole closes?
ISD Fenrem > Captain Jean Picard, Wormhole PI is generally reserved specifically for people living in the wormhole, although there is one exception that I know of. Believe it or not, I did this once. I would log off inside the wormhole in my covert ops ship, log in,
ISD Fenrem > scan the exit down, and go and grab my hauler. From there I'd haul all my PI out, grab my covert ops ship, and log off inside the wormhole. I repeated this for a week or so before it became too much trouble.
ISD Fenrem > On the whole, it's an activity mostly reserved for wormhole dwellers.
ISD Fenrem > Captain Jean Picard, good question.
ISD Tsuroyaan > Biff Stenier-Tian > What build would you reccomend for wormholes? PVP or a PVE build ?
ISD Fenrem > Biff Stenier-Tian, Sleepers omni-tank and do omni-damage, which is almost exactly how it works in PvP (short of the omni-damage). All in all, you need to fight sleepers like you would a real human. That being said, I almost always advise people use PvP
ISD Fenrem > fits.
ISD Fenrem > I'm sitting here thinking and I really can't think of any exceptions to that rule. Good one, though, Biff Stenier-Tian
ISD Tsuroyaan > Thats all for wormholes for now, but there is a few more for militia and Factional Warfare
ISD Tsuroyaan > Belinda HwaFang > Faction Warfare sounds fun, but I'm worried about what it's going to do with my standing and limit where I can fly in space. Should I just bite the bullet or am I right to be worried?
ISD Fenrem > Belinda HwaFang, unfortunately every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and Faction Warfare will hurt your standings over time. Fortunately, skills like Diplomacy can help shield you from the adverse effects of those standings hits.
ISD Fenrem > Some people sometimes leave Faction Warfare and grind their standings with the other two factions for a while. This can be time consuming, but effective.
ISD Fenrem > Usually training Diplomacy will stave off the effects of being attacked by their navy, though.
ISD Fenrem > Very good question, Belinda HwaFang.
ISD Tsuroyaan > Belinda HwaFang > Follow up: once i destroy my standing, can i rebuild it?
ISD Fenrem > Yes, you can, through Diplomacy and running missions for the faction in question. Once you grind back up to 0.00, you can join that militia and observe some interesting effects of having a super high standing from your old militia :)
ISD Fenrem > I'll let you try it to find out ;)
ISD Fenrem > Good question.
ISD Tsuroyaan > Ace Civire > As a new player, how much risk am I taking on by entering the Militia Combat? Will I find myself in over my head?
ISD Fenrem > Ace Civire There will always be a bigger fish in the big black sea of space. Fortunately, like you, a lot of new players are joining, and militia's usually fly with larger fleets. I've seen 2 day old characters take out a 4 year old character once.
ISD Fenrem > While ship size and fits matter, as do skillpoints, ultimately it's the pilot that determines the fight.
ISD Fenrem > Get out there, die a lot, learn from it, and start making them die a lot ;)
ISD Fenrem > Also learn from your militia-mates
ISD Fenrem > Excellent question!
ISD Tsuroyaan > I think thats all for tonight ISD Fenrem!
ISD Fenrem > I want to thank ISD Tsuroyaan for helping me out with this seminar and thank all of you for attending! Tomorrow night we're hosting another seminar, "Dark Edges: Pirates and Yarring", which will be of interest for anyone looking to go down that road.
ISD Fenrem > If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the New Citizens forums, where I'll be looking for feedback, advice, and questions concerning the content posted here tonight.
ISD Fenrem > Good flying, everyone, and I hope to see you out there!
ISD Fenrem > o7
ISD Tsuroyaan > o7

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