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What Crimewatch is and what it does

Crimewatch is a system which tracks criminal actions and aggression timers via "flags". For each character, we track a number of flag types. Performing certain actions will cause yourself (and possibly others) to pick up one or more types of flag. Having an active flag will cause consequences for you and others around you. The following image shows a character with three flags. From left-to-right: PVP flag, Suspect flag, Weapons flag. Each flag has an associated timer, shown by the clock around it.

All flags and timers have tooltips to show you more details and information on what precisely is going on.

Crimewatch2 0 WeaponsTimer.png

Flags and Consequences

You can view the two charts which actions cause which flags (and where), and what the consequences are for having a flag or read about individual flags below.

Logging off with no timers or flags will cause a ship to remain in space for 60 seconds. This can be reduced to 30 seconds by utilizing the Safe Logoff feature.

  • NOTE: Log-off timers will only start counting down once all active modules have completed their current cycles!

Non-Capsuleer Log-off Timer

Also known as NPC Flag, this flag becomes active when you activate any offensive module against an NPC vessel of any kind, or when an NPC vessel activates an offensive module on you. This flag lasts for five minutes, and will cause ships to remain in space for a full 5 minutes after logging off. This 5 minute timer is not extended even if NPCs continue their aggression after the player logs off (unlike the capsuleer timer).

Neocom indicator

Crimewatch2 0 NPCTimer.png

Capsuleer Log-Off Timer

Also known as PVP Flag is similar to the NPC flag, this flag is activated when you use an offensive module on another player (including non-targeted weapons like Smartbombs) or another player uses such an effect on you. This flag lasts for fifteen minutes, and affected ships will remain in space after logging off for a full 15 minutes. If the ship is aggressed by another player while this timer is active, the timer will reset, potentially keeping the ship in space indefinitely. For more info, see the PVP Logout Timer wiki page.

Neocom indicator

Crimewatch2 0 PVPTimer.png

Weapons Timer

Also known as Weapons Flag, this flag becomes active when you activate any offensive module (weapons, stasis webifier etc) upon another player or NPC entity, including non-targeted modules such as Smartbombs. Regardless of the Security status of the solar system, having an active Weapons flag will prevent you from docking in any station, jumping through a stargate, ejecting from or boarding another ship while in space, and storing a ship in a corporation or fleet hangar. This flag lasts for 60 seconds, starting from the moment you open fire, and will renew each time you take further offensive action – meaning that you will have to wait a full 60 seconds after the last offensive action before being able to dock, jump etc (even if you lose your ship).

Neocom indicator

Crimewatch2 0 WeaponsTimerActive.png

Suspect Timer

Only applicable in Empire-owned space (0.1 to 1.0), the Suspect Flag allows any other player to attack you without penalty for the duration of the timer. CONCORD and gate guns will not defend you, and the attacker will not receive a reduction in Security Standings. The Suspect flag lasts for 15 minutes, and actions that will activate the flag differ depending on the Security Status of the solar system. Pod killing a capsuleer with an active Suspect Timer will not result in security status loss or CONCORD response.

In high-security space, you can acquire a Suspect flag by stealing from a container or wreck, and by providing a remote assistance to other players in possession of an active Suspect Flag, Criminal Flag or Limited Engagement, or players who have Outlaw status (have -5 Security Status or lower). You can also be given a Suspect flag if a player activates a kill right on you.

In low-security space, targeting a player's ship (not their capsule) with any offensive module, including Smartbombs and other non-targeted weapons, will provoke a Suspect flag. Stealing from a container will also provoke the flag, though assisting outlaw players in low security space will not.

Neocom indicator

Crimewatch2 0 SuspectTimer.png

Overview indicator

Suspect Retribution.png

Criminal Timer

Like the Suspect flag, the Criminal flag only applies in Empire space. The Criminal flag, if triggered, will always override a Suspect flag, and any further actions that would ordinarily provoke a Suspect flag will be extend the Criminal timer by the same amount. As with the Suspect flag, the Security Status of the star system will affect the actions that provoke the flag.

In high-security space, activating any offensive module on another player's ship or capsule, that you are not legitimately allowed to attack (corpmates, war targets, for example), (including non-targeted modules like Smartbombs) will provoke a Criminal flag, as will assisting a player with a Criminal flag. If you receive a Criminal flag in high security space (or jump into high security space with an active criminal timer acquired elsewhere), you will not be able to initiate warp, or jump through a stargate and CONCORD will spawn and attack you, gate/station sentry guns will fire upon you, and any player may fire on you without penalty. Any jettisoned wrecks or containers will be auto-abandoned, allowing any other player to take from them without penalty.

While in low security space, you will acquire a Criminal flag for activating any offensive module against a player's capsule, and for directly assisting any other player in possession of a Criminal flag. If you receive a Criminal flag in low security space, you will not be prevented from warping or jumping, and CONCORD will not spawn to attack you – but you will be fired upon by gate/station sentries, your jettisoned wrecks and containers will be auto-abandoned, and any player may fire upon you without penalty.

Neocom indicator

Crimewatch2 0 CriminalTimer.png

Overview indicator

Criminal Retribution.png

Limited Engagements

Receiving a Suspect or Criminal flag while in Empire space will likely often result in you being fired upon by another player, but the astute among you will have noticed that there is no way to fire back without committing further criminal acts. To avoid this, CCP have introduced the concept of ‘Limited Engagements’. Limited Engagements are created when a player attacks another player in possession of a Criminal- or Suspect flag or is considered an Outlaw. They only exist between players (not corporations, alliances etc), and allow each party the right to attack the other without legal penalty. Limited Engagements are considered to be active while hostilities are ongoing, and will remain active for five minutes after the last offensive action has been committed.

Neocom indicator

Crimewatch2 0 LETimer.png

Overview indicator

LimitedEngagement Retribution.png
Please note: Shooting at a member of a gang will only create a limited engagement between you and the target - you will not be flagged to the entire gang for aggression against just one member.

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