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Corporation Recruitment

Searching for a Corporation

You can access the Corporation Recruitment window by either clicking on the left screen in your Captain’s Quarters or by opening up your corporation window and selecting the “Recruitment” tab.

Recruitment Tab - Search.png

Warning: Current corporation advertisements will transfer over to the new system but will need to be updated in order to be searched

The available options are as follows:

  • Looking For:
    • Trade & Industry
    • Mission Running
    • Alliance Warfare
    • Exploration
    • Mining
    • Faction Warfare
    • Piracy
    • Small-Scale Gangs
    • New-Pilot Friendly
  • Playstyle
    • Hardcore
    • Casual
  • The time zone at which you normally play
    • 0:00 – 6:00
    • 6:00 – 12:00
    • 12:00 – 18:00
    • 18:00 – 0:00
  • Area of Operations
    • Any
    • Amarr High Sec
    • Caldari High Sec
    • Gallente High Sec
    • Minmatar High Sec
    • Low Sec
    • 0.0 Sec
    • Wormhole Space
  • Size of Corporation
    • 0 – 10
    • 10 – 50
    • 50 – 100
    • 100 – 200
    • 200 – 500
    • 500 – 1000
    • 1000+
  • Primary Language
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • French
  • Corporation is in an Alliance
    • Yes
    • No

Once you have selected all of the options to your liking, press the Search button at the bottom left corner of the window. The Corporation Recruitment window will then display a weighted list of corporations that meet the criteria that you have selected. You can click on each corporation for more information. You can also click on the “Recruiters” option to see which members of the corporation have been listed as recruiters so you can get more information if necessary.
Once you have found a corporation of your liking, click the “Apply to Join” button to send an application to that corporation.

Please note: If you do a search, the results are cached for 15 minutes. This means that if you do a search, and then create an advertisement to match those specific criteria, you must wait for 15 minutes before your advertisement will show up.

Applying to join a Corporation

When you have found a corporation of your liking, you can select "Apply to Join" to bring up the corporation application form. If you are unsure of what kind of corporation you are looking for, it would be an excellent idea of knowing why you are joining a corporation. What you should include in your application very much depends on what corporation you are applying to join as different corporations have different requirements. This information however is generally available in the corporation's description, in their recruitment advertisement or can be acquired from their recruiters or recruitment chat channels.

Once you have written and sent your application it will be reviewed by the corporation before it is either accepted or rejected. You can apply to as many corporations as you wish and you can withdraw your own applications at any time during the process. Once an application has been accepted by the corporation, you will be invited to join and required to confirm whether you intend to join this corporation or withdraw your application.

Creating a Corporation Advertisement

You can create a corporation advertisement by opening the corporation window, selecting the “Recruitment” tab and then the “My Corporation” sub-tab. You then select the “Create” button. A corporation can create a maximum of three of these advertisements.

Please note: You must be the CEO, a Director or have the role “Personnel Manager” in order to create or edit a corporation advertisement.

When creating the advertisement, you have two tabs in which you can edit options.

Details Tab

Recruitment Tab - My Corporation.png

In the “Details” tab, you have the ability to select all of the options listed in the above section with the additional option of setting duration for your advertisement. Editing your current advertisement will extend the advertisement for the new duration.

Warning: When extending the advertisement, any remaining time from the initial advertisement will be added to the duration you select when editing. The advertisement cannot be extended beyond the 1 month maximum limit.
Please note: The cost of creating or editing a corporation advertisement is calculated using the following formula.
250,000 * days

Recruiters Tab

Recruitment Tab - Recruiters.png

In the “Recruiters” tab, you can select up to six corporation members to be points of contact for recruitment purposes. You can either select the character and press the “Add” button or drag and drop the character to an available space.
You can also select a recruitment channel for players to join. You must have the public channel open before you begin creating or editing the advertisement for it to be shown in the drop down menu.

Accepting Applications

Please note: You must be the CEO, a Director or have the role “Personnel Manager” in order to see and manage applications.

Applications can be reviewed under the "Applications to Corporation" tab in Recruitment where they are listed in chronological order. From there the applications can be filtered and managed by pressing the filter icon and selecting a specific status or by typing in the filter to search for specific applications.

The statuses of applications are descriptive and easy to understand.

  • Unprocessed - The application has been sent to the corporation for review.
  • Invited to join - The corporation has been accepted and the player has received an invitation to join the corporation.
  • Rejected - The application has been rejected by the corporation.
  • Accepted - The player has accepted the extended invitation and become a member of the corporation.
  • Withdrawn - The player has withdrawn the application, which the player can do at any time during the process.

You can review the applications one at a time simply by clicking on them, which will cause a drop down box to appear below the pilot's name and portrait, and read what the applicant wrote in their application before deciding their fate.

Welcoming Mail

Once a player has accepted their invitation to join the corporation, they will receive the standard corporation welcoming mail. This message can be edited by the corporation to include any relevant information and/or links that new members should be aware of as soon as they join the corporation.

To edit the welcoming mail, go to the "Corporation Ads" tab under Recruitment and select "Edit Welcome Mail". There you can review the current welcoming mail as well as when and by whom it was lasted edited in white text. Once any changed have been made, select "Apply" and the last edit time stamp will be updated with green text.

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