Controlling Your Space - 15th April

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Controlling Your Space - 15/04/2012

The following is the chatlog from ISD Dualgate. The purpose of this seminar was to introduce players to low and null security living.


ISD Dualgate > As many people know, the majority of eve space is low security and null security space. The biggest issue keeping many players and corporations out is how to go about getting into and operating in these spaces

ISD Dualgate > Oh, I also see we have a high channel population compared to the Q&A channel, be sure to join "Seminar Q&A" to ask questions

ISD Dualgate > Back to topic though, the one important thing to consider about Low and null security is that it is made up of much more than that. The most important part about going to these unsecure spaces is choosing the right location 

ISD Dualgate > Different areas will require more player control to make the most out of it, as we proceed through each builds of the last

 ISD Dualgate > With all areas, you want to start by determining what your goal and needs are.

 ISD Dualgate > Regardless of where you are in space, power is the key and access to a fighting force of some type is necessary. Even if industry. This can be by making associates of local combat groups or supplying your own

 ISD Dualgate > By rule, the smaller your organizations are, the more important it is to have smaller and mobile fleets. A sitting group is vulnerable if pirates or other pvp players have a visual. This allows them to prepare and counter.

 ISD Dualgate > As a pvp, when you enter any of the low security space, this is a viable way to play. Looking for unwary groups

 ISD Dualgate > The easiest low security space to access, and a good start for beginners are the "Pocket Lowsec" spaces 

ISD Dualgate > These are areas that are isolated from the rest of low security by single access points which go though high security. From a player standpoint, it allows easy travel to and from low security to high security. 

ISD Dualgate > It also limits pirate travel since a very low security rating makes it difficult to leave with ships unless you have a capital 

ISD Dualgate > This is a good start for industrialists as a result. The ability to set up a pos gives easy access to research and staging. 

ISD Dualgate > As for the border low security systems, this is where you will start seeing alot more of the coverts and roaming gangs. 

ISD Dualgate > Without the need to enter empire space more, the pirates thrive on main gate hubs where the unwary traveler might wander through on autopilot by accident, or capture somebody going through into null security.

 ISD Dualgate > Out in these areas, there is a bit more that players can begin to develop. A larger industrial group can set up a pos to take advantage of the better mineral fields, or use the stations to produce capital ships 

ISD Dualgate > by use of scouts and careful freighters, transportation of goods into low security can allow a nice profit on sales. 

ISD Dualgate > Right now this is still the border spaces, travel to and from highsec is still a regular part of play style, but the ability and getting comfortable with the new areas can continue to expand 

ISD Dualgate > Many successful alliances have gotten their start by doing this. Bordering pocket areas of high security allows for stable and secure operations, while developing combat and capital skills 

ISD Athechu > Gabe asks: when producing t2 and such items in low sec, can the market be made there? and is it generally pricier or cheaper to list items in low/null markets? 

ISD Dualgate > Sovereignty is not needed to control systems completely. A well run and set up corporation or alliance can effectively control an area of space. 

ISD Dualgate > Production of T2 and other items all depends on volume and where you are selling them 

ISD Dualgate > Major access points you can typically sell goods whether produced low sec or high security 

ISD Dualgate > at a marked up price

ISD Dualgate > things such as ships can be considerably higher selling price over high security, just for convenience 

ISD Dualgate > Ships such as carriers and dreadnoughts can only be made in low security, simply because the access to them is only allowed there 

ISD Dualgate > Renee Saber asked a great question 

ISD Dualgate > Traveling about, how to avoid camps, bomb traps, and the like 

ISD Dualgate > For all low security and null security, area traps are the most common cause of being destroyed. 

ISD Dualgate > But they can only cover certain approach angles. A bubble on a gate can be covered very fast and traveled through, a smartbomb trap cannot be right on the gate. 

ISD Athechu > Kitty Bear asks: but arent most of these low-sec 'pockets' already occupied by slightly unfriendly people ? 

ISD Dualgate > When you see hostiles in your local, you will want to indirectly warp to your destination. This can be done by warping to a safespot or planet first 

ISD Dualgate > Kitty Bear: They can be. The main thing about pocket space is it is a bit more of a hassle to pirate in. Large groups will tend to get bored since the traffic is lower, most hostiles in these pockets will be large organizations cynoing through

ISD Dualgate > or very small teams that control them 

ISD Dualgate > But that is where information is key, scout out potential areas for things such as Pos density, ships being destroyed and regular 

ISD Dualgate > to find both enemies and allies 

ISD Dualgate > As a corporation or alliance develops, they will attract the attention or more players, or need more space.  This gradually can make a POS become more and more important.  Mostly for production of large goods.

 ISD Dualgate > It can be quite a hassle to be constantly replacing battlecruisers and gear all the time. So a location to produce these, or haul them to from high security is paramount. 

ISD Dualgate > Not everybody wants to do industry of course. So development and usage of carriers to move fitted ships and Jump freighters are paramount. 

ISD Dualgate > Without these, supplies can be near impossible to acheive 

ISD Dualgate > Also, by this point, the ability to secure space is even more important 

ISD Dualgate > As you move gear, conduct operations or look for kills, good control of gates and fleet movements is requires 

ISD Dualgate > First, the main fleet will want to be mobile. Battleships are high risk unless large gang numbers can be deployed. This will vary according to which space you live in 

ISD Dualgate > High damage battlecruiser with logistics support allows you to control the gates. You will want to use covert ops ships to patrol any routes or access systems ahead, and if traveling, a covert ship behind 

ISD Dualgate > Quite often, a slower moving fleet has been taken out by somebody chasing them down. 

ISD Dualgate > This cannot stop everybody. There is always somebody larger and more powerful. 

ISD Dualgate > If you need into a system, and it is blocked, it is time for cyno ships. Fast warp frigates or cloaking ships is how these get bypassed. 

ISD Dualgate > In low security, there is not much a player can do, but in null security that is another matter. 

ISD Athechu > Coin Marine asks: What is the security numer/definition/difference of low sec vs null sec? 

ISD Dualgate > Low security, or all the systems 0.1 to 0.4 still have concord criminal logging. 

ISD Dualgate > You will receive security standing hits equal to that of high security crimes and receive global criminal counters. Difference is that unlike highsec, of course no concord 

ISD Dualgate > Nullsec has other advantages, which we are just about to get into 

ISD Athechu > Ronin asks: i have *heard* that moon mats will be minable from asteroid belts in some upcoming there truth to this? 

ISD Dualgate > the actual security number relates to things such as npc spawns and site spawn difficulty. Asteroids, etc. Essentially lower is more valuable. 

ISD Dualgate > Ronin: CCP had mentioned in fanfest for their one year plan to have asteroid minable moon minerals. Unfortunately unless a development blog gets released for exact dates, I do not know the answer. 

ISD Dualgate > But while on moon mining. At current it is a fairly simple process. A system is set up at your moon to automatically gather materials for reactions and production. In case of changes, I don't want to go into too much detail 

ISD Dualgate > But moons are the main source of conflict in Null security space. 

ISD Dualgate > If you want money, you wanted the moons. But not always. Sovereignty has advantages and disadvantages 

ISD Dualgate > Most people don't consider the two types of null security space. There is Pirate NPC empire as well. 

ISD Dualgate > This is an ideal choice for the larger group, or even a pvp specialist groups is this area. 

ISD Dualgate > Well, moons not the main source. Alot of it is polictical, still a throwback to the old days where there were the high value areas. 

ISD Dualgate > Rebalances have spread it out alot more. 

ISD Dualgate > Back to pirate sov space. The main advantage for the pvp focused group is freedom of travel. 

ISD Dualgate > There is no expenditures of blockade units, cyno jammers or having to mess around with player owned outposts. 

ISD Dualgate > Of course that means others are using the same station. Good thing or bad thing 

ISD Dualgate > And of course, it is even easier to control areas. The use of warp interdiction bubbles is every pvper's friend 

ISD Dualgate > Especially the spacial pull they exhibit 

ISD Dualgate > When controlling space, it is important to think of gates you wish to control as inbound and outbound gates. 

ISD Dualgate > The inbound you will want to cover the gate itself with the bubble. Upon seeing gate activation, 12km orbits and drones are an effective anticloak method.

ISD Dualgate > An attentive interceptor can watch for cloaked ships, with drones assigned, they can high speed burn to the sited location in an attempt to get a decloak. 

ISD Dualgate > The outbound, well there is a fact about bubbles that most people do not know, 

ISD Dualgate > The bubble pull. The bubbles do not only affect the landing location, but landing direction. If a warp disruption field is placed along the warp landing path, either prior to, or passed, they will pull the target in 

ISD Dualgate > Placing bubbles in line with other gates at a fair distance past the gate being secured means any unwary traveller will end up well outside of the gate's range. 

ISD Dualgate > Placing a canister or object also along this path can de-cloak those that warp into them. 

ISD Dualgate > Note that while this is a viable tactic, the placement of excessive cans where they cause lag is a petitionable offence 

ISD Dualgate > Out here your logistics is key. The number of jumps makes runs to highsec regularly for an individual quite the hassle. Again, use of jump freighters and carriers for supplies will be necessary. Multiple cyno ships in planned routes also required.

 ISD Dualgate > Lastly, Out into sov space. 

ISD Dualgate > Soverignty space is the place for isk and the massive battles. 

ISD Dualgate > Earlier I said that Moons are the source of combat. Well, not quite the case, that was a long time ago. PvP is eve after all, 

ISD Dualgate > So if you want the big fights, is time to get out there. After all, what is the point of big ships if you cannot use them.

ISD Dualgate > Sov space consists of two parts, first of course are the fleets. 

ISD Dualgate > You can get into them as either a renting corp if more industrial focused, as the industrial base for a large alliance, or just join up for the fights. 

ISD Dualgate > Majority of alliances have specific combat doctrines. These are important to know as you join up. 

ISD Dualgate > Until people make the move, most don't have unified combat fittings or ships. 

ISD Dualgate > Training plans to ensure all the ships can work together and with the support logistic is a must 

ISD Dualgate > A good nullsec combat fleet needs good FCs, they only work if the whole fleet can work as one unit. A mixture of ships makes it more difficult to control ranges and target calling. 

ISD Dualgate > So remember, when joining up for null security, be sure to get to know the basic doctrine 

ISD Dualgate > Sovereignty warfare itself has a few unique structures, as well as specialized pos modules that really help improve life 

ISD Dualgate > For the POSes, the most well known and functional are the cyno jammers, cyno field generators, and jump bridges 

ISD Dualgate > They function much like they sound. They are used to protect your space by means of mobility or limited access 

ISD Dualgate > Cyno Jammers themselves can be an effective defensive module for protecting supercapital manufacturing arrays, or main target systems.

ISD Dualgate > Pre staging of capital ships as a defender is needed since it works on friendly cyno's too 

ISD Dualgate > The Sovereignty itself also has certain stand alone structures that are needed for effective control 

ISD Dualgate > A major one is the Outpost stations. These are player deployed and upgraded stations, work just like NPC stations. Except access is controlled 

ISD Dualgate > For the most part these are deployed, and they cannot be destroyed. Control is converted by combat. 

ISD Dualgate > The last person to get shot, their alliance gains control. 

ISD Dualgate > A group must be prepared to take these, it is a long battle, first you must gain control of the system 

ISD Dualgate > Sovereignty is assigned by deployment of a TCU or territorial control unit. 

ISD Dualgate > This is the basic control structure. Vulnerable, easily taken out by large groups. But the point of them is it allows sov only structures, and importantly, the Infastructure Hub, or IHUB 

ISD Dualgate > The Ihub has two purposes, one, it must be taken down before a TCU can be taken down. 

ISD Dualgate > Second, they offer upgrades to the system. To save time, those interested can find the mechanics here, we are running a bit short, so a link 

ISD Dualgate > 

ISD Dualgate > Essentially these control what can be anchored, what NPC spawns can be fitted, ores that spawn, etc. 

ISD Dualgate > so choice of upgrades needs to be well planned. 

ISD Dualgate > This important structure is not without defenses either. NPCs will keep the systems supplied and invulnerable, so to get control, majority of the inbound gates must be blockaded for a period of time using soverignty blockade units or "SBUs" 

ISD Dualgate > These need to be taken out in order to keep a system secure. They are tough units so expediency and power are needed. 

ISD Dualgate > If they reach their online timer, the system becomes vulnerable and then the Ihub, followed by soverignty are at risk. 

ISD Dualgate > Last point, this is for all types of control, POS timers. 

ISD Dualgate > All structures go through a period of reinforcement 

ISD Dualgate > When reaching certain health levels, they will go into a reinforced mode. For Poses, they only have shields, and for stations, they have a fixed time for shields and armor 

ISD Dualgate > For a POS, this is able to be controlled, strontium is consumed when a pos enters reinforcement. The length of time of the reinforcement timer depends on this fuel level 

ISD Dualgate > so the time you attack a pos initially can be important to attempt to get it out of reinforcement outside of an organizations peak operating time 

ISD Dualgate > This about sums up the just of it. It was alot of information in a short amount of time. We can start questions now, answer details people may have 

ISD Dualgate > So if anybody has questions, they can just ask seminar Q&A 

ISD Dualgate > Aah, Nikolai Aurilen brought up a missed point. Customs offices. They can be deployed at any free planet in low and null security to earn taxes from planet customs 

ISD Dualgate > much like all other structures, they too go through reinforcement phases. 

ISD Athechu > Ronin Gabe asks sov games dont affect your ability to enter that area by gates and such, just might not be able to cyno in right? 

ISD Dualgate > It does not seem like there are many questions. Again, it is a tough topic to discuss since there are so many side topics such as fittings. 

ISD Dualgate > oop, and questions show 

ISD Dualgate > Robin: Correct, Sov cannot stop gate access. Ihub upgrades can allow the installation of Cyno jammers, but gates need to be blockaded by player camps still 

ISD Athechu > Ryujinjakka asks when is it considered that you have "lost" a system? when the TCU is destroyed? 

ISD Dualgate > Officially, lost is when the TCU is destroyed, however in system stations, most will pull out after reinforcement 

ISD Dualgate > non outpost systems, when the Ihub is being taken out 

ISD Dualgate > So much combat is needed prior to both events, that if it reaches that point, defence elsewhere is typically better 

ISD Dualgate > Well, This will wrap it up for the Seminar today. I would like to thank ISD Athechu for handling channel moderation and questions. I hope it gave many players looking at getting started into the non highsec space ideas of where to start 

ISD Dualgate > We will keep the Q&A channel going for a little longer for any final questions, until then, fly safe, but not too safe o/ 

ISD Athechu > A transcript can be located here on this page within 24 hours: We always enjoy feedback we have a thread in the Q&A Section of the forums too :) Fly safe o/

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