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With the launch of Tyrannis and EVE Gate, we are seeing a change in the way standings and contacts work. The buddy list will be thrown out and all standings and relationships will now be consolidated in a single contact system. This contact system will be available in both the client as well as in EVE Gate. The single exception is that contacts on a corporate and alliance level are only available in the client.

Here is a link to a dev blog explaining the changes in more detail.

Adding contacts

Before you can manage your contacts, you need to add contacts to your contact list. You can do so by searching for a character, corporation or alliance through the search box located at the top-right of the screen. Once you have searched for someone you will be able to see the following:

Adding contacts1.jpg

You can filter the results with the menu located on the left. You can go to the profile page of the entity you are looking for by clicking the name. Once you‘re on that character's profile page you will be able to add him/her to your existing contact list.

Adding contacts 2.jpg

As soon as you add a contact you are able to set several options that can help you define the relationship and identity of the contact in question.

Adding contacts 3.jpg
Please note: There are unfortunately limits as to how many contacts you can have. Players and corporations can have 300 contacts respectively while an alliances can have 2600

Add Contact Options

  • Setting the standings for your contact will determine your relationship and will also determine what kind of access that player will have to any information on your own profile list and the contacts you have.
  • Adding a contact to your watch list will have the EVE client notify you when the character goes online or offline.
  • Sending a notification to a player will deliver a personalized message to that character and will notify the player that you have added him or her as a contact.

Viewing and Filtering Contacts

It‘s possible to view and filter your Contacts using a myriad of options that are best explained by the following screenshot:

Adding contacts 4.jpg

As you‘ll note, you can edit standings, remove a contact, add a contact to your watchlist, file whether you wish to see only corporations, characters or alliances, etc.

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