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How do conquerable stations work?

Conquerable stations can be found in many 0.0 regions: They are stations that are not built by players and can not be destroyed, but can be taken over and run by player corporations.

What can you do with the stations that your corporation owns?

A player with the station manager role can access a special user interface at stations belonging to his corporation. Through this UI he can do the following:

  • Restrict access to, and charge for, docking, manufacturing, refining and recycling based on standings.
  • View the contents of all hangars at the station. However, he can only take from or add to the hangars owned by himself and his corp if he has the proper security role.
  • View all players who have a clone contract at this station, and cancel clone contracts. Canceling a clone contract will move the player's home station to his school station.
  • Set a desired reinforcement mode exit time for the station.

Note that since Revelations II, a CEO or Directors of the corporation holding the station can transfer the ownership to another corporation within the same alliance.

How can I capture stations?

It is possible to take over conquerable stations by force, but it is not a trivial matter. Conquerable stations are vulnerable at all times when the station owner does not possess sovereignty over the system it is located in, but it is more complicated when sovereignty enters the play.

When the station owner possesses sovereignty over the system it is located in, it will be invulnerable to attacks unless the following condition is fulfilled:

  • If Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBUs) are anchored and onlined at more than 50% of the stargates in the system, then the station will become vulnerable to attack.

However, the protection provided by sovereignty does not end there, as stations will also have a dual reinforcement mode to stem off attackers. This dual reinforcement mode mechanic works as follows:

  • Once a conquerable station reaches 25% shield hitpoints, it goes into reinforcement mode. During reinforcement mode, the station is invulnerable to attacks and cannot be remotely repaired. It will come out of reinforcement mode at 0% shield hitpoints.
  • Once a conquerable station reaches 50% armor hitpoints, it goes into its second reinforcement mode. It will come out of reinforcement mode at 25% armor hitpoints.

Once a conquerable station reaches 0% structure hitpoints, the ownership of the station changes over to the corporation which the last player to damage the station belongs to. At this point, the new owner will have to repair the station in order to prevent it from being taken over again, and ideally obtain sovereignty in order to receive the protection detailed above. More information on conquerable station/sovereignty warfare can be found in the Sovereignty (Mechanics) article.

A few minutes after a station is captured, its Structure and Armor hitpoints will be healed completely. When a station is invulnerable, it is possible to target it, but not to damage it. This way the station can be repaired, while it is invulnerable. A station will transition to an invulnerable state when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The station owner holds Sovereignty in the system.
  • Online SBUs exist at less than 51% of the gates in the system.
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