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Please note: This information could change in further patches.


The Command Center is at the very heart of your colony. The Command Center provides power and CPU to the rest of your colony. Thus determining the size your colony can grow to. The Command Center must be placed from your cargo hold onto a planet while in planetary interaction mode. It is also the first structure that will be constructed in any colony. For more see the Planetary Interaction page.

Level Volume Capacity Export Tax PowerGrid CPU Skill Cost(Total) Cost(Upgrade)
1 1000.0 m3 500 m3 3 isk 6,000 MW 1,675 tf 0 90,000 ISK 0 ISK
2 1000.0 m3 500 m3 3 isk 9,000 MW 7,057 tf 1 670,000 ISK 580,000 ISK
3 1000.0 m3 500 m3 3 isk 12,000 MW 12,136 tf 2 1,600,000 ISK 930,000 ISK
4 1000.0 m3 500 m3 3 isk 15,000 MW 17,215 tf 3 2,800,000 ISK 1,200,000 ISK
5 1000.0 m3 500 m3 3 isk 17,000 MW 21,315 tf 4 4,300,000 ISK 1,500,000 ISK
6 1000.0 m3 500 m3 3 isk 19,000 MW 25,415 tf 5 6,400,000 ISK 2,100,000 ISK

Since Incursion 1.1.0 patch, only level 1 Control Centers may be bought or deployed. As a result of the patch, this Control Center is upgradeable once it is deployed.

As before, the Control Centers are available from the following NPC corporations:

Duvolle Laboratories

Imperial Armaments

Kaalakiota Corporation

Republic Security Services

Other Structures

There are 6 different structures that each take up a certain amount of power and CPU, much like in a POS. Please note the Extractor Heads can only be deployed from an Extractor Control Unit.

Type PowerGrid CPU Cost

Extractor Control Unit 2600 MW 400 tf 45,000.00 ISK
Extractor Head 550 MW 110 tf 0 ISK
Basic Industry Facility 800 MW 200 tf 75,000.00 ISK
Advanced Industry Facility 700 MW 500 tf 250,000.00 ISK
High-Tech Industry 400 MW 1100 tf 525,000.00 ISK
Storage Facility 700 MW 500 tf 250,000.00 ISK
Space Port 700 MW 3600 tf 900,000.00 ISK
Link 4.6 MW/KM 3.35 tf/KM 0.00 ISK
Please note: You do not need to purchase any of the addon structures (with the exception of the command centers) from a station. You will be able to build them from the command center, and the ISK cost will be assessed from your wallet.
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