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Client Repair Tool

The client repair tool (repair.exe) is stand-alone .exe file that when run will verify the integrity of the EVE Online client and repair any files that are either missing or are incorrect.

How to run the repair

There are three different ways run the repair tool:

  1. The EVE Online installer creates a shortcut to the repair tool that exists under the EVE folder in the start menu, click this icon and the repair tool should start repairing.
  2. The repair.exe is shipped with the EVE Online client and is located in the root of the client directory where EVE Online was installed. The default location is C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\repair.exe. You can simply double click it in the EVE Online client directory to start repairing.

What will the repair tool do?

The Client Repair Tool will look through the EVE Online install and fix files that are out-of-date, missing or have been corrupted.

It does so by looking into the files in the install directory and finds where there is incorrect data, it will then download the correct data from a web server and replaces the bad data with the good data.

I don't have a repair.exe in my EVE folder, what should I do?

If repair.exe is missing or itself is broken and won't run, you can download a new repair tool from this URL: and place it in your EVE Online client folder. (URL updated with June 11th 2015 repair tool.)

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