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How do channels work in game?

Through the channels you can communicate with other players that are online. There are two channels open by default when you start the client for the first time: Local system and the Corp channel.

Chat window.png

You can also create or join other chat channels by clicking the speech bubble located just under the channel tabs on your already open channel window.
Speech bubble.PNG
This opens a window that allows you to configure the current channels your character has access to, create new ones or join already existing channels.
Channel window.PNG

Channels are instant communication devices, sorted by category. The channels created by your character will be listed in the "My channel" tab, while all custom channels you added remain in the "Player channels".

Press the "Join" button to subscribe to either a channel or mailing list and update the panel. To leave a channel, open a tab, right-click the channel line then select "Leave channel". Once it is done, right-click the line and select "forget channel" to completely remove it.

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