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Captain’s Quarters


To move around in your Captain’s Quarters, you will use the standard W, A, S, D movements from many other games.

CQ Tutorial.png

Alternatively, you can double click to move to a new location.
To move the camera around, hold down the left mouse button and drag it around your character. You can zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Interactable Objects

You can move your mouse over many objects in your Captain’s Quarters to get a menu in which you can interact with them. If the option is unavailable, it will be greyed out and unselectable.

Please note: Some interactable objects only have one option. You select that option by clicking directly on the object.

CQ Agent Finder.png
CQ Ship Interface.png

There are multiple objects which you are able to interact with. These objects currently include the following:

  • Character Customization Mirror
  • Ship Hologram (Open Cargo Bay, Open Drone Bay, Open Ship Fitting, Open Ship Hangar)
  • Agent Finder
  • Couch (Sit, Stand)
  • Undock Icon
  • Station Door Button
  • Main Screen (Multiple Options, but only one at a time)
  • Corporation Recruitment Screen
  • Planetary Interaction Screen


CQ Screens.png

There are three screens in your Captains Quarters that are in front of the Couch. The screen on the left is used to open the Corporation Recruitment window. The screen on the right is used to open the Planetary Interaction Interface.
The center screen is the Main screen. This screen has a large variety of options that are randomly displayed. These options are as follows:

  • Recent Sovereignty Changes (opens the Sovereignty window)
  • Career Mission Agents (opens the career agent window)
  • Active Incursions (opens the Global Report for incursions in the journal)
  • Ship Information (opens market window for that ship)
  • Racial Epic Arcs (starts conversation with the displayed agent)
  • Clone Out of Date (opens medical bay to purchase a clone)
  • Skill Not in Training (opens skill queue)
  • PLEX Advertisement (opens the market window for PLEX)
  • Bounties (opens Bounty Office window)
  • Recent Tutorial Completion (opens show info window for that character)

There is also a news ticker that constantly scrolls across the top of the screen. Clicking on the news articles as they scroll past will open the browser to the relevant news article.

How to fix a stuck character

If for some reason your character gets “stuck” in their Captain’s Quarters, there are two things you can do yourself to correct this:

  • Undock and re-dock
  • Log Off and back on
Please note: If you try these options and continue to have trouble with this issue, please file a petition.

Disabling “Load Station Environment”

This option is available in the ESC menu under the “Display & Graphics” tab in the column on the right.

Please note: For the sake of a smooth transition we therefore decided to temporarily add the option to not load the Incarna interiors while stilll retaining full access to all options and menus. For more information regarding this, please read this Dev Blog: Incarna and Multiple Client Users[[1]]
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