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The EVE Gate calendar is easy to use and helps you keep track of important events and tasks. You can also use the calendar to invite other players to your events. Access the calendar in game or through EVE Gate and start planning your conquests.



How to access the calendar

Click on the clock in the NeoCon (default position, bottom left of screen)
OR in the EVE menu under the 'Social' tab (default position, top left of screen)

How to create events and invite other players to them

In order to create a new event, simply open the calendar from the NeoCom (bottom left corner, directly below the undock icon), or go to the Calendar menu in EVE Gate and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the New Event button in the upper left corner of the Calendar menu or simply right click the preferred date on the calendar and select Create new event from the drop down menu that appears.
  2. A new event window will open where you can specify the time and write a short description. Please note that the description is restricted to 500 characters.
  3. In the event creation window you can decide if the event is Personal, for the Corporation or the whole Alliance. You can also flag the event as being Important and it will be flagged with an exclamation mark.
  4. In order to invite players to your personal events, go to the Invitations menu and click the Add invitee button. This will open the Find Invitees window where you can either search for characters you wish to invite to the event, or choose characters from your existing Contact list. If you double-click a player from the list, an Add button will be displayed at the bottom. Click the Add button and the selected players will be added to the invitation list. You can select multiple players by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key on your keyboard. The characters can also be added by drag-dropping their character view onto the invitation list.
  5. When you’re done simply click the Create button at the bottom of the window and a new event will be created. At the bottom of the window there is also an option to cancel the event creation.
New event.jpg
Please note: You will have to pay a CSPA charge for inviting players that have CSPA charges enabled and don’t have you in their contact list.

Event types

There are four types of events:

Personal events:

Any character can create an event and invite up to 50 players.

Corporation events:

In order to create a corporation event the player needs to have the role of Communication Officer, Director or CEO. The event will be displayed to all members in the Corp calendar. Please note that the event can only be deleted or edited by corp members endowed with the necessary communication roles.

Alliance events:

All corporations that are members of an alliance can create and edit alliance events, given that the players creating/editing the event have the necessary corp communication roles (Communication officers, Director and CEOs).

CCP events:

Events or announcements from CCP to all players. Players can not edit or delete these events, but the option to hide them exists.

Event status

Event list.jpgWhen you’re invited to an event you get the option to accept, set a tentative status or decline the invitation. Whether you are a recipient or a sender of an invitation you can see the status of all invitees. To do so simply double click the event and go to the Invitations menu.

Event status.jpg

The symbols above are also displayed in your Calendar to show your own event status.

Upcoming events and last updates

On the left side of the Calendar view you’ll see a list of your next Upcoming events.

The Latest updates will display all changes that have been made to events you’ve created yourself or been invited to.

Edit or delete an event

By right-clicking or double-clicking an event you can edit or delete it. If you delete the event it will disappear from all the recipients’ calendars. Recipients can still see what events have been deleted in their Latest Updates view.

Event filters

The filters below allow you to tailor your Calendar view by adding or removing certain event types.

Event filters.jpg

How to block event invitations

Players that are blocked from your contact list cannot invite you to events. You can block a player through your People & Places menu, or by opening up the event and right click the creator of the event and choose Block from the drop-down menu that appears.

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