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Voting in a New CEO

Players can replace the CEO of a corporation by way of a vote. This can be done for a variety of reasons.

Example: With no warning or explanation, the current CEO has not logged in for an extended period. The corporation members wish to declare war on another corporation, but there are no directors to create the vote to instigate the war.

In order to replace the current CEO of a corporation, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be a member of the corporation in which you wish to replace the current CEO
  • You must have 5% or more of all shares in the corporation
  • You must have the Corporation Management skill at level two

Other skills may be necessary depending on the corporation size and attributes.

Once those eligible have cast their votes, the CEO will be replaced if the motion to do so received at least 50% support. For more information on the voting process, please see the corporation votes article.

Your full CEO rights and privileges will only be awarded 3-4 downtimes after you were voted into the role. This is an intended game mechanic associated with voting in new CEOs, intended to give directors time to react to the management change.

Retiring as CEO

If you are currently a CEO but no longer wish to be, you can retire from your position.

In order to do this, you can right-click yourself in a chat window, and choose the 'Resign as CEO' -> 'Confirm resign as CEO' option.

If you are the only member of your corporation, you will be given a confirmation dialog box with some important information to review before making your final decision.

Warning: Corporations with one member will be dissolved after the CEO leaves, liquidating any assets the corporation might have had, including those impounded.

A CEO of a corporation with more than one member will be given a list of people to choose from to replace them as CEO. The skill requirements for this are the same as when voting in a new CEO (Corporation Management level 2 plus any additional skills that would be required to manage the members of the corporation).

Once the new CEO is in place, you will revert to the the access rights and roles you had prior to becoming the CEO of the corporation.

Please note: A player that founded the corporation (as well as some other rare circumstances) will lose all of their rights and roles for the corporation until someone with sufficient access can grant some.

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