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What are bombs used for?

Bombs can only be deployed by stealth bombers.

Bombs are deployed with a Bomb Launcher as an unguided missile which detonates after a number of seconds causing an instant effect (no duration) to be applied to all objects within the blast range of the bomb.

Bombs may not be deployed in empire (0.0 only). Once a bomb has been deployed a detonation timer count down of 10 seconds (ECM and void 7,5 seconds) begins. All bombs fly 30km to detonate. The bomb remains active even if the ship that launched it warps off and cannot be targeted, though it can be destroyed indirectly (e.g. with smartbombs).

When the detonation timer reaches zero the bomb detonates, applying an effect to all objects within the blast range of the bomb. The possible effects are:

  • Damage effect: The bomb applies a damage effect to all object within blast range. The damage is reduced by the signature radius of the target, but not its speed.
  • Energy drain effect: damage effect + neutralizes a specific amount of cap from all ships/entities within blast range. The damage and energy drain amount are reduced by the target signature radius.
  • ECM burst effect: damage effect + same effect as the Remote ECM Burst module. Only the damage effect is reduced by target signature radius.

After the bomb has detonated, the bomb is destroyed

To encourage cooperation and counter measure tactics the total HP is kept low such that bombs can be relatively easily destroyed, but damage bombs are however given high resistance to their own damage type. This means that many bombs of the same type can be deployed at the same time, but that it is not feasible to mix damage types. ECM and energy bombs are also given a small damage effect to similarly limit how many bombs can be deployed at a single location.

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