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Deleting a character, known as 'Biomassing a pilot', has a specific process.

First of all, the pilot is added to the biomass queue from the character select screen. This has a 10 hour timer to ensure the wrong pilot is not deleted by accident. It should be noted that you cannot biomass a character who is the CEO of a corporation - the CEO must resign or otherwise close the corporation before they can be added to the queue. Once the timer has completed, the pilot can be 'biomassed', which results in some mechanical sounds and an appropriate scream.

In game, assuming the pilot was not in an NPC corporation, the following then happens:

  1. All assets owned by the pilot, including their capsule, are transferred to their corporation and moved to the corporations first hangar division. If the corporation does not have an office at a location, the assets are impounded.
  2. Any balance in the pilots wallet is transferred to the corporation, into the first wallet division. This is listed in the corporation wallet journal as 'Inheritance'.
  3. An Eve Mail notification of the type 'Corporate' is sent to the members of the corporation, from CONCORD. An example is below, however note that the content will change depending on the pilots security status.

RIP Corporation member <pilot name>
Sent: <date> <time>
The untimely death of fellow <corp name> member <pilot name>, on <date>, is a source of sorrow to me and their many friends in the corporation. Please accept our deepest sympathies in your bereavement. <pilot name> was being reanimated at the cloning facility at the time when the fatal accident occurred. <pilot name> was a fine person and was admired by their fellow corporation members. CONCORD has no record of <pilot name>, they were probably not seen as a threat to the rest of us. We will all miss them. I realize that words can do little to console you at a time like this, but I want you to know that we share your sorrow. Sincerely, <corp name>

In the event the biomassed character is in an NPC corporation, then the assets and wallet balance are effectively lost, and no notification is sent.

It is possible for CCP to recover biomassed characters, however it is unlikely they would be able to recover or return any lost/transferred assets. The action of retrieving a character in this way has been seen to add anomalies to the employment history of the pilot, as it shows they left the corporation and joined it again immediately without being in another corporation, which is not possible under normal conditions.

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