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Battlefield Intelligence page and other Factional Warfare statistics

What is the Battlefield Intelligence page and what does it tell me?

Battlefield Intelligence Window

After your character or the corporation which your character belongs to has enlisted to fight for one of the four Empire Factions, the signup page will change into the Battlefield Intelligence page. This page displays various information and statistics regarding the ongoing war, as well as some relevant News articles.

It is possible to display the statistics on three different scales by selecting one of the three different tabs on the page; the Personal, Corporation and Militia tabs. The personal tab contains information relating to only your character, and how your charater has performed in the war so far. The corporation tab displays statistics regarding the corporation you belong to, and the militia tab displays large scale statistics regarding all four factional militias. The statistics range from the number of enlisted pilots and ship destructions made, to victory points accumulated and systems controlled.

The bottom half of the Battlefield Intelligence page displays information regarding recently conquered systems, systems where fighting is currently ongoing and it also lists nearby systems which count as conquerable territory.

A character can withdraw from Factional Warfare by clicking the retirement button on the lower right half of the window. The CEO or a director in a corporation can also withdraw his whole corporation from the war by clicking the same option, but please note that a corporation will not be formally withdrawn until after the next downtime, so plan accordingly!


Map Statistics

The Star Map can also be used to obtain some statistics about the ongoing war. By opening up the Star Map (F11) and selecting the "Color Stars By" tab under the "Star Map" tab, it is possible to select the "Occupancy" option in order to color stars on your Star Map according to which Faction controls specific systems. It is also possible to color only systems belonging to a specific Faction.

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