Basic Moon Mining Guide

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Basic Moon Mining Guide

How Do I Set Up A POS And Start Mining Moon Materials?

To set up a very basic POS you will need a few items. Those are:

  • Control Tower
Control Towers are the heart of a POS. They perform all administrative tasks and supply power and CPU to the rest of the structures. There are different types of Control Towers with varying attributes and fuel requirements.
  • Moon Harvester
The Moon Harvesters extract raw materials from a moon. For each Moon Harvester you can choose between the different materials the moon has. There is a restriction of one harvester per type.
  • Silo
A Silo stores the output from a Moon Harvester. You must have one Silo for each Moon Harvester.

Setting Up The Control Tower

  • With any or all of the above items in your cargohold, find a moon in 0.3 security space or lower and warp to it.
  • Right-click the Control Tower in your cargohold and select "launch for corp".
  • Right-click the Control Tower in space and select "anchor structure".
  • The Control Tower will now start to anchor in the centre of the grid
  • Approach the Control Tower, right-click it and select Access Fuel Bay. This should open up a new cargo window.
  • Insert the required fuel into this window. (The required fuel can be found through the tower info screen)
  • Right click the Control Tower and select "online". This should start up the onlining process, which may take a while.
  • Go in the "Force field" tab, enter a password and press the "apply" button. Without this step, your POS will not have any protective force field and will stay open to any kind of attack.

Getting On With Moon Mining

  • Anchor the Moon Harvester and the silo as you did the Control Tower but do not put them online.
  • Right-click the Control Tower and select manage, then select the "production" tab.
  • Click the "Change type" button on the Moon Harvester and select one of the moon material types.
  • Click the "Change type" button for the Silo and select the same type there.
  • Drag the moon material icon on the right hand side of the Moon Harvester listing to the left hand side of the silo listing. Click "apply" and "reload".
  • Put the Moon Harvester and the Silo online as you did the Control Tower.
  • The POS should now be active. Note that it can take 2-3 cycles for it to start up before the moon materials start flowing into your Silo.

Don't forget to supplement your POS with defense structures so you can fend off would-be vandals.

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