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The Character Creator was released in the Incursion expansion which provided players with a customizable avatar. Later on with the Incarna expansion, players could then control their avatar in the four racially different captains quarters when docked in stations.

Later on the Noble Exchange (NeX) store was released, providing players with more clothing choices which could only be purchased with a specific currency. This currency is known as AUR.

Apparel is the name given to these clothing items for your avatar.

Upon creating a character you are required to apply a top, bottom and feet item before you can finalize. When docked in any station, a player can access Re-Customization via the captain's quarters mirror, or via the Re-Customization option in the station services. In Re-customization, a player can change their apparel as many times as they want for no fee. Both during the original Character Creation and Re-customization there is a standard, default range of Apparel assets which can be applied.

Please note: Some assets are racially specific and can only be applied by that race.

To purchase more varied, special Apparel items, you must do so through the Noble Exchange (NeX) store. The NeX store is accessible via the station services menu when docked in any station.

Noble Exchange (NeX) Store.jpg

New apparel assets can only be purchased with the AUR currency. To receive AUR, you must convert a PLEX into AUR, which can be done by selecting the 'Exchange PLEX for AUR" button at the top right hand side of the NeX UI.

Exchange PLEX for AUR button.jpg

For every PLEX converted you get 3,500 AUR and you can convert multiple PLEXs at the same time.

Exchange PLEX for AUR.jpg

You can then purchase a product from the NeX, which will then appear inside your ITEMS hangar.

Please note: Unless you purchase a ship from the NeX, which will appear in your SHIPS hangar.

Once you have a purchased apparel asset in your ITEMS hangar, enter Re-Customization. The purchased apparel item will then be present within the clothing menus and can be selected and applied.

Apparel assets work in the same was as all other items. If they are removed from your avatar they will re-appear in your ITEMS hangar. If you get podded with apparel in your cargo hold, they might drop as loot-able items or be destroyed completely.

Please note: Apparel assets are taken with you when you jump clone.
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