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Agent Finder

Opening the Agent Finder

The new Agent Finder tool allows you to search for a specific set of agents. This tool can be opened in several ways when you are docked on a station:

  • click on the Agent Finder located on a table within the captains quarters
  • click the “Agent Finder” button that can be found in the “Agents” tab of the station services

The following options to open the agent finder can also be used while in space:

  • button at the bottom of the "Agents" tab in the "People & Places" window
  • button at the bottom of the "Agents" tab in the information window of an NPC Corporation

Agent Finder Window

When opening the agent finder, you will be greeted with a window like this:


The three main components you can find here are:

  • The agent level selection, which you can use to set the level of the agents you are looking for. Simply click on the number for the agent level you are interested in to set it.

  • The agent pane, which lists the agents matching your search criteria. You can also click on an agent to bring up the information for that agent.

  • The “Previous” and “Next” buttons, which let you scroll through the search results if more than 6 agents match your search criteria.

Narrowing the search results using filters

The filter pane can be opened and closed by clicking on
and will look like this:

Here you can narrow down the search so that only agents from a specific faction and corporation are listed. The corporation selection in the filter will only list member corporations of the faction you have chosen in the “Faction” field. You can further narrow down the search by only listing agents of a specific type or from a certain division you want to work for, as well limiting the search to a certain system or system security status range:

  • High Sec: Systems with a security rating of 0.5 or higher
  • Low Sec: Systems with a security rating ranging from 0.1 to 0.4
  • Null Sec: Systems with a security rating of 0.0 or lower

By default, the agent finder will only show agents that are currently available for you and which would offer you missions. If you are looking for agents that are not yet available to you, then you need to uncheck "Show only available" within the filter. Agents that are not available to you will be displayed in a darkened manner:

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